Googol Universe

Googol Universe is an App that will take you into real time, in the past, the present and the future.  It is undoubtedly the most amazing app that has ever been made available for the mortals of this earth.  This incredible app is a Universal version of the very limited app called Google Earth.  Google Earth became available in 2005.  “It is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program.”  “It maps the earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography” and more.  Google Earth has been downloaded more than a billion times.” as quoted from Wikipedia.

Googol Universe goes way beyond the satellite imagery of Google Earth. You can still sit at your computer, as you do when you watch the world on Google Earth.  Googol Universe is for the brave of heart and the mortal with courage in the face of immensity.  For mortals who would love to travel the Universe of Universes. It is for mortals who have a hunger for knowledge and truth.  It is for mortals who want to know God, our Heavenly Father.  The purpose of Googol Universe is to present the plan of Perfection to mortals and then tell them about the life and teachings of our Father’s Paradise Son who came to our earth for his bestowal mission.  We know him as Jesus Christ. You will see how Jesus revealed God is our Father and we are all brothers and sisters and we have God’s Spirit with us to represent our Heavenly Father and to prepare us for His plan for us of Eternal Life.  Jesus taught Good News and now with Technology everyone can hear that good news. Jesus is the beloved Sovereign of our Universe, and Googol Universe presents His story for all to know about.  So, you will be able to zoom in close to see his story of birth to death and resurrection.  Googol Universe is for those who have the courage of an astronaut to explore the heights, depths, or widths of the LIFE experience.

Googol Universe is available for every mortal who desires it.  It is opened in your mind and personally prepared just for you by the Father’s Spirit- the Divine Thought Adjuster who has been with you since your youth when you made your first moral decision.

How do you get this APP of the UNIVERSE?

Listen to the audio of the URANTIA REVELATION- one person called it ”A HANDBOOK OF THE UNIVERSE”-The Revelation says it is the 5th Epochal Revelation to our Earth.


You will listen to many hours of thrilling audio as you take this Universe tour. 

While listening to the magnificent audio’s you will SEE in your mind, the past, the present and the future events in the Master Universe, in our Universe and on our earth.  In your mind you will have your personal APP of Googol UNIVERSE.  God’s Technology is individualized within each of us.


A Universe of Universes   

Are you ready for this thrilling APP?

Here is a description of what you will view:

Just as Google Earth will show you the continents of the Earth and then the various nations of the earth, and finally the cities and villages and then Street view, Googol Universe starts with the overall view of the grand Universe and then takes you to other levels of the Universe, and even street view in some places in our system, but especially on our earth.

The Master Universe

The first view takes you to the First Source and Center of all the Master Universe, to actually see where God dwells and to learn about  the one we call God or Universal Father or our Heavenly Father.  You will learn his attributes and his nature and his relationship to YOU. You will glimpse what is actually above your ability to understand, but you will see the overview and reality of Paradise where God dwells.  You will glimpse the organization and working of the central and superuniverses, and learn of the personalities of the grand universe, many sons are called descending sons because they may come down to an evolutionary world to uplift mortals.  You will thrill as you see the high destiny of evolutionary mortals.  You will see there is an amazing plan for us as evolutionary mortals. You will see that we are given free agency, and we may choose to reject or choose to joyously accept the adventure of learning and service that God has in store for us.  God has given us our will, and if we desire to follow HIS will for us, he will make us MORE than we are... an Eternal being.  You can see why I have said this app is not for the weak hearted.  It is all about loving the things God loves and then you will receive the Eternal scholarship fully paid with travel benefits.  You will then get a glimpse into the final goal for mortals to become Finaliters in Havona/Paradise and then have a new opportunity to be administrators of new spaces in the Universe.  What an adventure.  This amazing app starts out with taking you to see an overview of the reward for righteous living.

The APP  then takes you out in space to the seventh superuniverse and then zeros in to a space near the end of the seventh superuniverse to see a local universe with a potential of 10 million mortal evolutionary planets.  The suns and revolving planets around them and the star clusters are beyond belief, but you see them and realize how vast is the Universe of Universes.


As you near our local Universe you are first aware of the architectural worlds that are beautiful spheres that have been prepared for the descending sons as well as for the ascending mortals to receive schooling on their upward journey to Paradise/Havona.  You will see how beautiful they are and be amazed at how advanced they are in comparison to our disordered evolutionary world with wars and conflicts still evident in many places of the world.

You will learn, as stated earlier, that the Beloved Sovereign of our Universe is none other than the son of man and son of God, Jesus the Christ!  He is called various names:  He is God’s Paradise Son, He is of the order of Michaels so he is called a Michael Son, and even Christ Michael because of his bestowal life on our planet. 

You will be in Awe as you see His staff of administrators. You will see the overview of the administration of our local universe and be pleasantly surprised to find that we have a Universe Mother as well as our Sovereign- our Universe Father. (Not to be confused with our Master/Universe Heavenly Father) as you glimpse the Universe Mother Spirit you will be happy to find that she has such a close connection with all of us evolutionary mortals.  You will see that she gives us all a mind that will work with the brain we have inherited.   You will see that she sends Seraphic guardians to watch over us and guide us if we are willing.  Even though the angels are outside of our vision here on earth, you will SEE them as you use this app.  You will even learn why people think they have wings! 

You will SEE more of the plan of our life as an evolutionary mortal, and then learn what happens after our death on earth.  You will SEE that if we have shown a desire to follow the Father’s plan for us, our soul will be taken by the Seraphim assigned and our Spirit which the Father of all has given us will take our identity, personality and memory record to the place of our Resurrection.  When we are to be resurrected the Spirit and Seraphim will be in the beautiful enormous Resurrection Halls on the Mansion world and we will be awakened in a new body to begin our new life there.  You will be able to zoom down to the Mansion worlds and SEE all the seven mansion worlds and glimpse how our life will be there, even the vegetation and animal life, and SEE our homes and various buildings for education, manufacturing, places of recreation and humor and more. You will be surprised at the vehicles of transportation we will use there!  You will SEE the Father’s Temple on the 7th Mansion world. You will be in continuous amazement as you SEE and hear of the life we have after this earth life.  You will be able to SEE by close view and SEE how well planned it is.

Then you will be happy to see that you can look up friends and family who are there and have chosen the eternal life -Heavenly Way.  You will be able to see what happens after graduation from the seventh mansion world and when you have been ‘fused’ or made ONE with the fragment-Spirit of God our Father, and you will see where you will receive your new name and who you will meet at that time. It will be an event you will never forget.  It is called a Jubilee.

Your schooling in the Melchizedek Universities continues in the System Capital.  Then your education will continue in the Constellation headquarter, named Edentia, where there are beautiful gardens that are patterns for all the Garden of Eden’s on each evolutionary world.  

Then you we go to the Superuniverse capital of Orvonton and from will discover on the app, if you are brave enough to glimpse it, what happens as you prepare to become a Finaliter.  It is so marvelous that words are not adequate, but GOOGOL Universe will give you a ‘glimpse’ of what is to come. 


After that overview Googol Universe will bring you to our earth for some preparatory information you need to understand about the evolutionary worlds.  You have already learned that there are many many evolutionary worlds.

You will learn that each evolutionary world evolves through seven stages of growth and they are called Epochs are Dispensations.  You will see the plan and see that each dispensation brings a Descending Son to uplift/teach the mortals of that evolutionary world.  You will learn that there are basically seven epochal Revelations to each earth, and all but one is a descending Son who comes to work with the people to teach them and uplift them.  The one epochal revelation that is different is a book of Revelation which is given at some point.  Then you will be pleasantly surprised to realize that the audio you are listening to on Googol Universe is the basis of this app that lets you See the magnificent view of the past present and future in store for us as a gift from our Universal Father and our Universe Sovereign, who had his life on our earth as Jesus Christ.

Then there is a sad and shocking announcement that you need to be aware of, and the app takes you back in time to the time after the many races had resulted from the plan the life carriers brought to our planet, and you see that a Descending son came to the earth for the first epochal revelation to our earth... to establish schools and teach the backward native inhabitants of the earth.  Things actually went as planned for many years, but then a superior, of the Planetary Prince who was working on this earth, came from the System headquarters and spread the word that Lucifer and Satan were in Rebellion and wanted to break off from their creator-Father, the Sovereign of the Universe, and have autonomy!  You will see how the Planetary Prince was convinced to follow Lucifer’s plan, and you will even get to read his manifesto of false liberty that he proposed!  You learn that everyone needs to make a decision as to who they will follow, The Father in Heaven, or Lucifer.  You will see what chaos happened on our world after that, and you will see why Michael our Sovereign did not immediately destroy them.  They were his sons and he wanted them to have time to return to loyalty instead of rebellion.   You will realize more about the problems that the Lucifer Rebellion caused on our world.

Then it switches to see a hopeful look at the last epoch or dispensation of progress on an evolutionary world.  You will learn it is called the Age of Light and Life, and you will see a paradise in contrast to the way the world is today.  It will give you a glimpse into the future for our earth, but unfortunately it will not be something we will experience.  However in the mansion worlds we will experience life that will be comparable and perhaps even surpasses that age on an evolutionary world.

Then Googol Universe will take you to a very fascinating look at our World and how it evolved and how life was established.  You will be able to See where the life carriers implanted life.  The view of the world in the past will be revealed to you and you will see how life was established, about the Marine-life Era, the Early Land life Era, the mammalian ERA, Then the exciting dawn Races of Early Man, and the First Human Family and then how the Evolutionary Races of color came to be and why.  You will see it all happening before your mind eyes and what an exciting story it is!

Then you will learn that there is an over-control of the evolutionary plan.  You will no longer have to think that you believe in Evolution or Creationism.  You see that  Evolution is under the “over control” of the “Gods.”

Then even though you have been prepared about the Lucifer Rebellion, you will go back in time to see exactly what happened on this planet when the Planetary Prince came and the Rebellion happened.

You will see where it happened on our earth and also the state of the people at that time.  For many many years they were loyal and the primitive people were being trained in the schools that the Planetary Prince and his staff had prepared.  You will see the schools and learn what was taught and how it was organized. It is amazing what they were doing in the beginning and they were making a lot of progress until they had a visitor from the system headquarters who convinced the planetary Prince to join the Lucifer Rebellion.   

You will see how far back they retrograded after the rebellion.  It is a sobering story of how ego and self will can destroy the mind of even a once righteous descending son, as well us the mind of lowly mortals.

Then you will see the Dawn of Civilization as well as the Human Institutions and the Evolution of Human government. And Development of the state.  Then to your amazement you will be taken to another neighboring planet where you can see how things are going on that more normal planet not tainted by rebellion as our planet is. 

Finally you can view how some farseeing people on the planet knew the time was about ready for a descending couple to come to our earth, and about 3000 of them prepared a beautiful garden patterned after the beautiful gardens on the Constellation capital of Edentia.   You will see where the garden was established and how it was laid out as a school and dwelling place for the descendants of Adam and Eve.  You can see how they looked how tall they were and the coloring of their skin.  Coming to this earth was a tough assignment and they had prepared for it, but they had not expected it to be as challenging as it was.  You will see what happened because Eve was impatient and she and Adam did want to see some success!  Eve thought the idea that one of the leaders of a Nodite tribe told her would unite the tribe to the Adamites, even as latter kings would marry their daughters to kings of other countries as a peace treaty. But that solution had mixed good with evil and Eve could no longer partake of the TREE OF LIFE which was to sustain them on the earth for actually thousands of years.  You will see the heart break that happened as they found they had failed in their assignment.  Adam and Eve truly loved each other and wanted to stay together in their assignments, so Adam intentionally chose the same action so they would have the same consequence. You will see the heartbreaking story unfold and see how they were remorseful and how God told them he knew they didn’t rebel, but they did default and you will see what happened and how and why they had to leave the first garden and go to establish another garden in a safer area.  You will see where it happened and see the surrounding tribes and it will amaze you. It will make so many things clearer in your mind about our planet and why it is the way it is.

While observing what happened in the second garden you will become aware of some beings that are in-between the angels and we mortals.  You will be able to see them helping Adam and Eve with the many duties they had, and acting as messengers from one area to another.  You will see how these 10 corps of beings came to be and what their purpose was and is.  Keep them in mind, because when Jesus came to live his bestowal life those 10 corps of midway creatures did an amazing service that has made Googol Universe available for you!

You will see some sad occurrences after the default of Adam and Eve when many of their children elected to leave and live in the Constellation capital.  You see Adam and Eve demoted to human status and eventually see them die.  You will see what happened to Adam and Eve’s posterity who stayed on the earth and how they are called the violet race. You then will take note of the racial expansions in the Orient and Occident and finally the development of Modern Civilization.

Then, Googol Universe focuses on the Marriage institution and the value of Family Life.  You see that marriage and raising children is paramount for us, if we don’t have that experience on earth then we will need compensatory experience in the Mansion worlds helping to raise the babies and young children who died before they were able to make a choice.

Your attention then will be called to seeing the origins of worship and its importance in our life.  You will realize that we become what we worship - be it a material person, or our Father in Heaven.  You will be shown some of the evolutionary steps that brought us to our present stage of having a desire to worship God.  Some of the things you are shown is the early evolution of religion and about the ghost cults, the fetiches , charms and magic, and we see what happened with sin, sacrifice and atonement, shamanism and the medicine men and priests.  The evolution of Prayer and the later evolution of Religion is shown. It is rather a history of the past evolution of thought in mortals.

It will make you appreciate living in a more progressive age.

Then Googol Universe suddenly zooms you into the Palestine region of the present day Jerusalem. You are about to witness one of the thrilling successful Descending Son’s time on our Earth!  You will actually see an emergency Son come to the earth and stay here for 94 years.  It is the magnificent Melchizedek!  It is the third epochal Revelation about to take place. 


93:1.1 “You will hear that “Revealed truth was threatened with extinction during the millenniums which followed the miscarriage of the Adamic mission on Urantia. Though making progress intellectually, the human races were slowly losing ground spiritually. About 3000 B.C. the concept of God had grown very hazy in the minds of men.

93:1.2 “The twelve Melchizedek receivers knew of Michael’s impending bestowal on their planet, but they did not know how soon it would occur; therefore they convened in solemn council and petitioned the Most Highs of Edentia that some provision be made for maintaining the light of truth on Urantia. This plea was dismissed with the mandate that “the conduct of affairs on 606 of this system (That is the number of our world) is fully in the hands of the Melchizedek custodians.” The receivers then appealed to the Father Melchizedek for help but only received word that they should continue to uphold truth in the manner of their own election “until the arrival of a bestowal Son,” who “would rescue the planetary titles from forfeiture and uncertainty.”

Then you will hear and see what happened:

93:1.3 “And it was in consequence of having been thrown so completely on their own resources that Machiventa Melchizedek, one of the twelve planetary receivers, volunteered to do that which had been done only six times in all the history of Nebadon (Our Universe): to personalize on earth as a temporary man of the realm, to bestow himself as an emergency Son of world ministry. Permission was granted for this adventure by the Salvington authorities, and the actual incarnation of Machiventa Melchizedek was consummated near what was to become the city of Salem, in Palestine. The entire transaction of the materialization of this Melchizedek Son was completed by the planetary receivers with the co-operation of the Life Carriers, certain of the Master Physical Controllers, and other celestial personalities resident on Urantia.”

You will see the thrilling event unfold before your minds eye.

93:2.1’ It was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa was bestowed upon the human races of Urantia. His coming was unspectacular; his materialization was not witnessed by human eyes. He was first observed by mortal man on that eventful day when he entered the tent of Amdon, a Chaldean herder of Sumerian extraction. And the proclamation of his mission was embodied in the simple statement which he made to this shepherd, “I am Melchizedek, priest of El Elyon, the Most High, the one and only God.”

93:2.2 When the herder had recovered from his astonishment, and after he had plied this stranger with many questions, he asked Melchizedek to sup with him, and this was the first time in his long universe career that Machiventa had partaken of material food, the nourishment which was to sustain him throughout his ninety-four years of life as a material being.

93:2.3 And that night, as they talked out under the stars, Melchizedek began his mission of the revelation of the truth of the reality of God when, with a sweep of his arm, he turned to Amdon, saying, “El Elyon, the Most High, is the divine creator of the stars of the firmament and even of this very earth on which we live, and he is also the supreme God of heaven.”

You see how,

93:2.4 Within a few years, Melchizedek had gathered around himself a group of pupils, disciples, and believers who formed the nucleus of the later community of Salem. He was soon known throughout Palestine as the priest of El Elyon, the Most High, and as the sage of Salem. Among some of the surrounding tribes he was often referred to as the sheik, or king, of Salem. Salem was the site which after the disappearance of Melchizedek became the city of Jebus, subsequently being called Jerusalem.


“In personal appearance, Melchizedek resembled the then blended Nodite and Sumerian peoples, being almost six feet in height and possessing a commanding presence. He spoke Chaldean and a half dozen other languages. He dressed much as did the Canaanite priests except that on his breast he wore an emblem of three concentric circles,

You will see how Melchizedek organized the Melchizedek Church and eventually sent out many missionaries to the ends of the earth. You will see the amazing influence for good that these missionaries accomplished.  You will See the changes in the Orient Levant, Hebrews and the Occident.

Then your attention is drawn to learn about the social problems of Religion, Religion in Human experience the REAL NATURE OF religion, the foundations of religious faith and the reality of Religious Experience.

Then you will hear the origin and nature of the divine fragments of God our Master Universal Father.  You will see the mission and ministry of the THOUGHT ADJUSTERS, THE DIVINE SPIRITS OF THE FATHER and how they are selected and when they come to indwell mortals.  You will see the relation of adjusters to individual mortals and to our soul.

You will be see what Personality Survival is and how grateful we can be for the gift of life again after this trial trip on earth.

Then it is only fitting that you will then see the Seraphic Planetary Government and learn about their planetary Government here on our earth. You will see that some mortals who have dedicated themselves to doing God’s Will are designated as in the Reserve Corps and you will see these special mortals serving in the churches, in the nations, in various races, in health and prevention of disease, promoting the home-the basic institution of human civilization, in industry, diversion and in epochal revelation, and in education and many other important pursuits.  You will see that there are twelve different areas where key people are quietly working to preserve the truth on this earth. You will undoubtedly feel gratitude for the Reserve corps mortals who were prepared to receive the epochal Revelation which you are listening to as you enjoy Googol Universe.


The next place you will travel to on Googol Universe is to witness the bestowal life of Jesus Christ on this earth.  You learn that this is the whole purpose of the Revelation to our earth and as you hear and SEE HIS life and teachings as if in real time street view, you will love him so very much and be so inspired by all he has done for us as the sovereign of our Universe as well as the way he lived his mortal life and taught the people of that time on earth and accepted the inhumane death his enemies brought on him. You will undoubtedly feel overwhelming gratitude to our Savior Jesus Christ for the gift he has given each of us of HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH- to be with each of us if we will select it in our minds daily.

This final part of Googol Universe starts as you see and hear our Sovereign of the Universe talking to one of his brother’s in the Universe, Immanuel, and hear the counsel he receives about his bestowal experience on our earth.  You learn that this is to be his Seventh Bestowal experience and you will learn of the other six bestowals.  Then you witness the angel Gabriel (the actual Chief Executive of the Universe, as he appears to Mary to inform her that she is to become the mother of a special son and that her cousin, Elizabeth is to be the mother of a son who will prepare the way for the son she is about to have.  You see that Joseph and Mary were married a year before the birth of Jesus, and you see Joseph and Mary, as they travel to Bethlehem where he is born with the help of kind women travelers.  You give a sigh of relief as you see Joseph and Mary leave in the night to flee to Egypt to live with relatives of Joseph.  You see young Joshua ben Joseph growing up with his brothers and sisters and see him being so dedicated to learning and to carrying out his responsibilities at home.  Suddenly tragedy comes to the family, as it does to many of us.  Joseph was working on the governor’s residence in Sepphoris when a derrick falls and he is killed. Jesus had 5 brothers and 2 sisters and one more sister on the way, so it was a difficult time.  Your heart will go out to Mary and all the children and you see Jesus, though only 14 years of age, valiantly, with dedication and love, taking care of his mother and siblings till he is 29 years of age.  He was their brother/father and they loved him dearly. 

Then you see this noble son of man and son of God leave the family and accept a job as a tutor for a young Indian lad.  You see him going with the Father and his son on a tour of the Roman world to sell and buy merchandise.  You will probably be on Googol Universe many hours not wanting to stop, as you see Joshua the Tutor interacting with people of all walks of life and hearing him leave them better than he found them. 

Everywhere the three traveled Jesus was a light of love and truth.   He was sincerely interested in each person to find out how they felt about life on this earth.   Many of his visits with people of that day were recorded and you can hear them as you see in your mind the wonderful two years that Jesus spent with the Indian merchant and his son.  Then the father and son sadly left the Tutor they had learned to love and respect so very much, and returned to India.

You will note that Jesus worked at many trades after that and met many people, but he never told the apostles about any of that part of his life, but you will see it and thrill to see our beloved Savior living a normal life on our earth in those days.  You will be surprised at many things that you see, as the New Testament record did not include very much.  The apostles made some notes of what he said and heard, especially Andrew, Matthew and John.

The midway beings mentioned earlier are on the earth as custodians of the earth and are assigned to be with pivotal people (in the Reserve corps) such as the Apostles during their life time.  So the midwayer being who was assigned to be with the Apostle Andrew, who was the Head of the 12 Apostles,recorded the events that happened and the midwayer beings were also able to use some other records available to record the record you hear on the audio.  So you can thank those beings for the wonderful opportunity to read or hear the life and teachings of Jesus Christ during HIS time on earth. 

Technology has made it possible that the accurate account of Jesus’ beautiful life can be shared with you and everyone on earth.  So enjoy hearing what happened at Jesus' baptism and the ordination of the twelve apostles and how they began the public work.  See the mission training of the apostles and the evangelists, men and women.  You will hear many of Jesus' sermons and even some personal visits with the apostles. The last week in Jesus' earth experience is the most powerful drama you will ever witness.  Then you will see the thrilling resurrection and his many visits with the believers while he is in a form that we will have after our death and resurrection in the mansion world.  You will see what happened when everyone received the gift/endowment of the Spirit of Truth.  Amazingly you discover that this Spirit of Truth is actually a duplicate of Jesus’ beautiful spirit, and you will realize what an honor it is, and a responsibility it is, to so live our life that he will be proud of you as his faith son or daughter.  It is your time on earth and you will want to live it with honor.  When you partake of the Supper or Sacrament he wants us to remember him, and you will think of it differently as you desire to take his name upon yourself and to invite his spirit to be with you each day. 

At the end of your travels through the Master Universe and the Local Universe and the events that have happened on our planet earth- which the Celestial beings have named, Urantia, you will hear a closing, magnificent paper on the Faith of Jesus, and we are told we may 'appropriate His Faith” to strengthen our own if we will but ask!  It is a beautiful way to end your Googol Universe tour.

You have spent many hours touring the Universe and hearing the narration prepared by the celestial beings assigned to author the papers in the 5th Epochal Revelation.

This introduction was prepared by UrantianArtist

In August of the year 2013 as a gift for the Remembrance of Jesus’ birth on our planet/world/earth, named Urantia, on August 21, in the year 7 BC.  It is my prayer that GOOGOL UNIVERSE will be a successful APP in our age of technology and many will be able to enjoy SEEING and HEARING the accompanied AUDIO.


I would like to dedicate this amazing mind APP of Googol Universe to our Savior, the Beloved Sovereign of our Universe, who lived his beautiful bestowal life on our earth and was born on August 21, 7 B.C.

I will add this APP narrative to my website and then will put a movie on my YouTube Channel before August 21, 2013.


The Central and Superuniverses

Paper . Title . Author

000. Foreword . Divine Counselor *

001. The Universal Father . Divine Counselor

002. The Nature of God . Divine Counselor

003. The Attributes of God . Divine Counselor

004. God’s Relation to the Universe . Divine Counselor

005. God’s Relation to the Individual . Divine Counselor

006. The Eternal Son . Divine Counselor

007. Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe . Divine Counselor

008. The Infinite Spirit . Divine Counselor

009. Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe . Divine Counselor

010. The Paradise Trinity . Universal Censor

011. The Eternal Isle of Paradise . Perfector of Wisdom

012. The Universe of Universes . Perfector of Wisdom

013. The Sacred Spheres of Paradise . Perfector of Wisdom

014. The Central and Divine Universe . Perfector of Wisdom

015. The Seven Superuniverses . Universal Censor

016. The Seven Master Spirits . Universal Censor

017. The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups . Divine Counselor

018. The Supreme Trinity Personalities . Divine Counselor

019. The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings . Divine Counselor

020. The Paradise Sons of God . Perfector of Wisdom

021. The Paradise Creator Sons . Perfector of Wisdom

022. The Trinitized Sons of God . Mighty Messenger

023. The Solitary Messengers . Divine Counselor

024. Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit . Divine Counselor

025. The Messenger Hosts of Space . One High in Authority

026. Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe . Perfector of Wisdom

027. Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim . Perfector of Wisdom

028. Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses . Mighty Messenger

029. The Universe Power Directors . Universal Censor

030. Personalities of the Grand Universe . Mighty Messenger

031. The Corps of the Finality . Divine Counselor and One Without Name and Number

The Local Universe

Paper . Title . Author
032. The Evolution of Local Universes . Mighty Messenger
033. Administration of the Local Universe . Chief of Archangels
034. The Local Universe Mother Spirit . Mighty Messenger
035. The Local Universe Sons of God . Chief of Archangels
036. The Life Carriers . Vorondadek Son
037. Personalities of the Local Universe . Brilliant Evening Star
038. Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe . Melchizedek
039. The Seraphic Hosts . Melchizedek
040. The Ascending Sons of God . Mighty Messenger
041. Physical Aspects of the Local Universe . Archangel
042. Energy — Mind and Matter . Mighty Messenger
043. The Constellations . Malavatia Melchizedek
044. The Celestial Artisans . Archangel
045. The Local System Administration . Melchizedek
046. The Local System Headquarters . Archangel
047. The Seven Mansion Worlds . Brilliant Evening Star
048. The Morontia Life . Archangel
049. The Inhabited Worlds . Melchizedek
050. The Planetary Princes . Secondary Lanonandek
051. The Planetary Adams . Secondary Lanonandek
052. Planetary Mortal Epochs . Mighty Messenger
053. The Lucifer Rebellion . Manovandet Melchizedek
054. Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion . Mighty Messenger
055. The Spheres of Light and Life . Mighty Messenger
056. Universal Unity . Mighty Messenger and Machiventa Melchizedek

The History of Urantia

Paper . Title . Author
057. The Origin of Urantia . Life Carrier
058. Life Establishment on Urantia . Life Carrier
059. The Marine-Life Era on Urantia . Life Carrier
060. Urantia During the Early Land-Life Era . Life Carrier
061. The Mammalian Era on Urantia . Life Carrier
062. The Dawn Races of Early Man . Life Carrier
063. The First Human Family . Life Carrier
064. The Evolutionary Races of Color . Life Carrier
065. The Overcontrol of Evolution . Life Carrier
066. The Planetary Prince of Urantia . Melchizedek
067. The Planetary Rebellion . Melchizedek
068. The Dawn of Civilization . Melchizedek
069. Primitive Human Institutions . Melchizedek
070. The Evolution of Human Government . Melchizedek
071. Development of the State . Melchizedek
072. Government on a Neighboring Planet . Melchizedek
073. The Garden of Eden . Solonia
074. Adam and Eve . Solonia
075. The Default of Adam and Eve . Solonia
076. The Second Garden . Solonia
077. The Midway Creatures . Archangel
078. The Violet Race after the Days of Adam . Archangel
079. Andite Expansion in the Orient . Archangel
080. Andite Expansion in the Occident . Archangel
081. Development of Modern Civilization . Archangel
082. The Evolution of Marriage . Chief of Seraphim
083. The Marriage Institution . Chief of Seraphim
084. Marriage and Family Life . Chief of Seraphim
085. The Origins of Worship . Brilliant Evening Star
086. Early Evolution of Religion . Brilliant Evening Star
087. The Ghost Cults . Brilliant Evening Star
088. Fetishes, Charms, and Magic . Brilliant Evening Star
089. Sin, Sacrifice, and Atonement . Brilliant Evening Star
090. Shamanism — Medicine Men and Priests . Melchizedek
091. The Evolution of Prayer . Chief of Midwayers
092. The Later Evolution of Religion . Melchizedek
093. Machiventa Melchizedek . Melchizedek
094. The Melchizedek Teachings in the Orient . Melchizedek
095. The Melchizedek Teachings in the Levant . Melchizedek
096. Yahweh — God of the Hebrews . Melchizedek
097. Evolution of the God Concept among the Hebrews . Melchizedek
098. The Melchizedek Teachings in the Occident . Melchizedek
099. The Social Problems of Religion . Melchizedek
100. Religion in Human Experience . Melchizedek
101. The Real Nature of Religion . Melchizedek
102. The Foundations of Religious Faith . Melchizedek
103. The Reality of Religious Experience . Melchizedek
104. Growth of the Trinity Concept . Melchizedek
105. Deity and Reality . Melchizedek
106. Universe Levels of Reality . Melchizedek
107. Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters . Solitary Messenger
108. Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters . Solitary Messenger
109. Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creatures . Solitary Messenger
110. Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals . Solitary Messenger
111. The Adjuster and the Soul . Solitary Messenger
112. Personality Survival . Solitary Messenger
113. Seraphic Guardians of Destiny . Chief of Seraphim
114. Seraphic Planetary Government . Chief of Seraphim
115. The Supreme Being . Mighty Messenger
116. The Almighty Supreme . Mighty Messenger
117. God the Supreme . Mighty Messenger
118. Supreme and Ultimate — Time and Space . Mighty Messenger
119. The Bestowals of Christ Michael . Chief of Evening Stars

The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Paper . Title . Author
120. The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia . Mantutia Melchizedek
121. The Times of Michael’s Bestowal . Midwayer Commission
122. Birth and Infancy of Jesus . Midwayer Commission
123. The Early Childhood of Jesus . Midwayer Commission
124. The Later Childhood of Jesus . Midwayer Commission
125. Jesus at Jerusalem . Midwayer Commission
126. The Two Crucial Years . Midwayer Commission
127. The Adolescent Years . Midwayer Commission
128. Jesus’ Early Manhood . Midwayer Commission
129. The Later Adult Life of Jesus . Midwayer Commission
130. On the Way to Rome . Midwayer Commission
131. The World’s Religions . Midwayer Commission
132. The Sojourn at Rome . Midwayer Commission
133. The Return from Rome . Midwayer Commission
134. The Transition Years . Midwayer Commission
135. John the Baptist . Midwayer Commission
136. Baptism and the Forty Days . Midwayer Commission
137. Tarrying Time in Galilee . Midwayer Commission
138. Training the Kingdom’s Messengers . Midwayer Commission
139. The Twelve Apostles . Midwayer Commission
140. The Ordination of the Twelve . Midwayer Commission
141. Beginning the Public Work . Midwayer Commission
142. The Passover at Jerusalem . Midwayer Commission
143. Going Through Samaria . Midwayer Commission
144. At Gilboa and in the Decapolis . Midwayer Commission
145. Four Eventful Days at Capernaum . Midwayer Commission
146. First Preaching Tour of Galilee . Midwayer Commission
147. The Interlude Visit to Jerusalem . Midwayer Commission
148. Training Evangelists at Bethsaida . Midwayer Commission
149. The Second Preaching Tour . Midwayer Commission
150. The Third Preaching Tour . Midwayer Commission
151. Tarrying and Teaching by the Seaside . Midwayer Commission
152. Events Leading up to the Capernaum Crisis . Midwayer Commission
153. The Crisis at Capernaum . Midwayer Commission
154. Last Days at Capernaum . Midwayer Commission
155. Fleeing Through Northern Galilee . Midwayer Commission
156. The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon . Midwayer Commission
157. At Caesarea-Philippi . Midwayer Commission
158. The Mount of Transfiguration . Midwayer Commission
159. The Decapolis Tour . Midwayer Commission
160. Rodan of Alexandria . Midwayer Commission
161. Further Discussions with Rodan . Midwayer Commission
162. At the Feast of Tabernacles . Midwayer Commission
163. Ordination of the Seventy at Magadan . Midwayer Commission
164. At the Feast of Dedication . Midwayer Commission
165. The Perean Mission Begins . Midwayer Commission
166. Last Visit to Northern Perea . Midwayer Commission
167. The Visit to Philadelphia . Midwayer Commission
168. The Resurrection of Lazarus . Midwayer Commission
169. Last Teaching at Pella . Midwayer Commission
170. The Kingdom of Heaven . Midwayer Commission
171. On the Way to Jerusalem . Midwayer Commission
172. Going into Jerusalem . Midwayer Commission
173. Monday in Jerusalem . Midwayer Commission
174. Tuesday Morning in the Temple . Midwayer Commission
175. The Last Temple Discourse . Midwayer Commission
176. Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet . Midwayer Commission
177. Wednesday, the Rest Day . Midwayer Commission
178. Last Day at the Camp . Midwayer Commission
179. The Last Supper . Midwayer Commission
180. The Farewell Discourse . Midwayer Commission
181. Final Admonitions and Warnings . Midwayer Commission
182. In Gethsemane . Midwayer Commission
183. The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus . Midwayer Commission
184. Before the Sanhedrin Court . Midwayer Commission
185. The Trial Before Pilate . Midwayer Commission
186. Just Before the Crucifixion . Midwayer Commission
187. The Crucifixion . Midwayer Commission
188. The Time of the Tomb . Midwayer Commission
189. The Resurrection . Midwayer Commission
190. Morontia Appearances of Jesus . Midwayer Commission
191. Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders . Midwayer Commission
192. Appearances in Galilee . Midwayer Commission
193. Final Appearances and Ascension . Midwayer Commission
194. Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth . Midwayer Commission
195. After Pentecost . Midwayer Commission
196. The Faith of Jesus . Midwayer Commission

These ascendant children of time have learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, to enthuse over apparent defeat, to invigorate in the presence of difficulties, to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of immensity, and to exercise unconquerable faith when confronted with the challenge of the inexplicable. Long since, the battle cry of these pilgrims became: " In liaison with God, nothing—absolutely nothing—is impossible. " UB page 291