Levels of Growth


        I got the idea for this painting as I read about the seven levels of our growth in the Urantia Book.  I decided to use colors that went from a deep red and then gradually go to orange and yellow and white.

        The bottom three levels are the levels of maturity and growth we go through from our birth to the time in our life when we finally become dissatisfied with living our life alone and reach out to God.  (I heard a funny song the other day where an old lady is giving advise to a young man and she says, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans!”  (in other words God has a much better plan for us than anything we can think of.)   I thought that was cute.  It was being sung by a country singer, but I can’t remember more.)  

        Finally when we have our constitutive experience we reach out to God to invite him to be part of our life.  Then I have painted a dark blue transition period that we go through.  I thought about it in this way.  Here in Hawaii we have three tunnels that take us through the monumental Koolau mountain range when we want to go from Honolulu to the windward side of the Island.  I thought about when one is inside the tunnel that it is like a transition stage.  You are leaving the familiar and you haven’t yet viewed the spectacular views you will see at the end of the tunnel drive.  So the dark blue represents that stage of growth.  Then begins the reception stages where one is learning to receive the Divine Spirit into their life.  It is a gradual growth experience, as we all know.  Then as we make better decisions and mature we move up these levels of growth until we are getting more and more LIGHT in our lives.   I was so passionate about everything I was reading in the Urantia Revelation that I couldn’t help but create.  I think it is 4 feet by 4 feet, and we had it on our living room wall for awhile.  It is no longer there, but it still has a good meaning for me.

The Pali Lookout

Oil painting

The view coming out of the Tunnel

Now let me share some about the book I organized:





        This book has been growing in my mind for many years. It started with the realization that Earth life is an educational experience.  I thought of it as mortal school or earthly education, since I love alliterations.  I saw a popular book written about sacred contracts made in the past and it was filled with so many inaccuracies that I felt that I would like to write a book that would give a glimpse into the simple truth of our purpose in life and the marvelous possibilities that await us. 

It is simply a beautiful plan and it is a plan that is simple.

        God/our Heavenly Father has a plan of happiness for all of us, his mortal sons and daughters.  A fragment of the father- our Divine Spirit - has been sent to indwell our minds.  The Divine Spirit comes with a celestial covenant for us to consider in our life and it is the personal will the Divine Spirit has brought to earth.  If we make the choice to do our Father’s will on this earth, which is the best plan for us, then the will is gradually ‘read’ to us.  We are granted a sacred scholarship that covers all of our education.  We embark in Earthly Education and at the end of our life on earth we continue on in the Universe University.  I think it may be called the Melchizedek University from what I have read!  Throughout our education the precious purpose of our loving Heavenly Father is increasingly revealed.  It is a simple plan in many ways.  It is an awesome plan.  It is a plan of happiness.  It is a plan of service.  It is a plan of love.  It is a plan with constant spiritual companionship.


    For Years I had the rough draft of this book in a coil binding.  This year of 2014 I learned how to write iBooks and publish them on iTunes.  I have re-written and re-named the book,


        I invite you to download it from the iTunes Store. 

It is free.    This is my description:

        This book has been an evolution of thought and understanding.  As a student of THE URANTIA BOOK, for almost fifty years, it has gradually become clear to me that the entire Urantia Revelation is a presentation of the EDUCATIONAL PLAN of God in this amazing Grand Universe!  I had read in the Revelation, that “the Universe is one vast University”, but it still took awhile for me to see clearly the Educational Plan.  Now I see that God’s purpose in creating all the Universes is about creating beings who can choose to receive eternal life and not just a temporary life. God wants his sons and daughters to actually know him and then he has an amazing plan for us when we graduate from his Eternal Educational training. God our Father in Heaven has great plans for each one of us and he will give us the education and experience to help us accomplish that lofty goal.  If we bond with the Divine Spirit, he has sent to indwell us in mortal life, there will be no limit to what we will be able to learn and accomplish.

Click on this link to download the book.

A Urantian Artist