A Urantian Artist Shares.

        Beginning at the top: I have an oil painting of Jesus in burnt umber only.  I wanted to paint the moment recorded on page 1745 and 1746 of The Urantia Book, when Jesus asked the twelve, “who do men say that I am?”, and then after they gave their various answers Jesus “pointed to them with a sweeping gesture of his hand and asked, “But who say you that I am?”  “There was a moment of tense silence. The twelve never took their eyes off the Master, and then Simon Peter, springing to his feet, exclaimed:  “You are the Deliverer, the Son of the living God.”  And the eleven sitting apostles arose to their feet with one accord, thereby indicating that Peter had spoken for all of them.  When Jesus had beckoned them again to be seated, and while still standing before them, he said: “This has been revealed to you by my Father....and he went on to tell them that “upon this foundation will I build the brotherhood of the Kingdom of heaven. Upon this rock of spiritual reality will I build the living temple of spiritual fellowship in the eternal realities of my Father’s kingdom.”   I painted Peter and Jesus standing together and after Peter’s Testimony that he was the Son of the living God.  (On the next page you will see both Peter and Jesus)  I wanted only Jesus to be on this page, so that if you put my website on your iphone that you will see the ICON of Jesus’ face :  )

    At the bottom of the painting of Jesus I wanted to have an audio of the first paper in the URANTIA BOOK which tells about our Heavenly Father who Jesus came on earth to reveal.   Paper 1 The Universal Father. The man who reads it has a marvelous voice.  It is always inspiring to hear it.

    Then there is a photograph which I saw in an astronomy magazine years ago.  I have chosen to include it to remind us that Jesus was here on this earth on his bestowal mission and that he is actually the BELOVED SOVEREIGN OF OUR VAST UNIVERSE.  (I think this picture looks as good as I’ve seen to represent Nebadon, our local Universe.  OUR  CREATOR SON resides in the capital, which in the English language, is named Salvington.)  On the right is a photo of our beautiful BIG BLUE BOOK, THE URANTIA BOOK, the FIFTH EPOCHAL REVELATION to this EARTH.  In this photo it has a velvet cover on it and pearls in the shape of three concentric circles.  One of my four daughters learned how the monks had painted the books closed so that a beautiful scene could be enjoyed.  I think it is called, an Illuminated manuscript.   She painted her book in that way and I recall sewing on the pearls to make it a book that one could say was a PEARL OF GREAT PRICE.

    Below those three photos:  An oil painting of the magnificent Koolau mountain range here on the island of Oahu.  It reminds me that we all climb our mountains in life.  We have the struggles and then the joy of the view.  I painted it for my youngest of seven children who particularly loves the light play on the mountains.  I tried to capture some of that light.

    Then I share an acrylic painting of a part of the Koolau’s.  I saw this scene, in reality and in my imagination, three days before my husband of 35 years died in 1989.  I told him the mountains looked like he and I were looking up to heaven and the rainbow was joining us together in love.  I painted it a few years later for an illustration for a children’s class where I was teaching them about our Heavenly Father’s nature (loving, goodness, truth, beauty, just, merciful, righteous and perfect etc) and wanting them to think of those things I shared when they saw a rainbow.  We have lots of them in Hawaii.  I exaggerated the rainbow and it is more of an illustration than a painting.  But I put it on this site to remind us of the COVENANT that Melchizedek made with Abraham and which God makes with each of us if we are willing. 

I want to add a magnificent talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  “It is called the Power of Knowing WHY”.  It was given to the Sisters of the Church, but it is for all of us.  I wanted to include it on this page because it is such a testimony that our Father in Heaven Loves us and is patient with us as we walk along the path to perfection.

        A Urantian Artist



Click on this link to hear the audio of the magnificent first paper of The Urantia Book, about our loving Universal Father.

A painting of Jesus, but after all, he came to represent the Father to all of us on earth.