I have chosen the domain name, A Urantian Artist Shares, hoping that those of ”like mind” would discover this site and enjoy the unique, creative arts and insights that have come to me since I discovered the Urantia Book in the public library on May 4th 1967.  I have been a student of the Urantia Book since that beautiful day.  I have grown and matured and become a lover of truth and  a devoted student of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  As I approach my 80th year, I have created this website with a desire to share with those who will appreciate the simple thoughts of an everyday artist and lover of truth, ONE OF THE COMMON PEOPLE.  (written in August 2009)

  (2090.5) 196:1.4 The common people heard Jesus gladly, and they will again respond to the presentation of his sincere human life of consecrated religious motivation if such truths shall again be proclaimed to the world. The people heard him gladly because he was one of them, an unpretentious layman; the world’s greatest religious teacher was indeed a layman.")

I'm one of the common people, ready to share

Jesus' Revelatory Truths.

I call myself a Urantian artist because I have the desire to be an artist of life.   There are many artists who are more accomplished and skilled than I am, but I am, never the less, a fellow Urantian artist.

2014 update:  There are now four iBooks in the iTunes Store that UrantianArtist has organized:  I invite you to download them.  They are free:


SPIRIT-Spiritualizing You

Latter Day Saints and Urantia Revelation Harmony


It is my desire that my unique creative view of the epochal revelation-The Urantia Book, will enrich your own testimony of its truth and you will read what I share with understanding and have tolerance for our differences.  I used to question the value of my view of the revelation, since I was so different from other students of the book that I had met.  I finally realized that each of our views are different because of our experiences but each of our views are of value.  I am a dedicated member of the Church of Jesus Christ, first of all, and have also received a degree in Religion from the University of Hawaii.  Both my university study and reading The Urantia Book have strengthened  my surety of my testimony that my church is a revealed church which was organized with a purpose to prepare a people to eventually receive the Fifth Epochal Revelation.               Other students look askance at me as they have been so disillusioned by their church experience that they want to discard all institutional organizations.

Yet, in the Urantia Book I read “(1083.1) 98:6.1 While it is true that the institutionalization of religion has usually detracted from its spiritual quality, it is also a fact that no religion has thus far succeeded in surviving without the aid of institutional organization of some degree, greater or lesser.” May I add that after all, the angels of the churches still have a job to do?  “(1092.2) 99:6.2 There is a real purpose in the socialization of religion. It is the purpose of group religious activities to dramatize the loyalties of religion; to magnify the lures of truth, beauty, and goodness; to foster the attractions of supreme values; to enhance the service of unselfish fellowship; to glorify the potentials of family life; to promote religious education; to provide wise counsel and spiritual guidance; and to encourage group worship. And all live religions encourage human friendship, conserve morality, promote neighborhood welfare, and facilitate the spread of the essential gospel of their respective messages of eternal salvation.” The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints accomplishes all those purposes and it is a part of my inheritance and I value it more than ever after reading the Epochal Revelation and after my study of world religions.

At the Bishop Museum here in Honolulu, they had a special on the brain.  I read this definition of creativity:

    “ Creativity is one of the brain’s most important skills.  Creativity weaves together old ideas or familiar things in a new way.  Creativity by passes familiar routes of accepted formulas.  The results are fresh insights and new ideas.”

That quote actually helped me understand myself!  I continually have things come to me that compares an earthly thing to a heavenly thing, as it were. I recorded the 13 major comparisons that have come to me in these many years of studying The Urantia Book:

1.  College Catalog & Mortal School Catalog

     Can be read on page 7 of this website


     Can be found on page 15 & 16 of this website

3.   Overlays - The Art of Art & The Art of Life

     Sharing some of the Book on pages 21 & 28

4.   Franklin Planner year summary plan used for Jesus’ 36 years

     PDF of Excel document shared on page 32 of this website

5.  Superstar movie countered with iMovie, VISUAL ORATORIO

     A history of the making of the first iMovie is on page 5 of website

6.  The Roles of Spirit in our lives & ABC’s of Alliteration Prayer book

     Shared on page 11 of website

7.  Computer Software & The Spirit’s gifts in our mind computers

     Shared on page 31 of website

8.  Our Spiritual Experiences & The Classic Religious Experiences

     Is Shared on Art of Life Page titled Artist, Goals & Patterns

9.  Birth of a baby & the Birth of the Spirit

     Will share it in the future

10  A night at the Symphony inspires Jesus’ Revelation Symphony iMovie

     The Program is shared on pg 19 & the iMovie can be viewed on page 3

     The iMovie can also be viewed on my UrantianArtist’s YouTube Channel

11  Comparing the iPhone & our iMind

      Is shared on page 29 of website

12  The amazing Google Earth & a new mind App, The Googol UNIVERSE

      The description can be read on page 30 of website

13   Exodus from Egypt of children of Israel & traumatic spiritual journey

       Recorded in the 1970’s on a scroll but is too personal to share

Page 1. This is considered my


Page 2. Is a complete INDEX with links you can click on to go to various pages and then at the top and bottom of each page there are links to go to the next page or the previous page and also at the bottom of each page a button to return to the  INDEX.               

Page 3. I share an iMovie that I made of the Bestowal Life and Teaching’s of Jesus Christ.  It is titled:

The Jesus Revelation Symphony.


I pray you will enjoy the sweet message of the good news that Jesus taught and his wonderful life on our earth.  It is an hour and a half movie.  On this same page below the movie you can read about what steps brought me to redo my earlier movie, Visual Oratorio, and it all is a testimony of how our Father in Heaven helps us to fulfill our worthy desires.

Page 4.  I will share the first paper in the 5th Epochal Revelation:  A beautiful audio about our Father in Heaven- the Universal Father, who has given of himself -HIS DIVINE SPIRIT- to each one of us on this earth. 

Page 5.  I will share the history of my first iMovie, which is titled, VISUAL ORATORIO. I think that history will help you appreciate the new movie also.

Page 6. Is about the beautiful Urantia Students conference in Salt Lake City at the campus of the University of Utah-July 26-July 31,2011.  On this page I share the two presentations that I made at the conference on PDF’s that you can read.  The first is: THE CHURCH THAT PREPARED THE WAY.  And the second:  IS THE URANTIA BOOK A NEW REVELATION TO THE EARTH?

6.1 A new page added with the PDF of the narrative for Harmony Series that is on my youtube channel.  There are 15 videos about the Harmony that I see between the LDS Church and the Urantia Revelation.  You may read it on my website or hear it and see the illustrations I have used on the Channel, UrantianArtist’s Channel.

Page 7 is titled Mortal School, and is a “College Catalog” of the schooling our Heavenly Father and Universe Son want us to have during our time on earth.


Page 8 is titled MORTAL UNIVERSITY....an honors program to prepare for MELCHIZEDEK UNIVERSITY.  I have shared some insights I hope you enjoy.

Page 9   I am adding two 10 minute movies that I put on YouTube.  The first is titled TRUTH = BEAUTY, (which in August of 2013 has over 10,000 views, and another 10 minute movie, that can also be viewed on YouTube, titled The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Hope you enjoy them. 

Page 10. The Atonement of Jesus Christ -His At One Ment.

This is an iMovie and is about 24 minutes in length.  It was created to share the uplifting concept of the Attunement and At One Ment so beautifully presented in the Revelation.

Page 11. The beautiful and powerful testimony of the Apostles, Nathaniel and Thomas, as to the divinity of Jesus Christ from the Urantia Revelation.

Page 12. I wrote the ABC’s of alliterations to show the roles of the SPIRIT in our lives.  I have recorded it with illustrations which one can enjoy seeing and reading on the computer or on the iPhone.

Page 13.  A book still in draft form, Priceless Discovery and Fulfillment.  I share on the website the beginning of the book: How I discovered The Urantia Book.

Page 14. A book still in draft form, Celestial Covenants, Sacred Scholarship, Earthly Education and Precious Purposes.  I share some of it on this website.

Page 15 & 16. Contains a creative “Father’s Will”, written similar to a Legal Will, and I hope those who read it will find it insightful and enjoyable.  I have included the beautiful song composed and sung by Julie DeAzevedo, titled Masterpiece.  It is so fitting as one thinks about doing Father’s WILL.

Page 17. Sharing the beautiful prayer that Jesus offered in the garden of Gethsemane just before he was arrested.  It is a touching and inspiring prayer to read.  It really shows his dedication to doing the Father’s WILL.  (Of course it is a quote from The Urantia Book, the fifth epochal Revelation to our earth)

Page 18.  Is my personal description of The Urantia Book which is the 5th Epochal Revelation to the earth. I conclude with the official description of The Urantia Book.

Page 19. This page is presenting my creative thought that the audio papers of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ are like listening to a beautiful symphony.  So I have titled it, The Jesus Revelation Symphony!  This idea was actually part of the inspiration to redo the movie which I titled the same as this page!

Page 20 is a page on the beauty of Worship with quotes from Jesus when teaching the disciples and Apostles.  I share an  inspiring talk given by a leader of the Church of Jesus Christ which urges the membership to be known by others as a people who love God and their Fellowmen.

Page 21 to 28 I share a summary of an art history that I wrote titled, THE ART OF ART and THE ART OF LIVING. I was so inspired by what the wonderful philosopher, Rodan, shared with the disciples, that many years ago I started writing my insights on how the ART OF LIVING overlay the ART OF ART, that I was so familiar with.  It ended up being a large volume of my art history and philosophy of life for my posterity.  A lot of it is too personal to share on a website, however, I am sharing some things of a spiritual value, although personal, which I hope will be appropriate and touch your life for good. 

Page 29.  I share a creative idea comparing the iphone to an iMIND (INSPIRED MIND)  and the APPS that will help us organize and discipline our minds toward growing more spiritual.  It was done with some humor and fun.  Hope you enjoy the idea.

Page 30   GOOGOL UNIVERSE  -  an App available to everyone as they listen to the audio of the epochal revelation.

Page  31  Computer software & the Spirit gifts in our mind computers is shared in a new creative way.

Page  32  I share Jesus’ Life Planner that I prepared on Excel.  It really is a testimony of Jesus’ bestowal life mission on this planet.  The Urantia Book was truly given by REVELATION, by those who witnessed his life and were commissioned to record it for our benefit.

Page 33.  I share a research paper titled, “DEATH’S DOORWAY TO OUR DIVINE DESTINY”.  It is quotes from the 5th Epochal Revelation arranged to give an insight into what happens when we die.  I share it as a PDF file.

Page 34.  November 18, 2013, I have been listening to the papers telling about the last month and days of Jesus’ life on our earth.  The Audio’s are so enlightening as they help us to know what was really happening in those last days and how Jesus tried to prepare his apostles for what he knew was about to happen.  They are so tender to listen to also.  We are told about the apostles thoughts and about Jesus’s thoughts and it is so precious and one can’t help but feel love for them and gratitude for their loyalty and dedication.  I decided I would put the audio’s of all the Papers from 171- to 178 on one page- titled Audios of Jesus’ last days on Earth.  There are wonderful papers before paper 171, of course, and after paper 178 important papers tell about the Last Supper, and then the night at Gethsemane and Jesus’ prayer.  It is so powerful and again fills one with Love for our beloved Savior and our Heavenly Father.  I didn’t include those two papers because I have them on my YouTube channel with appropriate illustrations, so you can hear and watch those on YouTube.  The rest of the papers about the Crucifixion are filled with sadness and admiration for Jesus’ strength to endure the humiliation and the animal nature of mankind who would treat a special son of God in such a manner.  You can go to www.truthbook.com to hear the audio’s of those papers for free.

Page 35.  I close my sharing with a page titled, How to receive.  I share my email address and my testimony that the Revelation is meant for all people on the earth to receive and enjoy.  I close with my gratitude dedication of the site.

I hope all who visit this site, A Urantian Artist Shares, will enjoy and find it uplifting spiritually. 

In fact I have many hopes:   

( a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen)

I hope sincere students of the Fifth Epochal Revelation will be uplifted by what I have written. 

I hope that sincere lovers of truth will enjoy the simple vision of an everyday artist.

I hope that members of my revelatory church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, will also discover and read my website and recognize the truth I am sharing and see that it verifies the truth of the church and does not take from the mission and purpose of the church which is so nobly being accomplished.  I have written a book which I may “publish”, in a sense, on a website, to help members of the Church recognize the truths given in The Urantia Book. 

I will hope that my family will someday value the truths shared by their mother and grandmother and perhaps even their sister and cousin. 

I would be grateful to know that there has been value in my sharing: You may communicate with me though this email. UrantianArtist@gmail.com

I invite you to visit my YouTube Channel to view 64 videos about our Heavenly Father’s Plan for us, his mortal children, and about our Savior, Jesus Christ, with truths from the 5th Epochal Revelation, The Urantia Book. 

The videos are titled:


JESUS & “This Transformed Woman” The Urantia Book

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JESUS & Women ordained teachers-Urantia Book

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The Urantia Book-do you need a Translator to understand?


JESUS’ Divinity & the Apostle’s Testimony-Thomas & Nathaniel

JESUS talked about Adversity

JESUS’-Last Supper with his Apostles

JESUS-Resurrection Day- April 9th, AD 30

JESUS-Spirit of Truth May 18, AD 30

JESUS talked about Afflictions and Story of Job


Is The Urantia Book a New Revelation to the Earth?

How Spirit can help you as you live on Urantia

The Faith of Jesus Revealed by Revelation

What happens After Death?

Are you related to GOD?  Does GOD know you?

Jesus in Gethsemane - What REALLY Happened?

Hear what Jesus said when he Ordained the 12 Apostles

Jesus talks to Peter, James & John after the Ordination

What is the Urantia Book? Hear the GOOGOL UNIVERSE APP description

Jesus’ 2 yr.Mission with father & son from India-Preparation to leave

Jesus’ 2 yr.Mission with father & son from India-On the Way to Alexandria

Jesus’ 2 yr.Mission with father & son from India-Manuscript of World Religions

Jesus’ 2 yr.Mission with father & son from India-Sojourn at Rome

Jesus’ 2 yr.Mission with father & son from India-The Return from Rome

Jesus and the Mark Ladd - One Day Alone with God

Adam & Eve - Preparing the Garden of Eden on Urantia

Adam & Eve - Arrival & Mission on Urantia

Adam & Eve - Impatiently Departing from the Dive plan

Adam & Eve - The Second Garden in Mesopotamia

Jesus’ words to brothers after Resurrection & other visits new to us.

15 videos in a playlist titled: LDS Church & Urantia Revelation Harmony


The following four videos had been divided into two parts, but when I received permission to have longer videos I replaced them above, but still left these four parts on for those who might just want to watch a little at a time.

JESUS-Spirit of Truth Day DAY part 1-MAY 18, AD 30

JESUS-Spirit of Truth Day part 2-MAY 18, AD 30

JESUS-Remembrance Supper-1-Sacrament

JESUS-Remembrance Supper 2-Sacrament

In addition I had earlier downloaded the movie JESUS’ REVELATION SYMPHONY divided into 10 parts.  I used the first minute introduction for all of them and invited viewers to see the entire movie on my website if they so desired, but then YouTube wrote me that I had been approved to put video’s on over the 10 or 15 minute earlier limit.  So that was a blessing.  I have left the ten parts on the channel as well as the movies of the Spirit of Truth and the Remembrance Supper that I divided in two parts to put on the channel.  I thought that since people had already watched them, that I would leave them on the channel so that people who didn’t have a lot of time would be able to at least watch some and then hopefully they will want to watch other longer videos.


A Urantian Artist

I want to say a word about the counter:

When I started the site in August 2009 I didn’t know how to create a counter.  Then latter I learned I could do it on iWeb which I did.  I think it was up to about 1804 visits at the beginning of May 2012 when MobileMe ended and I lost the ability to have a counter.  Recently I have gone to StatCounter.com and they have put a counter on, so it will give me some indication that those who are drawn to truth are visiting my website.  I just wanted you to know that I am starting over to count those who visit my website.  (October 2012)


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