An Honors program to prepare for Melchizedek University


I continue to feel double joy as I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Restored church-a revelatory church that helped to prepare me for the epochal revelation and will do the same for many others who are open and ready to receive it. 

It doesn’t mean the church is perfect in it’s teachings, but it is perfect to help imperfect people to grow spiritually.  I am so grateful for all my pioneer ancestors and those who were converts in the South, for they were all lovers of truth and were drawn to a church of revelation instead of an evolutionary church. REVELATION WAS PUT INTO ACTION in their lives.   After all, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about learning and then teaching others.   The Church has a lay ministry and devoted members live a life of service.  For all of this I am grateful.

In the next life, neither our Father in Heaven, nor our Savior, Jesus Christ, will test us on all the amazing facts about the master Universe we live in, nor how the Urantia Book came to our earth, nor the names of the five people who were in the contact commission that received it!  

When it comes down to it what is important is how we put revelation into action in our lives.

Also I want to tell you, if you are a sincere seeker after truth that within the Revelation there are special gifts just for you to discover.  You will have insights that others just haven’t seen, but you are meant to share, even as I share these insights today.  

After years of studying the Urantia Book Revelation I began to realize that our life is like a University Course, and our Heavenly Parents want us to take classes in various SCHOOLS.  The vision of it has been getting clearer as the years have gone by.  I realize that putting the Revelation into action in our lives/ LIVING IT….is the most important. 

Some analogies:  If we have a map of Utah in our hands and carry it around all the time.  It means nothing unless we go on the journey to experience the various places and mingle with the people.  Likewise if we have a map of the Universe with us always and never start on the journey it is of no value.

We learn in the Revelation that in the next experience in the Mansion Worlds we will eventually be attending the Melchizedek University.  I began to look at our Earth/Mortal life as The University of Mortal Life, and soon concluded that we are meant to take classes in at least 12 schools of learning, and realized that earth life is like an honors program to prepare us to enter Melchizedek University!

When we go to the University we are required to take several classes in various schools of learning in order to graduate, and it came to my mind that it is the same way for us here on this earth.  So I would like to share with you -- as a gift - the schools of the University of Mortal Life, with enhanced graphic design by my son, Warren.

These are some of the Pearls about the Kingdom of Heaven, that I discovered in the Urantia Revelation that are priceless.

These are areas of our earth experience which are very important, and there is a ‘maturity scale’ to measure our growth in these areas. We are told that we may need to have rehabilitation classes and compensatory experience in the seven mansion worlds if we are lacking in these experiences:

Such as:

Childhood experience with loving parents

Marriage experience -“learning the disciplines in a faithful and devoted marriage - a true partnership. “There are social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects to be learned” in marriage.

Parenting experience of nurturing and training children. “No mortal can progress without having passed through that sublime experience of achieving parental relationship to an evolving child.”  It is fundamental for all ascenders. And so forth…..

But it is experiences in these twelve areas of our earth life, as we learn to do our Father’s will, that will be of greatest value in our mortal life.. 

I pray this list of the schools of the University of Mortal Life will remind you that our Father in Heaven’s Spirit and Jesus’ gift of Spirit will help you accomplish those goals and you can be ready for continuing education after this life. 

Remember that our Father in Heaven knows each of you personally.  He loves you and knows your name.  Make yourself available to have conversation with him.  TIME EQUALS LOVE in earthly relationships as well as in prayer and worship with our Heavenly parents.


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