Several years ago, I read a paper written about our pre-existent spirits.  The author had written:

“These heavenly helpers are dedicated to the stupendous task of guiding you safely inward and upward to the celestial haven of happiness.  These tireless toilers are consecrated to the future personification of the triumph of divine truth in your life everlasting.  They are the watchful workers who pilot the God-conscious human mind away from the shoals of evil while expertly guiding the evolving soul of man toward the divine harbors of perfection on far-distant and eternal shores. The spirits are loving leaders, your safe and sure guides through the dark and uncertain mazes of your short earthly career; they are the patient teachers who so constantly urge their subjects forward in the paths of progressive perfection. They are the careful custodians of the sublime values of creature character.  I wish you could love them more, cooperate with them more fully, and cherish them more affectionately. (The Urantia Book page 1203)

I loved the way the author used descriptive alliterations to reveal the role of the Spirit in willingness to help us to grow spiritual.  I kept thinking about those alliterations, and one morning I lay in bed thinking that perhaps with the help of my spirit I could think of a alliteration for each letter of the alphabet!  The word combinations started coming in mind and I often would have more than one come to mind, I enjoyed them all so much that I decided to create a book of the alliterations.

I would read my book of alliterations before bedtime and I found it helped to create a tranquil meditative atmosphere for my worship and prayer time.  It has been enriching to me to think of these alliterations before I have my conversation with my Heavenly Father.  My intent is sincere spirituality.  As an artist I see it as a poetic palette allowing me to visualize my willingness for spiritual sovereignty in my life.  Some people think Spirit is just an observant bystander in the drama of life.  In reality Spirit is doing everything possible to return us to our Heavenly Father, the first source and center of the Grand Universe.  When we seek for spiritual guidance we become a willing participant in the adventure that takes humans to the portals of paradise:  an educational plan of progressive perfection and service.  Spirit is the divine in us.  Spirit is WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

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(One Noble Endowment)

Printed in the United States of America

First Printing: 2/22 2002


to Spirit

for my posterity

and all who are seeking to be one with Spirit

Years ago I would look at this part of the Ko’olau Mountain Range and see my husband in the mountain!  I would tell him and he would laugh and say he needed a nose job or that he had lots of wrinkles in his brow and must have lots of worries. When he experienced kidney failure and retired from his job, I painted what I saw in my imagination and shared it at his retirement party.

Since then, we have called the mountain, “E-----’s Mountain” or “Dad’s Mountain!”  When my husband died four years later he was buried at Punchbowl National Cemetery.  As we all gathered around his grave we looked up and saw a perfect view of Dad’s Mountain!  I have included this painting in this book of Spirit so that he would represent mankind on this earth, looking up to Heaven.

Paradise Found.

A watercolor of sky, mountains, water, sand and rocks

combine to represent the Paradise I have found in Hawai'i.

Psalm One

An acrylic painting of the tree planted by the river of water

which brought forth fruit in the season.

As I read the first Psalm I had the following come in my mind which adapts first Psalm to a man or woman and is said in positive words:

"Blessed are they that

walketh in the counsel of God,

Who standeth in the way shown by JESUS,

and sitteth in the seat of righteousness.

Blessed are they who taketh delight

in the law of the Lord,

and in His law do they meditate

day and night.

And they shall be like a Tree

planted by the River of Water,

that bringeth forth Fruit in their season;

Their leaf multiplies, and

Whatsoever they doeth

Shall prosper."

An oil painting of the Koolau Mountain range

receiving the light from Heaven.

This book is for my family, sons, daughters, grandchildren, friends and all who enjoy reflecting on Spirit.  This is also my gift of love to Spirit who has so faithfully been all these things in my life.  I hope Spirit will enlighten your mind, fill you with love, and lift you spiritually as you reflect on the roles of Spirit in your life.

We on the earth look to heaven.

We on the earth look to God.

We are all the sons and daughters of God our Father.

We are all brothers and sisters.

We on the earth look to Spirit.

Spirit can play many roles.

Spirit can be everything in our life.

Spirit is who we really are.

We are all in an academy of learning

on this planet.

An academy to teach us

how to grow spiritually.

Invite Spirit to be with you.

Spirit will serve you well.

If we ask we will receive.

The ABC’s of Spirit

A Preliminary Prayer Book of Alliterations


Adjuster Academy

Adjust  - To change the volume, or alter the light, we adjust our schedules, we adjust to differing personalities. 

Adjuster - One who arranges and puts aspects of our lives in working order.

Academy - A special school of education and training.


Throughout our life, Spirit is adjusting our mind from imperfection to perfection. Spirit creates a personal learning academy, inviting us to participate in continuing education.


Architect of our Soul

Architect - One who designs and draws up the plans for a structure to be built.

Soul - The very essence of a person;  that which is of lasting value derived from the thinking, decisions and experiences of human life.  Our soul is the part of us that will survive earth life -- the part of us that is immortal.


Spirit, with our permission, designs and assists us to create that which will endure eternally, our Soul.


Archivist of Mind

Archives - Places where records, documents, charts or pictures, which are considered of value, are stored and preserved.  

Archivist - One who works in the archives to organize and make the material accessible for present and future use.

Mind - That energy which connects to our brains and provides us the ability of thinking, reasoning, planning and making decisions.  Minds have various degrees of capacity according to the material brain that has been inherited.


Spirit preserves the record of our minds even as we may save data on the hard drive of our computers for future retrieval or recall.


Artist of Life

Artist - One who uses materials of life to create a painting, poetry, music or something seen, heard or felt by the senses to create a work of beauty.

Life - What we experience when we are born into this world.  We breath and we are a living being with functional powers of mind and body.


Spirit has skill in harmonizing diversity. “Beauty, art, is largely a matter of the unification of contrasts...The supreme beauty, the height of finite art, is the drama of the unification of the vastness of the cosmic extremes of Creator and creature.  Man finding God and God finding man-the creature becoming perfect, as is the Creator--that is the supernal achievement of the supremely beautiful, the attainment of the apex of cosmic art.” THE URANTIA BOOK page 646  

Spirit creates the art of living.


Altruistic Achiever

Altruistic - People who think of others and are therefore unselfish.

Achiever - One who accomplishes a goal by working until the achievement is successful.


Spirit inspires us to overcome “the incessant clamoring of self for recognition and honor” and to choose the divine life of service.  Through altruism we achieve the highest eternal goals.   (THE URANTIA BOOK page 51)


Authentic Archaeologist

Authentic - Something genuine, not a copy of the original.  We think of authentic when speaking of art work that is signed by the artist, or when designating antiques as a certain value and we therefore can trust they are real.

Archaeologist - One who studies the past by excavating the ground to reveal past civilizations.


Spirit serves as your authentic archaeologist, helping you uncover treasures from the past which will give you insight into your future.  “A true perspective” of who you are can only be discovered by a “full and unprejudiced study... of origin, history, and destiny.”  This genuine insight will provide you with a continuous thread of revelation.  (The Urantia Book page 215)


Beauty Builder

Beauty - That which is in such harmony and grace that it is pleasing to the eye or our other senses.

Builder - One who constructs the buildings and structures where we live, work, worship and play on this earth.


Spirit is the builder of beauty in our soul, which starts to develop as a result of a spiritualized human mind.  As our soul becomes permeated by truth, beauty, and goodness, Spirit raises our hope of someday achieving excellence.


Benevolent Benefactor

Benevolent - A person who is loving, kind and generous with others.  A person who goes through life doing good.

Benefactor -One who receives an inheritance or a scholarship from another.


Spirit is our generous, benevolent benefactor helping us to achieve spiritualization through doing good and loving mankind.  Spirit gives us a grand inheritance from the Father.


Birthright Bestower

Birthright - In the past this was the way gifts were given to posterity.  Some gifts were left for first sons and other gifts were given to succeeding heirs.

Bestower - One who gives the gifts.


Spirit bestows upon us the ultimate birthright gift, assuring us we are each a child of God - sons or daughters of our Universal Father in Heaven.

Spirit IS from our Father.


Career Counselor

Career - Working in a chosen field of endeavor.  A career in teaching, art, music, business, medicine, law, engineering and so forth.

Counselor - Is one who gives counsel when we are deciding the career we wish to prepare for in our education


Throughout our life Spirit is eager to advise and assist in every way as we begin our Eternal Career as mortals on earth.

"There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life.  And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving!"

(The Urantia Book page 365)


Careful Custodian

Careful -Indicates effort in doing a job of any kind with care or precision.

Custodian - One who takes care of a school, church or office building, keeping it clean and at the right temperature for learning or working.


Spirit carefully functions to preserve, keep and care for us as we pursue this mortal educational experience.  Spirit is our personal ultimate mortal school custodian.


Choice Consecrator

Choice - Indicates a mind decision between two or more possible things.

Consecrator - What one does when dedicated to serving another.  One who consecrates time and talent to a cause or to another person.


Spirit awaits our decisions, for we have freedom to choose what we will do in our life.  If we dedicate our will to doing our Father's will, Spirit will consecrate our choosing and we will be set apart to be used for His sacred purposes.


Choice Consecrator

Choice - Indicates a mind decision between two or more possible things.

Consecrator - What one does when dedicated to serving another.  One who consecrates time and talent to a cause or to another person.


Spirit awaits our decisions, for we have freedom to choose what we will do in our life.  If we dedicate our will to doing our Father's will, Spirit will consecrate our choosing and we will be set apart to be used for His sacred purposes.


Courage Courier

Courage  - The ability to do things that are difficult, overcoming one’s fear of failure.

Courier - The messenger who delivers something considered special.   A courier may also be a companion or guide to assist those who travel.


Spirit is our guide who accompanies our travels through the uncertain maze of life, and will give us courage and the bravery of heart to endure to the end.  When adversity comes, the valiant gather courage to climb the mountains of difficulty accompanied by their Spirit courier.


Covenant Cosignatory

Covenant - An agreement between two people, usually very solemn and spiritual.

Cosignatory - The co-signer of a document, the process of signing jointly.


Spirit is our cosignatory who witnesses our sacred agreement, our covenant with God.  This is the same covenant that Abraham made, to believe God's promises and follow his instructions.  God promises to give us eternal blessings.


Destiny Denominator

Destiny - The place we are traveling on earth or the destination we will reach after our life on earth.

Denominator - Essentially the name of something or a group. Being set apart with a special calling.


Spirit when integrated with mind, personality, and soul, will denominate us a new being with a new name.  We will be in a class of survival mortals whose destiny is Eternity,  to know God the Father of Spirit.


Diligent Devotee

Diligent - One who is a hard worker and assiduous in their determination to accomplish the goal at hand.

Devotee - One who is truly devoted and dedicated to a cause or to a teacher.


Spirit helps us be steady, constant and assiduous in our devotion to the spiritual path before us. 

Spirit inspires us to give ourselves wholly and completely to God.


Divine Developer

Divine - Pertaining to God.

Developer - Is one who, through the use of chemicals, is able to produce an image on film and print photographs.


Spirit is of Divinity.  Spirit takes the "film" of our life experience and develops it into the reality of eternal meanings and values.  Spirit brings to light and reveals our divine potential.


Earthly Endowment

Earthly - Refers to our planet, this world on which we live.

Endowment - A gift or a grant usually recorded and given in a legal document.


When we are born on earth, Spirit brings the Father’s Will.  If we ask to have that will revealed to us, it will enrich our earth life with purpose, service, and joy.


Eternal Endowment

Eternal - Has no beginning and no end.  We are time beings, so it is hard for us to understand Eternity, but we will understand it after earth life as immortals.

Endowment - A gift or a grant usually recorded and given in a legal document.


Spirit descends from the Father to indwell our mortal mind, bringing an endowment of eternal value beyond any earthly gift imaginable.  This gift is waiting for all who wish to be enriched by Spirit.


Excellent Exemplar

Excellent - Implies something of exceedingly high quality in goods or people.

Exemplar - Ones who so live that they are setting a worthy example for others to follow.


Spirit gives us the original pattern of our highest potential.  Spirit is the exemplar of a model life, our motivator to live an artistic life.


Faith Fountain

Faith - The ability to believe without seeing or knowing something as proof.  In religion it is trust and reliance on a higher power.

Fountain - Water that springs up for quenching people's thirst.  In a stream the fountainhead is the source or origin of a stream.


Spirit brings the Source to us.  Reaching for Spirit we receive that water of life, and from this fountain of water comes the faith to move mountains of difficulties from our path.  Faith is the hope for truth which is not seen,  and the fountain of spirit gives out service and love to all.


Father’s Will Fiduciary

Father's Will - "In God, man lives, moves, and has his being; there is nothing which man can give to God except this choosing to abide by the Father's will, and such decisions...constitute the reality of the true worship which is so satisfying to the love-dominated nature of the Creator Father." (Urantia Book page 22)

Fiduciary - The trustee or holder of a legal trust.


Spirit will read us the "will" our Father has prepared for us.  We will learn how we can be our best in our short mortal life.  The Spirit will share Father's First Will and Testament with us if we will only ask.  "The affectionate dedication of the human will to the doing of the Father’s will is man’s choicest gift to God; in fact, such a consecration of creature will constitutes man’s only possible gift of true value to the Paradise Father.”  (Urantia Book, page 22)


Forever Friend

Forever - suggests for always or for eternity.

Friend - One who accepts and loves us for who we are.  A true friend is one who is loyal to us through the sorrows and joys of life.


Spirit is our ultimate associate, attached by esteem and affection eternally.  It is recorded that Abraham was a friend of God, and we too can be a friend of God by first accepting friendship with His Spirit.


Forgiveness Facilitator

Forgiveness - What one does when one has been hurt by the actions or words of another and pardons a person.

Facilitator - One who helps another to accomplish their goals of returning to harmony in a relationship.


After we have fallen into error, evil, or sin, Spirit expedites our forgiveness if we sincerely  forsake our sins and return to the path of righteousness, having also forgiven those around us.


Generous Guardian

Generous - Suggest an abundant and liberal amount given.  It comes from a Latin word, generous, which means of noble birth.

Guard - A protector or keeper of something, an estate or a person.


Spirit serves as our keeper and protector, giving us abundantly all that is of our noble birthright.  But we must keep ourselves in “holy places,” remembering that Spirit can not abide in unholy places.


Gift Giver

Gift - A present that has been given, an endowment.  It can also be a natural talent which someone seems to have as we see them excel.

Giver - The person who gives, imparts or bestows a gift to another.


Spirit doesn't wait for birthdays or Christmas to give gifts, for each day gifts are given generously.  In response, our gratitude, is our thank you card to Father, Mother, Son and Spirit.


Glory Guide

Glory - signifies something divine or Godly.  It may also indicate something so excellent that it is Heavenly, such as indicated in the word glorious.

Guide - A trained person who is able to show us the way on a trip or give us instruction in a class.  The sure guide knows the experience one is about to have, and leads the way.


Spirit shows us the way and introduces Jesus Christ to us, that he may befriend us and walk with us through time and all eternity.  Just as we can install a program into the computer, so also can our Spirit guide install, in our mind computer, the software of our Savior showing us "the way".


Intelligent Interpreter

Intelligent - Using the mind to think and perceive and comprehend meaning and information.

Interpreter - One who translates from one language to another.


Spirit will interpret and translate the meaning and values of all life experiences in an intelligent way that quickens our understanding and enlightens our minds.


Hallowed Host

Hallowed - A sacred, consecrated, holy place.  A hallowed place gives us a feeling of reverence.

Host - One who invites a guest to share in a meal, or event, or stay the night.


Spirit comes from Heaven, pure and divine, to sacredly lodge with us during our mortal sojourn.


Heavenly Helper

Heavenly - Refers to something that is like the place God dwells - which we call Heaven.

Helper - One who assists another to accomplish a task.


After mortality Spirit will be able to assist us even more than in mortality.  Our mind capacity will be increased beyond any earthly possibilities of learning. We will be like a computer with more hard drive space, more ram memory, and with faster megahertz speed.


Humble Herald

Humble - A state of teachableness and modesty, one who is willing to learn and is not proud or arrogant.

Herald - An old French word for an individual who made the royal proclamations and arranged the ceremonies.


Spirit is our supporter assisting us to be modest, to be teachable, to rely on our Spirit herald, the messenger and envoy of our Heavenly Father.


Insight Instrumentalist

Insight - Implies a deeper look into something, with discernment and understanding.

Instrumentalist - One who is skilled on a certain instrument such as a musical instrument.


Spirit has insight.  As we reach for Spirit we receive inspiration.  Spirit is our microscope to understand the present, and our telescope to glimpse Eternity.


Journey Judge

Journey - A trip that goes from one place to another over a long distance.

Judge - An officer of the courts whose job it is to administer justice and peace.


Spirit will judge our time spent on earth to determine our worthiness for life eternal.  Earth life is a journey, an adventure being observed by a merciful and just judge.


Joy Jeweler

Joy - A state of gladness and rejoicing when good things happen.

Jeweler - One who is skilled in preparing precious gems out of the rare materials of earth.


Spirit is the divine jeweler who values the precious gems of joy in our life experience.  So rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for mortals were created that they may have joy.


Kind Keeper

Kind - Identifies a person as being good and loving towards others.

Keeper - Is one who cares or maintains an estate or something else of value.


Spirit is the one who cares, maintains and harmonizes our mortal experience with a sympathetic, considerate and benevolent nature.


Loyalty Luminary

Loyalty - Suggests love and faithfulness.

Luminary - Something that gives off light, or brings to light another aspect not before seen.


Spirit illuminates the importance of loyalty in our mortal experience of relationships. To be loyal is to demonstrate the highest degree of love despite all obstacles or challenges.


Kinship King

Kinship - Relates to family relationships such as father and mother and sons and daughters.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins are all our kin.

King - One who is the sovereign of the country.


Spirit testifies of our family relationship with the Heavenly Father. We are his sons and daughters.  That knowledge is one aspect of what we call "good news," the gospel Jesus came on earth to teach.


Loving Leader

Loving - A loyal and devoted affection for another.

Leader - One who guides and helps others to live in harmony in life or to sing or play an instrument in an orchestra.


A symphony conductor leads the orchestra showing each how to play the instruments in harmony.  So also will Spirit lovingly lead us to live our life in harmony, and bring the ultimate love of the Father to surround us


Mind Mastery

Mind - That energy which connects to our brains and provides us the ability of thinking, reasoning, planning and making decisions.  Minds have various degrees of capacity according to the material brain that has been inherited.

Mastery - comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment, the action or process of mastering a subject or accomplishment, control or superiority over someone or something : man's mastery over nature.


Spirit, with a person’s permission, works in the mind to organize and refine the functions of mind, so that it is not going in every direction like a wave tossed by the winds.


Mercy Magistrate

Mercy - The compassion that seeks clemency from justice.

Magistrate - The judicial authority.


Spirit, vested with judicial authority, comes forth to touch our heart even before we have seriously thought of repentance.  Spirit teaches us that sin is the offspring of a mind dominated by a selfish will.  Then Spirit assures us of the compassionate mercy we may receive when we decide to leave our errors and sins in the past and move towards the light.


Mortal Minister

Mortal - A human being.

Minister - One who is prepared to serve, especially in religion.


Spirit is entrusted to serve us as we go through all the growing stages of mortal awareness from being a baby, child, adolescent, and finally an adult.  Spirit is always prepared and willing to serve, but serves best when invited.


Noble Navigator

Noble - Refers to a person of superior character, one who is morally good.

Navigator - One who directs a sea craft or an aircraft, and keeps it on course until it reaches its final destination.


Spirit is nobly charting our course through the streams of time, with its rivers of adversity, and lakes of serenity and joy.  Spirit will then direct us through the future oceans of eternity until we arrive at our final destination with God our Father.


Mystery Monitor

Mystery - refers to some religious truth that goes beyond our understanding.

Monitor - refers to one who helps to keep order.  A monitor is also a visual screen connected to our computers allowing us to visualize what we are writing or reading


Spirit is the mystery, but as we prepare ourselves to ask and listen we will receive the light of truth.  Spirit, having kept all reality in perfect order, will begin to reveal truth to us and we will be able to visualize it and comprehend what used to be a mystery.


Odyssey Officiator

Odyssey - An adventurous and lengthy journey.

Officiator - One who is authorized to do a special service.


Spirit is authorized by Father to officiate in our behalf.  The odyssey is earth life and then the never ending journey of Eternity.  It is an adventurous and difficult journey, but we have been promised the experience will be worth the struggle.


Omnipotent Observer

Omnipotent - Refers to one of the attributes of God; that he is all-powerful.

Observer - A person who watches closely.


Spirit, from our all-powerful Father, is our personal observer who watches and observes, and preserves the records of our life.  We too should observe our life and the lessons we have learned and record them for the benefit of our posterity.


One and Only

One - Single and undivided.

Only - Exclusively single.


We often think of a “one and only” being a marriage partner, but if we desire, our soul with Spirit will be undivided and singly exclusively “one”.  Spirit is vital because it is our “one and only” opportunity for eternal life.


Ontology Organizer

Ontology - The science that deals with the reality of being.

Organizer - One who arranges and puts things in order.  When something is organized everything has its place and there is harmony instead of chaos.


Spirit IS reality, organizing and preparing us to grow spiritually.  Spirit plans, arranges and comes with a pre-plan to assist us as we walk the pathways of life that we will live in harmony with reality.


Patient Parent

Patient - Being patient is the evidence of love because one is willing to wait and make allowance for another to learn at their own pace.

Parent - A father or mother, the one who rears a child.


Spirit demonstrates that patience is the evidence of love, and then goes on to represent the Father in our lives, bringing forth with tender affection our eternal soul.  As a Heavenly parent, Father patiently awaits the time when we will desire to follow His divine will.


Pathway Planner

Pathway - Refers to a set course for walking or traveling.

Planner - One who arranges a project, a trip, or a day in our life, such as our wedding day.


Spirit arranges, and comes to us with a preliminary plan, to assist us as we walk the pathways of life.  Like all great plans, we must follow them step by step in order to experience the joy of the great jubilee of oneness with Spirit and the plan continues.


Perfection Pilot

Perfection - Refers to a state of being exactly correct and complete.

Pilot - The person who operates the plane or the ship guiding it to its destination.


Spirit will pilot us back to our Father in Heaven.  Spirit is a qualified pilot to guide us through the storms of life and to pilot us through the skies - through the Universes - as we grow in perfection, and finally to the center of all things, the dwelling place of our Father.


Personality Perpetuity

Personality - That gift from God which makes us unique.

Perpetuity - Refers to the state of being everlasting.


Spirit comes from the First Source and Center to become one with our soul. Spirit preserves our personality after our death, and upon re-personalization, all meaning and values of our life experience are ours as an everlasting gift.


Prayer Practitioner

Prayer - Our communication with God.

Practitioner - One who puts things into practice.


Spirit urges us to enlarge the prayer channels in order to receive increasing revelation from God.  This can be done by practice, and we learn that by remaining still after prayer, even for a short time, we learn to listen and decode God’s language as he communicates with us.



Spirit brings us a degree of excellence and quality, and prepares us in the required earth training to qualify for a future of active service in the Universe. Spirit will answer to the question of our quality and caliber.


Quiescent Quester

Quiescent - A state of stillness and rest.

Quester - Suggests the one who is searching or on a quest.


Spirit urges us to “Be still and know God.”  In the “quiet time” of prayer and meditation we search for God, and just as we must listen in earthly conversation, so must we pause and listen to God.  "Ask and it shall be given" is the law of the Universe. The quest for God is a quiet inward quest.  We are promised that the more we love God the more we will know him.


Quintessence Qualifier

Quintessence - That essence of purity in anything.

Qualifier - One who has prepared for a special duty.


Spirit is the pure essence, the perfect embodiment of God.  Spirit qualifies us for our eternal career of service and love.


Repentance Reliever

Repentance - The process of admitting our errors, evils and sins were bad choices, followed by sorrow and a desire to repair the wrongs and return to the path of light.

Reliever - One who lightens a task.


Spirit gives us relief from the darkness of error, evil, and sin.  What a relief to return to the path of light and freedom to once again enjoy truth, beauty, goodness, love, mercy, justice, righteousness, and the quest for perfection.


Revelatory Regenerator

Revelatory - Refers to God's disclosure of light and truth to enlighten mortals.

Regenerator - Something that helps us have a fresh start, to experience rebirth, changing from the natural man or woman to a spiritual person.


We are regenerated through personal revelation, group revelation and epochal revelation.  It is through personal revelation that Spirit regenerates us, giving us a new start in life; born again on a higher plane of existence with eyes to see and ears to hear what Spirit is revealing.


Righteousness Recommender

Righteousness - is doing the correct thing that is the godly upright thing.

Recommender - One who recommends or speaks well of something.


Spirit advises us to bear the fruits of the spirit, and to be upright and godly to all we come in contact with.  By our example we recommend righteousness to others.


Service Stimulator

Service - Is something done for another person, group, church or country.

Stimulator - Something that increases activity or energy and spurs one on.


Spirit stimulates us to the activity of service, and in so doing we bear the fruits of the Spirit.  Spirit urges us to persevere in the service of love, and be devoted to the welfare of others with tireless affection.


Sincerity Sponsor

Sincerity - A state of action in which there is honesty of mind and genuine, true intention.

Sponsor - A person who takes some responsibility for another's action.


Spirit desires us to be pure, honest of mind and intent.  Spirit is our sponsor and patron who reminds us that “The keys of the kingdom of heaven are sincerity, sincerity, and more sincerity.” (The Urantia Book page 435)


Survival Systemizer

Survival  - Refers to long life and also to one who comes close to death and miraculously survives.

Systemize - One who can arrange and organize the whole creation plan.


Spirit arranges methodically the whole scheme.  As mortals we are free agents. The plan of salvation is a survival plan that will take us from mortal life through the grand and glorious universe.  If we look to the Father, we can trust Spirit to insure our survival.


Spiritual Strengthener

Spiritual - All that pertains to the sacred, holy things of God.

Strengthener -  One who has the ability and power to be strong and endure.


Spirit has unlimited power and eternal energy.  Vitamins and minerals give our earthly bodies strength, power and vigor.  Spirit is the eternal supplement to strengthen us.  We are on holy ground when we accept the invitation and begin the spiritual journey to become our authentic spiritual selves.


Tireless Toiler

Tireless - One who does not weary or get tired even in a strenuous test of strength.

Toiler - One who labors to complete a task.


Spirit never tires, as we mortals do.  Spirit is dedicated to completing the task of our rehabilitation from a mortal of time to a personality of Eternity.


Universe Utopian

Universe - The whole of space comprising many smaller segments and groupings.

Utopia - A state of being perfect and ideal in every way.


Spirit is a personal tour guide, accompanying us on a journey through this vast Universe, to a perfected ideal state of utopia with our Paradise Father in Heaven.


Tolerant Teacher

Tolerant - A person who is supportive of differences.  One who truly celebrates the individuality of others.

Teacher - One who educates, instructs, and gives knowledge to students.


Spirit will instruct and educate when we enroll in Spirit's class.  Patience and tolerance and the ability to celebrate differences are evidences of spirit lessons received.  Spirit is a tolerant teacher throughout this life and beyond, until our education is complete and we stand worthy to graduate with honors.


Trial Translator

Trial  - The struggles we go through as we live our life.

Translator - One who understands two languages and can interpret from one language to the other.


Spirit teaches us that we come to our spirituality through failure and loss, through a contrite attitude and broken heart.  Adversities are the educational experiences which lead to humility and increased reliance on Spirit and a sincere desire to do Father’s will.  Spirit translates our earthly trials, tribulations and adversities into meanings and values and stepping stones to glory.


Truth Transferor

Truth - Absolute reality.

Transferor - One who passes or conveys an impression from one place or position to another.


Spirit conveys to our mind all the truth we are ready to receive, all the truth we ask for.  As Jesus has told us, "Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you." (Matthew 7:7)

"Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth." Einstein


Value Virtuoso

Value - What is distilled and significant from our earth experience that will last beyond mortal life.

Virtuoso - A highly skilled performer in the arts such as one who plays the violin.


Throughout our life, Spirit is that highly skilled virtuoso of all that has meaning and value in our earth experience.  Earth life is the place where practice makes perfect.


Watchful Worker

Watchful - One who is attentively looking out and vigilant in observation. 

Worker - A laborer that does a job that takes time and effort to accomplish.


Spirit is ever watchful and vigilant, always concentrating all effort toward our Eternal destiny, our ultimate achievement.  It is up to us to be the laborer and give the time for spiritual growth.


Wisdom Well-spring

Wisdom - One who is knowledgeable with good judgment.

Well-spring - The area which is the source of the stream.


Spirit fills us with that well-spring of wisdom from the source, and we have a desire to worship and express our gratitude. Then, as we receive the Spirit of Christ, we receive the daily water of life and never thirst again.


Worship Witness

Worship - Adoration of the First Source and Center of all life in the grand universe.

Witness - One who testifies and gives proof and evidence toward a case.


Spirit testifies of our reverence and worship time with Father. Worship is personal communion and contemplation of the spiritual character of God. “Worship is the act of the part identifying with the whole” for inspiration to serve the many.

(The Urantia Book page 1616)


Xylophonic X-rayer

Xylophonic  - A xylophone is a musical instrument which is made of mounted wooden bars which produces a ringing musical sound when struck with two wooden hammers.

x-rays -  Rays of a short wave length that can penetrate the body and reveal, in photography, what lies hidden inside.


Spirit sees through our adversities and creates resonant music of it all.  What we can't see, Spirit sees.  Trust Spirit to create harmony and beauty out of the chords and discords of life.


Yearning Yeoman

Yearning - Suggests one who longs and desires for something or some person.

Yeoman - Is an officer in the royal household who gives long and faithful service.


Spirit is of the royal household of God.  Throughout our life, Spirit creates in us a yearning to know God and to become perfected in our sphere as He is in His.


Zenith Zoner

Zenith - Is a point in the heaven which is above the observers head.  It is the acme or height of something.

Zoner - is used to indicate one who divides an area into zones or regions.


Spirit will zone us up to the zenith point in the heavens after our life is finished, if we have prepared ourselves by dedicating our will to doing our Father’s will.  It is our choicest gift to God.


Mighty Magnifier

Mighty - Suggests something powerful. 

Magnifier - A glass that is prepared so it will enlarge the object being viewed


Spirit enlarges the great educational plan of our loving Heavenly Father.  Spirit gives us a glimpse into an eternity of learning and becoming perfect in our sphere as Father is in His.

Mosaic of our life

(photo of my father and other homesteaders digging a canal so they could irrigate the land. Early 1900’s.  They were pioneers.)



Creative Coach

Create  (kre-at’)  v.t. To bring into existence: to originate; to make.

Creator n. one who creates; a maker. [L. craere]

Coach (koch) n. a tutor who prepares students for examination; a trainer [Fr. coche, a coach]


Spirit helps to bring into existence our Soul, our Eternal self.  Spirit will infuse us with the desire to be creative in our life experience.  With our permission Spirit will be our tutor, our  creative coach, to prepare us for our post mortal life examination.


The ABC’s of Spirit

A Preliminary - Prayer Book of Alliteration

By Urantian Artist


Delight is what I have felt as I prepared this ABC’s of SPIRIT.

Delight - means to give great pleasure to;

to take delight;  The source of pleasure;  great satisfaction; joy.     

[Latin  de = from +light].

Light - That form of radiant energy which stimulates visual perception;  anything which has luminosity; day; illumination; spiritual or mental enlightenment; to express joy.

[Old English  leoht =light].

This Prayer Book retitled:“Spirit Spiritualizing You” now available as an iBook in the iTunes store ---------- free for you to download.