Success, Love and Service




After graduating from the University of Hawaii In 1981 I felt I was now ready to cease being a ‘hibernating artist’.  I started teaching a summer painting class, and soon received a commission to paint an oil portrait.  It was to be of a Hawaiian women, 28 x 36 on double primed linen canvas.  I started the portrait in July and finished near the end of August.

With plans to continue schooling to get a Master’s degree, I had a physical and they found I had a lot of fluid around my heart and I would need to have a pericardial tap and then major surgery on my heart!  It was a shock to me, since I thought I was in perfect health!  This occurrence made me re-evaluate my priorities, and I abandoned my idea to seek for a Masters degree in Religion.  (I decided the next life would be ideal for accomplishing that goal!)

I decided that in the time remaining for me that I wanted to paint and sculpt and record life as I know it.  I saw my mission in life as four fold: Religion, Family, History, and Art.  Of those areas, the one I had accomplished the least was art, so I was anxious now to ‘dive in’ as it were, and immerse myself in the arts, without neglecting my family and, of course, my faith in God was always upper most in my life.

In the beginning of August I had painted a seascape, but by the end of October I was recuperated enough that I was ready to paint.  I did fifteen major paintings in the next five months of intensive work.  I also did numerous pencil sketches and drawings.  It was a wonderful creative period.  There were periods of time when I couldn’t paint because of family responsibilities, but many days I was able to paint from three to seventeen hours in the day!  Most of the time it was hard to stop once I had started, as I was so anxious to see it when it was finished!  It was almost like someone else was painting and I was the observer!  I couldn’t stop myself from staying up late at night, because I couldn’t stop until I had arrived at a certain stage in the progress of the painting!

A few days after arriving back home from the hospital after surgery, a good friend of mine, and artist and fellow student of the Big Book, Christine Evans, insisted on taking four of my paintings to submit in an Art show.  The juror was a watercolorist from California.  Two of my paintings were accepted for the exhibit and to my complete surprise one of my watercolors won the ‘Award of Merit’ and I received one hundred dollars!  I was still weak when I went to the reception to receive my prize, but they provided a chair for me to sit on.

In March there was another show.  It was juried by the Senior Curator of the Honolulu Academy of Arts.  I heard people say that it would be a rough show to get in because he was a tough judge.  I finally decided that I would go ahead and try anyway.  I submitted five paintings and to my surprise I got four of them in the show!

Soon there was to be an Easter Art Festival.  It was the second most prestigious Art Show in Hawaii, the first being the Art Academy shows.  Artists were to take their paintings to the Blasdell Center for judging.  The Juror was an art critic, historian and author from Watermill, New York.  I entered three paintings, and was quite overwhelmed by the news that they had received eight hundred entries!  I felt there was no hope of getting in the show, but during the day I thought about the decision the Juror was to make that day and thought how wonderful it would be to be ‘chosen’.

On the day I was to pick up the paintings and take the selected ones to another location for the show, I took our seven year old daughter with me.  I went there without any expectations of getting in the show.  So I was shocked when I got there and read the list of accepted works and there was my name twice!  Really, I could hardly believe my eyes!  Then, a lady took me in this large conference room to get my paintings to take home.  When I showed her which paintings were mine, she said, "Is that magnificent painting yours?  The Juror has selected it to be the best in the show!  She said that I should be sure to be at the reception Sunday night because I would be very very happy!   I felt almost like I was going to faint!  My mind was racing to my Sunday plans.  I told her I had a Church responsibility so I might be a little late.  (I and my son were giving a Fireside on Missionaries and he was sharing about his mission.)  Then she asked me what the story was behind the large portrait of the ‘man’.  "Who is that man?"  I said, That is MY man-my husband!"  She asked me how he lost his arm and I told her of the explosion he was in two years after our marriage.  "Oh, I think you should tell the Juror about him, as he was very curious and asking all of us if we knew who this man was...and we were trying to guess his nationality, whether he was Chinese, Japanese or Hawaiian!"  It was wonderful that I had painted my husband in such a way that the focus was on him and not on me as the painter. Everyone seemed to want to know about him!  Then a Mr. Sears came up to me and told me that I had won the top prize in the show:  The Grumbacher Gold Medallion and $200.00 dollars!  He asked me for the correct spelling of my name and asked me if I could be there for the reception.  I explained my Church obligation and he said they would wait for me to get there before announcing the prizes!  I was in such a state!  my daughter was with me and as I left the building I let our a ‘yea’ and ‘U hu’ and ‘yip pee’!  My little girl was saying, "Now Mom- everyone knows, stay in control!"  It was such fun!  Wow!  It is exciting to be a "Winner!"  It seemed like a dream!  All the way home I was squealing and having fun as if I were a young girl myself.  While I tried to drive safely I kept exclaiming my joy and my little girl would put her hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t ‘let it out’ too much or too loud!  I think I floated home instead of driving!  What excitement!  Then, when we got home one son came to the car and I ‘let my joy and excitement out again’ and another daughter came to the door and we all cheered and were happy.  I rushed in and called "Daddy" to tell him the exciting news, and I have never heard him be so excited and happy!  He was congratulating me and it was very grand and happy.  I wanted to call all the three children on the mainland, but I resisted because I could easily spend my $200. on phone bills!  I called some other friends and told them the exciting news and I continued to ‘float’, in fact, I found it hard to concentrate on cooking dinner and almost burned the cabbage rolls!

I started thinking about the juror, I had to call when I got home to find out his name as I had not know it before.  It was Mahonri Young.  The name seemed very familiar, but I couldn’t place it, so I called an art teacher at B.Y.U.-Hawaii and ask him if he knew who he was.  He said that Mahonri Young's grandfather was the famous sculptor and they were descendants of Brigham Young!  Mahonri’s grandfather had left Utah to go ‘back east’ to study art and his family had remained there. I then remembered that I had something about Mahonri Young who had done the Eagle gate with Brigham Young pointing toward the Temple Square to say, "This is the place" and many other sculptures in Utah, and began looking for it.  To my surprise I found it in a copy of "Art in America" for 1970 which my Mother had given me because of reproductions of Carl Christian Christiensen’s paintings in it.  I found in that issue an article, "Mormon Art and Architecture by Mahonri Sharp Young".  In the article he writes that his great grandfather was Brigham Young!  He apparently was not raised in the church, but he stated he was proud of his "Mormon" ancestry.  I thought how surprised he would be when he discovered that he traveled all the way to Hawaii and chose a "Mormon" woman artist to win the first place prize! 

Wednesday evening Mr. Young was giving a slide lecture at the Art Academy on American Realists.  I found out that he had a book by the same title.  Accompanied by three of my children I went to the lecture.  After the lecture I went up to him and expressed my appreciation for his lecture and asked him if he would sign his name by an article he wrote some time ago.  When he saw the article I wanted him to sign, he leaned over to me and said, "You must be LDS" and just laughed".  I said, "Yes", and added, "I was going to say to you that your middle name should be Moriancomer and then you would know we were ‘Mormons’!  (Joseph Smith had said that the brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon was Mahonri Moriancomer.)  He seemed very delighted by that statement and laughed heartily and autographed the page and then held it over for me to see that he had added his humor to his signature.  He had signed it M.S. Moriancomer Young!  I introduced the children and myself, but he didn’t seem to connect my Chinese name with the person he had awarded the prize to.  Not being sure if I would be able to talk to him at such a busy lecture, I had written him a letter in the afternoon to tell him about myself and about my husband.  I handed him my letter and he said that was the first time anyone had written him a letter during an art show juror experience, and again he was delighted.  The day of the presentation of my award arrived and was extremely busy.  It was one of those days were everything - I mean everything - happens on the same day!  One daughter hadn’t felt good for days, and a son was beginning to loose his voice, and in the night I felt our young daughter’s forehead and she had a fever!  I was asked to make an announcement in Church concerning the Mormon Pacific Historical Society Conference in Laie, so I needed to go to Church to do that.  Finally in spite of how everyone felt, we all went to Church!  My son taught his Priesthood lesson and then he and two daughters came home to rest.  The other daughter and I came home and then we all got ready and went to a member’s home where I and the children taught a Temple preparation class on the value of scriptures in our lives.  It was team teaching!  We left a little after three and went home to get our slides and projector and went back to Church for the fireside we were to present!  My husband went with us and that made it special.  I presented my slides and presentation titled, "My Three Sons" about my three sons who have all served missions for the Church and are such fine upstanding young men.  We then went to the Ala Moana Center to the Art Show, the 20th Annual Windward Artists Guild Ala Moana Easter Art Festival!  We walked around and looked at the art work.  It was really a high class show. 

        People were introducing themselves to my husband and talking to him.  Many people liked my painting which I had titled, "His Day in the Sun".  One woman came to me and said that she had never said this before to anyone who had won a prize, but she wanted to tell me that she felt I really deserved the prize.  She thought it was technically rendered very well, but more than that she said it "really touched her" and with tears in her eyes she said she could almost feel the deep things he was thinking!  A photographer and the personnel coordinator for the festival came and told me several times just how much they liked my painting, and how they had met my husband and I had captured ‘him’.  The coordinator said he had been observing my husband and I and the children and was impressed with our family.  Finally the moment was there and Mr. Fred Sears, the Chairman, presented me with an envelope saying Grumbacher will mail me the check of $200.00 and they presented me with a plaque with my name on it. Mahonri Sharp Young was not at the reception as he had returned to New York on Friday night.  Later I received a letter from him from New York, saying,  “Thank you so much for the fascinating and touching letter which you handed to me at the Academy.  I chose better than I knew!  I had, of course, no possible way of knowing what I was doing; things work in wondrous ways.  I am happy that I could be the occasion of your joy and your floating home!  I was delighted to hear about you and your husband and was very much moved by it.  My very best regards to you and your family.  May I always choose as well!  Cordially, Mahonri Sharp Young and he again wrote Moriancomer in parenthesis!

Elmer took picture and everyone applauded and I felt like a celebrity!  Many came to congratulate me!  My dear artist friend, Christine Evans (a student of the Urantia Book) and her husband, Bill, were there and she reminded me of what she had told me earlier when she saw the painting at my home.  She said she was proud to have been a ‘prophetess!" for she had said, "That is a prize winner!"




I took a class at the University of Hawaii called

THE ILLUMINATED LIFE.  Professor Abe Arkoff was the teacher and it was wonderful!  He has published a fine book on the subject of life.  I certainly recommend his book.

We were challenged one day to record the following list of successes we had experienced.  It is a very good exercise to lift your self esteem and remind you of the things you have accomplished:

A time when I was looked up to and someone was proud of me:

When I stood up for Adam and Eve in my World Religion Class

and received a standing ovation.

When I presented a paper on 'My Experience in Genealogy and History" at the MPHS History Conference and received a standing Ovation.

When I won the Grumbacher award for my portrait of my husband.

At the Family Reunions which I helped organize.

A time when I lost but wasn't defeated and survived a difficult situation.

After the 1983 dreadful experience.

A time when I found I had influence.

When I organized the LaLeche League in Hawaii

When I taught a World Religion Class at the University of Hawaii

When I served on the Primary Stake board in the Church

When I served on the Mormon Pacific Historical Society board

When my daughter asked me to write,"The 'syrup' of being a parent!"

A time when I succeeded in my struggle.

When I graduated with a degree in World Religion after 12 years.

When I succeeded in nursing my baby, who was not expected to live, but survived and grew strong.

When I found a good Psychiatrist to help my other daughter after here breakdown.

A time when I felt I had done a good job.

When I took care of my husband during his last years and learned to do his dialysis.

When I see my children maturing in character, growing spiritually,being loving companions, good parents and being successful in life.

A time when I knew I had shown courage.

When I entered into an interracial marriage

When I learned to be a dialysis nurse for my husband

A time when somebody was glad I was there.

When my husband had kidney dialysis and I took care of him.

When I nursed my babies and they needed me for nourishment.

A time when what I did made an important difference.

When I kept a record of my daughters illness to shine a light on it and searched until we found a doctor who could help her.

A time when I made something good out of something bad.

When I made a good marriage out of a precarious beginning.

When I asked God to be my teacher and had a spiritual experience following my babies birth and the doctor’s saying she may not live.

Determined to rebuild our lives after the unreality of 1983.


My World Religion Class was held in a large auditorium classroom much like an amphitheater with the Professor on the bottom level and the class sitting in front on an incline.  The room held about 400 students and it was full.  On this day the Professor began to talk about the 'myth' of Adam and Eve.  He began enacting a 'one man drama' and saying the words of God, then the voice of Adam and Eve and of Lucifer.  He would run from place to place saying the parts and everyone was laughing as he was presenting it as a comedy - as a joke!  God was talking to Lucifer and telling him to go and test Adam and they seemed to be allies in the attempt to see who would influence Adam and Eve!  I was not laughing.  He was ridiculing not only our Heavenly Father, but our planetary parents, Adam and Eve and I could hardly stand it. It had only been a few years ago since I had discovered the book that told me just what happened when Adam and Eve were on earth and they seemed real to me, not mythological characters.   I felt that the Professor was mocking the account of Genesis and when the class ended I knew I had to speak up and let he and the class know that there was another view, there were people who believed Adam and Eve were real and their experience was not a comedy.  I had to go home on the bus and I was praying about it all the way home.  It would be hard to 'speak up' in such a large class, and The Professor was very intimidating because of his confident, and sometimes arrogant attitude.  When I got home I called his office and talked to him.  I told him that I did not agree with his presentation and asked if he would give me a chance to present another view?  He seemed surprised and said, "All right, you can present your view to the class on Monday."  I was almost trembling when I hung up.  What had I got myself into?  I prayed sincerely for help in preparing myself for the presentation.  I worked diligently on what I should say and had my paper ready to read on Monday morning when I went to class.  I realized that what I was going to say was very different and it was scary with so many in the class. I worried about their response, but I was praying for courage to stand up for our planetary parents.  The Professor had a high stool for me to sit on and I spoke into a microphone.  When I finished,  to my surprise my entire class stood up and gave me a standing ovation!  Afterward, several came up to me and congratulated me for having the courage to share my view of the reality of Adam and Eve.

Following is the paper that I read to the class:


in World Religion class at University of Hawaii

April 1, 1974 taught by Professor M. A.

inspired by The Urantia Book account of Adam and Eve

Last Friday Professor A presented his (humorous) version of the Adam and Eve story, and he has been generous enough to give me this opportunity to present “another view”.

I shall discuss the meanings and values that can be seen in Adam and Eve's experience, rather than the 'facts' of their experience.  I do not claim this to be a Jewish view, but the 'Historical view' which I see, is akin to the view of early Hebrews, in comparison to the mythological view held by many today.

I believe that Moses DID present a simple and condensed narrative of creation and history, including Adam and Eve's experience, to the Bedouin tribes- the Israelites, but the narrative we have was written long after Moses lived and may contain much erroneous material.  The Biblical narrative of Adam and Eve is so brief and symbolic that I CAN SEE how it could seem to some to be ridiculous, even humorous and the product of immature minds.  I can understand how we can arrive at a 'comedy of errors'.  But many have seen another view.  So, Let me now present such a view.

I will take only about 15 minutes.

Professor A spoke of the Biblical account of the council of the GODS.  That suggests A PLAN.  A plan to be worked out by an administration of Gods or personalities who are on levels above finite man.

Now, WE CAN OBSERVE on our planet that evolution is taking place.  We evolve and progress in all areas, physical, mental, and all areas; civilization, government, science, religion, marriage, women's equality, the arts, and so on.  Now, we can also observe the learning process.  It is a gradual process of mind maturation and absorption.  When we were in the first grade we got first grade material.  Intermediate school, High school, and University training gives us advancing educational material-evolving up the educational scale.  Therefore, through these observations we may glimpse the GREAT PLAN;  AN EVOLUTIONARY ADVENTURE OF PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION, MOVING HUMAN BEINGS INTO SERVICE AND PERFECTION. 

We, humans, seem to have relative free will also.  We seem to be able to choose the path we will follow...or no path at all.  We can progress, or stagnate and retrogress.  Which brings me to the subject of Lucifer.  The Bible narrative, and other accounts, indicate that at one time Lucifer was a loyal son of God, many times being in the planning councils of our Universe.  He was said to be a brilliant personality, but 'from such a magnificent beginning, through evil and error, he embraced sin and succumbed to the urge of self and surrendered to the sophistry of spurious personal liberty, rejecting universe allegiance and disregarding fraternal obligation, and blind to cosmic relationships".  (UB 601)  He became a leader of a rebellion in our Universe which seemed to have had many awesome repercussions on our planet.  Repercussions with primitive man, prior to Adam and Eves arrival- therefore pre-existent to the time of modern man.  The fact that Lucifer was allowed to remain on our planet, does not indicate he was still a loyal leader and administrator, but rather it does indicate that justice prevails in our Universe to allow time for mercy to be able to save- to rehabilitate, if possible. (UB617)  Why, even on a human level rebels get a full hearing, and certainly they would receive a fair trial in more advanced circles.  Also, it seems to be a part of our free will birthright, that we should have the opportunity to make a choice, in the event that rebellion should take place.






We could state the choice as:

Life Eternal- GOD'S WILL


Limited life through SELF WILL

The very fact that it is reported the Lucifer rebelled shows that it was NOT a part of the plan.  It was an unexpected turn of events.  Unexpected, but because all personalities have free agency it was always a possibility for personalities to make that choice.  "Potential evil is time-existent in a Universe embracing" different "levels of perfection meanings and values." (UB613)

So, Lucifer seems to have been here on earth in an 'un-official' capacity, not as part of God's plan for Adam and Eve.

Now to Adam and Eve:

They were a special husband and wife team with a mission to perform on our earth.  They must have been carrying out a part of that 'plan of education' for us mortals.  Since Lucifer's rebellion took place before, or pre-existent to Adam and Eve's arrival, we might assume that when Lucifer was loyal, before the rebellion, he was here to teach 'nursery school' to primitive man, and was 'fired' because of rebellion.

It was serious business, this educational process for humans.  The first teaching experience had ended in rebellion of its leaders and the planet was in turmoil.

Adam and Eve arrived, in a sense, as a second educational assignment - but in another way a new beginning, to uplift man physically, mentally and spiritually.  I feel certain that they arrived on the planet and had a human body prepared for them by the administrators of the Universe in some very advanced scientific manner.  Star track may help us to understand, in imagination at least, that much could be possible by personalities who can form life and manipulate Universe energies.  And when we think of the simple story of Adam and Eve told to the Israelites we might remember that to even explain to a child just how they were born often brings a parent to tell a simple and even erroneous story to satisfy the child's mind.  Moses' Bedouin tribes were in many ways like simple children.  Remember they lived about 35 hundred years ago.

We can assume that after Adam and Eve arrived they began to carry out their mission of education to our planet as they had been prepared to do.  But, all too soon...Eve became impatient.  We all know how easy that can happen in our own lives.  We all have a hard time when there is slow progress, we want instant success and so it was with Eve.

Then, an individual, symbolized by the snake, and mouthing the 'line of Lucifer'  begins to suggest to Eve that the Divine plan was slow and suggested a way to speed things up...'their eyes would be open'...this was the fruit!  Short cuts, instant success, instant enlightenment, they look attractive, don't they?  'Blow your mind', 'Go for broke', 'Take a chance', 'Hurry, don't be a slow-poke'.  It looked attractive to Eve, and "influenced by flattery, enthusiasm and great personal persuasion Eve consented to embark upon her own scheme of World saving, instead of a larger and more far reaching Divine plan." (UB842)

"Eve conceived of this plan to modify the Divine plan with entire sincerity and with only the highest motives concerning the welfare of the world", I feel certain...(UB842) but, how often we too find out that even with good motives and true intentions we can still make mistakes.

What Eve did was the wrong way to achieve righteous ends.  "Eve had consented to participate in the practice of 'Good and Evil'.

Now, let me define these terms:  "Good is the carrying out of the Divine plans.  Sin is the deliberate transgression of the Divine Will.  Evil is the misadaptation of plans and the maladjustment of techniques resulting in Universe disharmony and planetary confusion."  (UB842)

Eve had believed that good motives and true intentions could do no evil." (UB842)  She was wrong!

A default took place on our planet.  That was the partaking of the fruit of evil.

Now, we must realize that Adam and Eve were apparently of immortal status, for we are told that they were, in effect, clothed with a protection from death.  Now, by mental disjunction Eve had broken the circuit of her life sustenance.  They had also been using the Tree of Life which was "an antidote for the age producing element of animal was like a super chemical storage battery, it seemed to release the life extension forces of the Universe when eaten." (UB826)  The tree of life was their protection against death while they carried out their mission of ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AND UPLIFT to this planet.

The Tree of life legends can be found in the cultures of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Hindus, Greeks, and American Indians, and perhaps others that I am unaware of.  Large segments of writings in orthodox Judaism describes in detail the Tree of Life.  The Jewish Encyclopedia will verify this.  The tree of Life seems to be a REAL TREE, where, on the other hand, "the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was a Symbolic designation covering a multitude of human experience." (UB825)

After Eve's act of default...she sees her 'nakedness'...her protection from death is gone!  She will now have to live as a regular human being and be subject to deterioration and death!  Adam and Eve seem to have been created to work as a 'team' and Adam must have loved his mate with a very deep affection, for he chose to join her in the default so that he could remain with her and also leave with her when the time of deterioration and death arrived.   I see here enacted, a touching love story...a story of marital loyalty and devotion.  This must have been a time of 'mental suffering and spiritual sorrow' for them.  The realization of their error must have been truly a crushing experience.

Adam and Eve did 'fall' from their high estate as special 'revealing son and daughter" or special 'teaching son and daughter' down to the low status of mortal man and woman.

This was such an overwhelming experience with such dire repercussions that thousands of years later it became recorded as the "Fall of Man'...although there are some who see it vaguely as just the fall of Adam.

The Human race has been uplifted by Adam and Eve and their posterity, despite the immediate consequences of the Adamic default.

We are all a part of Adam's posterity.

To this day Adam and Eve are recognized as our historical planetary parents- by three of the major religions of the world; Christianity, Judaism, Islam and many smaller groups.  That is about one and a half billion people - half of the world that see Adam and Eve as their 'parents'.

Adam and Eve had choices to make and they made some errors in their choices.  Had they been more patient they would have eventually met with success, but "Eve had listened to the insidious propaganda of "false" personal liberty and planetary freedom of action" ( UB846)

This should present a serious warning to us in our lives!

But, there are prophecies in some religions that indicate Adam and Eve will someday return to our planet to function as mortal administrators in future times of advanced civilizations.  So this indicates, rehabilitation is possible in our Universe.  It is possible to repent or return again from errors to the path leading to Eternity.

Adam and Eve were noble sons and daughters of God.  They had dignity, even though they erred.  They had wisdom, even though they were defective in judgment.  And yes, I feel they must have had a well developed sense of humor, for since Adam and Eve’s time, we seem to have more creativity, more imagination, more inventions and we enjoy play and humor more than primitive man did.  Perhaps we would have even more potential for good humor if Adam and Eve had followed the Divine plan, but I see NO HUMOR in their failure.  Humor functions to help us take ourselves less seriously, (UB549)...and is very valuable as long as it is not accentuating the misfortunes of the weak and erring.  (UB547) 

I appreciate Professor A giving me this opportunity to say there's some SERIOUS LESSONS to learn from the misfortunes of those who err as Adam and Eve did.  The way I see Adam and Eve and God.....and Lucifer, they were, by no means, a comedy team.  Rather, Adam and Eve were REAL PERSONALITIES who were 'bearers of light' and initiators of progressive growth on our planet, attempting to carry out a plan for an infinite-loving Universal Father whose children we are.  Lucifer is not a myth, he too is a real personality, and since his rebellion he is ever attempting to spread darkness with his deceitful, cunning, and misguiding messages of false liberty, self will, and permissiveness.

In conclusion may I say that my sincere intention has been to share a view that seems reasonable to me and not to misguide or tear down any of your beliefs.  If anyone would like to question me further on any detail of what I've said or as to my sources of reference, I would be more than happy to speak with you after class.  Thank you.

        The class suddenly stood and gave me a standing ovation!  Many came afterward to say how courageous I had been to give my view of Adam and Eve’s reality on this earth.

      2014---I have four videos about ADAM AND EVE’S experience on our Earth. Please go to my YouTube Channel:  Urantian Artist’s Channel and view and hear what really happened when they came as the Second Epochal Revelation on this Earth.




Loving to do the Art work is of great importance.  If you love what you are creating then that fact will come through your creation. 

After heart surgery in 1981 I was home to recover and I asked my children to get out my easel and paints and I began painting again.  The first painting was of my husband and our youngest daughter.  He was so proud of her.  He was happy that he had been able to still have another child and he used to say to her, "I'm so glad I've got you"  He would take her out for activities on weekends.  He would call it Holo Holo.  "Lets go Holo Holo, Darling", he would say.  One such trip was to Kapiolani Park where, by the bandstand, he was teaching her to take pictures with our camera.  He had it on a tripod and she was taught to frame the photo and put it on time and then she ran in the picture.  When they got the photos back and I saw them they were such a delight.  I thought they both looked like the were glad they had each other!  I announced that I would like to paint my first canvas using one of those photos!  It was somewhat primitively done, but as the months passed I decided to start entering the local art shows.  I entered that painting and to my surprise it got in the show and then won a prize!  The Juror was from New York City and I approached her after and couldn't help but say that I was surprised the painting got in because of it's sentimental nature.  She said that was why she liked it because she could feel the warmth and love that it communicated.  She said she sensed that it was painted in love and she appreciated that coming from a place where things were often cold and abstract.


    As I thought about service years ago I realized that artists and writers  sharing their work are part of that service. 

"Service- purposeful service is productive of the highest satisfaction and is expressive of the highest dignity.  Service- more service, increased service, difficult service, adventurous service, and at last divine and perfect service- is the goal of time and the destination of Eternity."  " It is more blessed to give than to receive".

"He who would be greatest among you let him be server of all."

There are many types of service, and all of them are valid expressions of ones love of God and of ones fellowmen.






PHYSICAL SERVICE includes doing anything to fill the basic needs of others: Preparing food, caring for the sick, Helping people with their labors, and filling peoples basic needs.

MENTAL SERVICE includes teaching people knowledge that will help them function better during their life time.

EMOTIONAL SERVICE includes the art of listening to others life problems in order to lighten the burdens of a troubled heart, and in some way being a support system to our brothers and sisters in need.

SPIRITUAL SERVICE includes praying for others, and overlaps the mental service by including teaching spiritual good news. Teaching about prayer, worship and receptivity - repentance and forgiveness, and all else that helps us bear the fruits of the spirit and progress spiritually.

ENRICHMENT SERVICE includes the work of artists in music, writing, and the arts of painting and drawing and sculpture.  The artist is making a historical recording for those living and for those yet to be.  Enrichment service includes the musician who records songs, symphonies, operas, cantatas, and other music which uplifts human life.  Enrichment service includes the work of the writer who writes short stories, poetry, books or plays.  Enrichment Service is given by the historian who records the lives of people and groups and by so doing enriches our lives now and the lives of those yet to come.







"Mother!  Let's go fix the car!"  It would always be in the evening in a moment when I would rather do almost anything but fix the car!   My husband and I were attracted to each other because of our differences.  He was more left-brained and talented in mechanics, mathematics and politics.  I was the right-brained artist, loving the things of a spiritual nature, religion, history, genealogy, art and music. But, I never voiced my dislike of this greasy mechanical job.  I would put on my old jeans and go outside.  He would put on his blue coveralls covered with the grease stains from the last car repair and get the tool box and the light with the long extension cord on it.  Throughout our thirty five years of marriage there were always car troubles.   Those used cars malfunctioned all too soon. When our three sons were home they would help Dad fix the cars, but when they went away to college it was I who became his assistant!  He expected me to hold the light while he did an oil change, replaced the timing chain,  fan belt,  or fixed what ever was required.  We worked outside, because the garage was filled with storage, and somehow it always began sprinkling when we got started!  His words were always, "A little rain doesn't hurt!" 

He would tell me how fixing a car was a similar challenge to a doctor treating a patient.  The doctor needs to be skilled in order to diagnose the problem and then prescribe the right medications or procedures to improve the efficiency of the body. 

I would hold the light while he talked but there were many times when he worked in silence.  Sometimes he would seem angry when we went to work on the car and I knew I shouldn't talk.  I thought that perhaps he might have generated the anger in order to get the energy to go out to work on the car!  I frequently would  pray for him silently as we looked over the spark plugs and carburetor or took out the starter.  I would express to God my love

for my husband and ask that the spirit communicate that love to my husband's spirit. 

There were times he would ask me to do various things that he was not able to do with just one hand.  At those times he would hold the light.  The children and I were hardly aware of his handicap until we saw him trying so valiantly to do all the things his father had taught him to do in order to fix the car, and seeing how having only one hand limited him.  He had lost one arm in an explosion while at work just two years after our marriage. 

I recall hours later, when we finished the car repair,

that the car always worked.  He knew what to do.  I shined the light on the problem and he solved it.  Frequently he would say to the children, "Marrying your Mother was the best decision I ever made!"  He would shine the light on me and I would light up!

Near the end of his life I did his Kidney dialysis at home.  I became his life line.  It extended his life about four years, but there came a time when there was no way to fix his malfunctioning body mechanism.

Just before his 65th birthday we planned the funeral and I recorded his requests.  He told me that he wanted me to give the Eulogy!  I thought it would be impossible emotionally and besides I had never heard of a wife doing that part of the service.  I said to him, "I can't do that!"  He said nothing, so I just thought I would assign that part to someone else when the time came. 

He died on February 1st 1989!   I asked his sister to give the eulogy but she said she could not do it, and so I asked our son.  He looked in my eyes and said, "Dad wanted you to do it, didn't he?"  With a feeble, sheepish "yes." I admitted he had.  Our children assured me that I could do it and I should.   As I prepared, I went to look through some boxes of his notebooks and papers.  He had written something about his feelings and thoughts each day of our life together.  I started reading various papers and there in his writings I could see the components of his eulogy!  As I read,  everything fell into place and I soon had organized a powerful and beautiful eulogy.  It was made up of HIS words about his beloved Hawaiian Tutu, his parents, his Pearl Harbor experience and his war days and time at Tripler, his education, his feelings about me and our children.  As I stood that day to read what I had gathered together from his writings, I did what I had done so many times before, I held the light, but this time it was on him.