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The Road Less Traveled

Oil painting

The Road Not Taken

By Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

sorry I could not travel both

and be one traveler,

Long I stood and looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

then took the other,

As just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that, the passing there

had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.



In 1990 I traveled to Minnesota to a place called Two Harbors where I enjoyed a class in portrait painting at the Atelier North School of classical Realism.  While there we met an Artist named Don Koestner.  He told us that "Inspiration may lie entirely in what the sun does to…a scene at a particular time of day and season…It is a complex phenomenon…the poet's or artist's basic motivations are of a religious, and not of an illustrative, nor of a monetary nature.  He said he was aware that those statements seem incomprehensible to present day TV watchers in an industrial world, and he was aware that today's art historians consider such thoughts merely a historical phenomenon of the Hudson River School era, never reflecting that they are perhaps still valid in our time also.

    Rollo May expressed a similar thought when he wrote, "When I began each painting, I never knew how it would turn out.  One can only know that this view, this form that I see, this conception of the world has grasped me and will not let me go until I respond, as colors flow into each other, merging and fading and reforming, I have a sense of participating in the Universe.  I experience a kind of ecstasy, great or small as it may be.  And when...finished, I look at it and feel a kind of surprise, as though I had not known beforehand what I was painting.  It is not that I have made something pretty or attractive, it is rather that here is a view of reality that was communicated to me, and I form it on the paper (or canvas) and communicate it to my friends" 

(page 133 Rollo May


It was the summer after my husband’s death, that I decided to go to the Portrait Painting class  on the shore of Lake Superior called the Atelier North School of Classical Realism.  One morning early I was taking a short hike in Gooseberry Park with the wonderful director of the school and suddenly I saw the road less traveled!  A path that went to the right and had not been traveled often.  I recorded it with my camera and painted this oil painting when I returned home.  Robert Frost poem had always struck a cord within me, and I read M. Scott Peck’s books, The Road less traveled  and The Different Drum with eagerness.  Perhaps with the same enthusiasm that I had read the essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson when I was a young girl.  Those authors became my friends and mentors.

The path that was less traveled in my painting promises ‘light’ as one traverses that inevitable transition stage of any  new journey.  The two sturdy trees on the right symbolize the strength of body and spirit becoming one.  Even the light on the bushes to the left of the well traveled path points the way to the observant traveler.  "Follow the Light!"


I titled this painting, "Listen my Son, listen, and become wise".  The title is taken from Proverbs 23:19 which the Hebrews borrowed from the "Wisdom of Amenemope" - a book of 30 chapters written by Amenemope, a remarkable Egyptian sage, who lived in the 10th century BC, for his son.  To Amenemope, the consciousness of God is the determining factor in his conception of life and his entire behavior.  He shares this wisdom with his son.

The painting is of my son, a 20th century Amenemope, and son, in a moment on the bank of a lake in Utah.  Dad is relaxed and his son is about to run and play.  Dad is giving firm instructions as to the rules for safety on this occasion.  J's hand is on Dad's shoulder indicating a love bond they share.  As I painted, I thought here is a 20th century Amenemope giving parental wisdom to his son.

After reading the BIG BOOK I have loved Amenemope. 

“This noble teacher believed that God-consciousness was the determining factor in all conduct; that every moment should be lived in the realization of the presence of, and responsibility to, God... The chief preachment of this good man had to do with instructing his son in uprightness and honesty in governmental positions of trust, and these noble sentiments of long ago would do honor to any modern statesman.  In the Book of Hebrew Proverbs, chapters fifteen, seventeen, twenty, and chapter twenty-two, verse seventeen, to chapter twenty-four, verse twenty-two are taken almost verbatim from Amenemope’s Book of Wisdom.  The first psalm of the Hebrew Book of Psalms was written by Amenemope and is the heart of the teachings of Ikhnaton.”   THE URANTIA BOOK  page 1046-7



Communication in life is indispensable to the Art of Living.  Communicating with those around us, and with God is vital for our understanding.  Carl Jung is quoted as saying that, "one needs others to get to know oneself."  Actually we need Spirit in order to be our authentic self. Communication IS the beginning of understanding!  "Man does not achieve union with God as a drop of water might find unity with the ocean.  Man attains divine union by progressive reciprocal spiritual communion, by personality intercourse with the personal God, by increasingly attaining the divine nature through wholehearted and intelligent conformity to the divine will.  Such a sublime relationship can exist only between personalities."


"God is personality...he is truly and everlastingly a perfect creator personality, a person who can "known and be known"...who can "love and be loved" ...and one who can befriend us..." 


At the birth of our second daughter, the fifth of our seven children, I learned a great lesson about the ‘companion’ to communication!  It was a time in my life when everything seemed to be going wrong.  Our marriage was in a fragile state and I was feeling despair.

"Stars are best discerned from the lonely isolation of life's depths,...not from the illuminated and ecstatic mountain tops."  "You cannot perceive spiritual truth until you feelingly experience it, and many truths are not really felt except in adversity."  "The greatest affliction of the cosmos is never to have been afflicted.  Mortals only learn wisdom by experiencing tribulation."  (THE URANTIA BOOK pg. 557)

An experience shared by a Hawaiian woman of her physical birth was the pattern for my own spiritual birth and my realization of the importance of the ‘companion’ of communication in the Art of Living-the process:  Listening.


The joy of childbirth can usually make the pain bearable, but this time the joy I had felt during four other births, was displaced by not only great pain but anguish and sorrow.  My body had malfunctioned and the doctor had forced the birth.  One of the baby's lungs had collapsed and she was hooked up to many life support tubes.   All I could do was weep as I lay on my hospital bed.  On the fourth day, before I was to go home, a nurse brought a wheel chair and was soon pushing me down the hallway and into another hospital room.  As she opened the door I saw my doctor's wife standing there and the room was filled with an assortment of baby clothes, diapers, a bath tub, and a beautiful Hawaiian baby quilt.  Indeed, the bed and the chairs were covered with everything one could imagine for a new born baby!   I stammered, "Don't you know my baby is not expected to live?"  She responded in a firm confident voice, "I have been fasting and praying for three days and God always hears the prayers of a pediatric nurse- Your baby will yet be 'GREAT EXPECTATIONS'! "  My faith grew- as a seed grows into a tree, and I returned home with hope that our baby would survive.

Weeks went by with no progress except that our baby, Laulani, was still alive.  The doctor said she had viral Pneumonia.  One night her tiny heart stopped and an alert nurse gave her a shot of adrenaline and kept her alive!  Each day the doctor had bad news for us, and finally he said our baby was not expected to live!  My tree of faith was wilting and there was only a broken heart and a contrite spirit left.

In my grief I went in my room and lay on my bed and wept.  My tears flowed as I thought of the many months this baby had been inside me forming and developing in readiness for life.  I thought of how much we loved her and had anticipated her birth with joyful hearts.  Then I thought of all my inadequacies as a mother and wondered if I were really worthy to be her mother.  I wept until I could taste the salt of my tears.  Then humbly and sincerely I said out loud, "Dear God, can you hear me?  I need help!  Will you be MY TEACHER?"  

Suddenly I was taken back in my mind to an event two weeks before baby Laulani was born.  We had just moved into our home in the Punchbowl area and I attended the church women's organization so I could meet all the new 'sisters'.  The women were sitting around a large quilt frame finishing the stitches on a beautiful Hawaiian pattern.  They were making a quilt for one of the Mother's who had just given birth.  Some of the women began to talk to me about whether I would have a baby boy or a girl and they ask me to stand and walk and sit down and from their observation they were forecasting that I was carrying a baby girl.  Then they began to talk about their birth experiences.  Many had their babies at home and some had no help and other's had midwives or family members that helped them with the births.  I noticed one woman did not share her experience, but she was listening as I was to their stories.  One of the 'sisters' told me the visitor was the president's mother from Waianae.  They said she is the one who is honored at Punchbowl for the extraordinary bravery of one of her sons who was awarded the silver medal of honor.  As I listened to the woman's birth stories and how many babies were still born and died, I was thankful I would be going to a hospital to have my baby with medical assistance. 

After the meeting the president of the women's group offered to give me a ride home if I would wait for her to put things away and lock up the church.  The president's mother, a tall regal Hawaiian woman sat with me on a low cement wall in the back of the church.  I said to her, "You did not share your birth experience.  Tell me, how did you know what to do when your first baby was born?"  She looked intently at me and said, "Let me tell you about it.  I was in our little home in Waianae and my husband was out in the field.  I began to feel the strong contractions of childbirth.  My Mother and Aunties had planned to help me with the birth, but we did not expect it to be so soon.  No one was there with me.  I got a clean sheet and put it on the floor and leaned up against the bed. and I talked to God!   I asked God to be my teacher.  He knew this was my first experience in childbirth and I asked him to teach me what I should do."  She paused as if in thought and I leaned up, expectantly, and said, "What did you do then?"  She leaned towards me and looked directly in my eyes and said with great feeling, "I listened!"   After another thoughtful pause she continued,  "The baby came out and I laid my baby boy on my abdomen and waited for my husband to come in to help me.  Out in the field my husband had an impression that he should come to the house.  He did so and found me with our baby son and he cut the cord!" 

The Hawaiian woman's childbirth experience passed clearly through my mind as I lay there on my bed.  I said aloud, "And please, God, teach me how to listen!"  My thoughts stopped, as it were on one thought.  I had often prayed, but I had never listened!  How does one listen?  Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing in our hall way.  I went to answer it, although it would be evident to the caller that I had been crying.  It was the pediatrician.  "Your baby has just kicked her legs and seems to be making an effort to live!"

From that very day our baby daughter began to improve!  I didn't want to take a photograph of Laulani with all the life support tubes attached to her,  so I stood by the nursery window and made a pencil drawing of her on an illustration board - without all those tubes.  I wanted to show the children so they would know they really did have a baby sister.  Eventually I was given permission to put on a sterile hospital gown and hold,

, our sweet baby.  Several weeks later when she had reached five pounds we were finally able to bring her home.  In another six weeks I miraculously learned how to bring back the milk so I could nurse my baby and she thrived and grew strong. 

Laulani had been named after her Uncle, but we didn't know what it meant.  I called an expert in the Hawaiian language and asked her the meaning.  "My dear" she said, "Laulani means Messenger from Heaven!"  Indeed the messages from heaven and the teaching about motherhood began to pour into me as I nursed my baby girl with the milk of life. 

Before going away to a University on the mainland, she ‘stood’ for a portrait - Symphony in Life,

patterned after Whistler’s Symphony in White.



Dear God; My desire is to share with others this

possibility of nearness with Thee.

2.   Melt away the troubles of Life; and let them

feel the warmth of Thy presence.

3.  Awaken those who sleep and refresh them with

Thy invigorating morning.

4.  Teach me Thy Spiritual CPR techniques that I

might be an instrument in Thy hands.

5.  Let me help breathe life and stimulate hearts

to love again.

6.  Thou has been my help continually; and in Thy

presence do I rejoice.

7.  In thee do I find comfort;  Thou art my teacher

and my guide through life.

8.  From Thee do I gather strength; My hearts

rhythm is set by Thy hand.

9.  Thou didst breathe Thy breath into my mouth

and I experience life.

10.  Fill Thou Thy faithless Son; Give unto him

because of my faith.

11. Renew his heartbeat; Let the pressure of my

love resound within him.

12.  Give him a new vision that he will see Thee;

and know Thou art his Father.

13.  Let him see the compatibility of physical joy

and spiritual growth.

14.  Wipe away his pessimism and let optimism

have a place within him.

15.  Awaken him to the treasures he has; let him

see his family as the jewels of life.

16.  Place within him a joy for Life and take from

him depression and pain.

17.  My heart is fixed on thee O Lord; my mouth

will continually sing thy praises.

18.  In Thee do I put my trust; Bow down Thy ear

to hear me, and with Thy mouth instruct me.

19.  Be my Teacher, O Lord; Let me be Thy student

and instruct me in Thy ways.

20.  Let me understand Thy Language; Reveal to

me Thy heavenly words.

21.  Thou art my strength and my salvation;

O Lord, My God; Instruct me.


In the treasured book, The Urantia Book, which I lovingly call the ‘Big Book’ I was fascinated with several alliterations in a paragraph describing the dedication of the Spirit to guide us back to our Heavenly Father.

“These heavenly helpers are dedicated to the stupendous task of guiding you safely inward and upward to the celestial haven of happiness.  These tireless toilers are consecrated to the future personification of the triumph of divine truth in your life everlasting.  They are the watchful workers who pilot the God-conscious human mind away from the shoals of evil while expertly guiding the evolving soul of man toward the divine harbors of perfection on far-distant and eternal shores.  The spirits are loving leaders, your safe and sure guides through the dark and uncertain mazes of your short earthly career; they are the patient teachers who so constantly urge their subjects forward in the paths of progressive perfection.  They are the careful custodians of the sublime values of creature character.  I wish you could love them more, cooperate with them more fully, and cherish them more affectionately.”


I want to clarify that the word Spirit is referring to our Pre-existent Spirit which has been sent to this earth to indwell our earthly mind and body.  Our Father in Heaven gives us personality when we are born and if we choose to become spiritualized we eventually become ONE with SPIRIT.  We also have the wonderful influence of Jesus’ Spirit called the Spirit of Christ or the Spirit of Truth.  The Spirit from the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost also guides us.  Some people think the Spirit is just an observant bystander, when actually Spirit is doing everything possible to return us to our Heavenly Father, especially when we seek for spiritual guidance.

The many alliterations in the above quote kept coming to mind as I worshiped and prayed,  “Thank you for being my heavenly helper, tireless toiler, my watchful worker, loving leader, and careful custodian.”  Before long Spirit helped me create alliterations for each letter of the alphabet.   I visualized going into an academy of learning and finding a list of services and amenities, and one would then go to the office appropriate for assistance.  I saw the extensive list of spirits ‘Mind Academy’ and the ABC’s OF SPIRIT came in mind.

Adjuster AcademyTo adapt; to arrange ones education

Architect of SoulOne skilled in art of building; designer

Archivist of MindA keeper of records

Artist of LifeSkill in harmonizing diversity

Altruistic AchieverLiving for good of others-highest success

Authentic ArchaeologistGenuine study of origin, history, and destiny

Beauty  Builder      Grace or excellence; to erect; build; raise hope

Benevolent BenefactorHelping; a donor; patron-inherent excellence

Birthright BestowerEntitled by birth;to give;confer; award;impart

Career CounselorAn adviser-for personal advancement

Careful CustodianCare; concern;keeper; a caretaker; guardian

Choice ConsecratorAct of choosing; to set apart for sacred uses

Courage CourierBravery; a guide who accompanies travelers

Covenant CosignatorySolemn agreement; to entrust

Destiny Denominator    One who designates a class or name

Diligent DevoteeSteady; assiduous; one devoted to a cause

Divine DeveloperTo unfold gradually; to cause to grow

Earthly EndowmentTerrestrial;Grant; bequest; enrich; gift

Excellent ExemplarSurpass in good qualities; an original pattern

Faith Fountain      A source; origin; belief; trust or reliance

Father’s Will Fiduciary   A Trustee; holding or held in trust

Forever FriendOne eternally attached by affection

Forgiveness FacilitatorTo pardon; to expedite; to make easy

Gift Giver      One who imparts; to pronounce; bestow

Generous GuardianAbundant giving; a keeper; protector

Glory Guide     One who shows the way; adviser

Hallowed HostPure; divine; one who lodges with another

Heavenly HelperThe abode of God;to aid; assist; support

Humble HeraldMeek; modest; an envoy, forerunner

Insight InstrumentalistClear understanding;one skilled; helpful

Intelligent InterpreterUnderstandingly translating meaning of life

Journey JudgeTo administer justice of life experience

Joy Jeweler     Exhilaration; rejoice; one who makes jewels

Kind KeeperSympathetic nature; one who cares

Kinship KingFamily relationship-a sovereign

Loving LeaderAffectionate;Guide; conductor; direct; show

Loyalty LuminaryFidelity; giving off light

Mercy MagistrateVested with authority; leniency,compassion

Mighty MagnifierHaving power; brilliant; to make greater

Mortal Minister      A human being; one entrusted; to serve

Mystery MonitorOne appointed to help keep order

Noble NavigatorDirecting a course; ascertaining a position

Odyssey OfficiatorAuthorized -a long adventurous journey

Omnipotent ObserverAll-powerful; almighty;to keep religiously

Ontology OrganizerReality- arranger; preparer

Patient ParentBearing trials calmly-one who brings forth

Pathway PlannerTo arrange beforehand; a way, course

Perfection Pilot      One qualified to guide through difficulties

Personality PerpetuityThe state of being perpetual-everlasting

Prayer PractitionerEarnest entreaty; one engaged in a practice

Quiescent QuesterQuiet time search; act of seeking

Quintessence QualifierPure essence-prepare for active service

Repentance Reliever     To alleviate; free from trial, evil, or distress

Revelatory RegeneratorTo cause to be born again-revealing God

Righteousness RecommenderDoing what is right; to commend; advise Service StimulaterWork done for benefit of another-spur on

Sincerity SponsorHonest of mind; guarantor; a patron

Spiritual Strengthenergiving ability to endure with power or vigor Survival Systemizer      Arrange methodically the whole scheme

Tireless ToilerLaboring to complete a task;not to be tired

Tolerant Teacher To instruct; to educate - patiently

Trial Translator     To change from one medium to another

Truth TransferorTo convey, transport from one to another

Universe UtopianTravel agent-to an ideal state;ideally perfect

Value VirtuosoOne with great knowledge; highly skilled

Watchful WorkerEffort directed to an end;close observation

Wisdom Well-springSource of knowledge;knowledge; judgement

Worship Witness           Reverance;adoration; one who testifies.

Xylophonic X-rayer       Making resonant music out of adversities

Yearning YeomanOfficer of royal household; to seek earnestly

Zenith ZonerGuide-to point of heavens; summit, success

prepared in 1996-1997


Mind Academy








































































That is what I have felt as I prepared this ABC’s of SPIRIT.

Delight  (di-lit’)  v.t. to give great pleasure to; to take delight;

n. The source of pleasure;  great satisfaction; joy    

[ Latin  de = from +light]

Light  (lit)  n. That form of radiant energy which stimulates visual perception; anything which has luminosity; day; illumination; spiritual or mental enlightenment; to express joy.   [Old English  leoht =light]

My complete book of alliterations is shared on this website - page 6.