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Psalm I

“Blessed is the man or woman that walketh in the counsel of God,

Who standeth in the way shown by Jesus,

and sitteth in the seat of righteousness.

Blessed is the man or woman who taketh delight in the law of the Lord,

and in His law do they meditate day and night.

And he or she shall be like a Tree planted by the River of Water, that bringeth forth their Fruit in their season:

Their leaf multiplies,

and whatsoever they doeth shall prosper.”

Adapted from Psalm I

King James version





Years ago when my spiritual journey began in earnest, I noticed that the same process I was going through to complete a painting was the same process I was going through in my desire to live a more artistic life. 

In the graphic arts they make use of overlays;  A photograph of a painting is made into a transparency and then the colors are separated onto acetate sheets.  One sheet of Cyan records the blues, one records the magenta or the reds.  One sheet records the yellows and one records the blacks.  These sheets separate the colors for the printer to print individually.  Each sheet overlays the other perfectly and together they complete the full color of the art work. In mind I realized that if we were able to lay out a picture of the principles of producing any art work, and then carefully laid over it the principles for living an artistic life we would find they fit very nicely.  Thus began my desire to compile this sharing of art and life experiences.

I have written this, not setting myself as an example of the art of art or the art of living, for I am a novice in both areas. I share this because I want to share my testimony about God and the reality of HIS ART in our human experience.  I share this because my life experience has been a gift to me from spirit and sharing is the enrichment service that the artist must do to complete the circle.  Love, goodness, truth, and beauty are given not for us to keep, but for us to share with others of like mind.  I know that there are those who will be guided to read my experiences and rejoice in reading my testimonies and will be able to see more clearly their own life as a result.

Throughout this sharing I use my drawings, paintings, ceramics and sculpture to enhance this presentation of testimonies.

I have divided this into sections in which I share experiences in art and then experiences in life which illustrate the theme of each section: 

I am an ordinary woman known only by family and  friends, not a woman of fame or fortune.  I share my life experiences as a vehicle for sharing my personal testimony of the reality of God our Father and the Divine Presence he has sent to be with us and to be us, my testimony of the individual gift, a duplicate of Jesus' Spirit, which he has given each of us.  This book is a testimony of the Holy Spirit and the reality of our Guardian Seraphim who so patiently guard and guide us and try to spiritualize us as we live our mortal lives.

All is shared in the effort to perpetuate the meaning and significance of life experience.

Within these sections I have developed the overlay of art with life.  We can all be artists and each day is a new canvas!

"Each day is like a work of art that’s yet to be designed,

an empty canvas waiting for the dreams that fill your mind...Your talents and your strengths are like the colors you can use to paint the pictures of your life in any way you choose..."

quote from a Hallmark notebook

At some point we realize that all our spiritual growth “is proportional to our identification with God”.  Living the will of God is our eternal passport to becoming divine as God desires us to become.  To live a life that is God-like is one "predicated on truth, sensitive to beauty, and dominated by goodness….inwardly illuminated by worship and outwardly devoted to the wholehearted service…filled with mercy and motivated by love."


Thus the importance of learning the Art of Living during our short life on earth.

"Read with open eyes the book your life is writing and learn"

Dag Hammarskjold - Secretary-general of the United Nations 1953-1961

God Help Me!

Can you hear me?

Be my Teacher.





The Artist

Goals & Patterns





Problem Solving & Crisis



Love & Service


Fruits  of an Artistic  life

With your permission SPIRIT will conduct your transformation




"To perpetuate the meanings

and significance   of

life  experiences

The projection of present

personal  experiences into

future  attainment  values"



These ideas have has been growing in mind for thirty years, but there have been times when my passion to bring it to completion waned and I would see the problems and imperfections in my life so vividly that I would question how presumptuous it was for me to think I could write about the art of life. 

    One day I had a talk with my daughter, about the block I had which kept me from completing creative work. She asked me what was stopping me from publishing my books?  I told her money and fear!  Fear that I am not worthy or good enough to write of such things as the 'art of living'.  The art of living is an on going process, so how can I write about it when I have not yet arrived at my destination?  I had taken my printing of the book with me and I had it in my hands as we talked.  I opened it and read these words I had included in the beginning.  They are a quote from the BIG BOOK.

"Life Story Tellers - those who perpetuate the meanings and significance of life experience- the projection of present personal experiences into future attainment values." The Urantia Book 501

Tears flowed as I read the words to her!  I knew that is what I want to do.  It is what I am passionate about and what my book "The Art of Living" is about.  It is the foundation of my mission and purpose in life.  I just saw it so clearly as I read those words.  Jackie put her arms around me and she asked me what I feared.  I told her that those in my family and friends who do not really know me would think I am presumptuous to write a book about the Art of living because they know my past errors and sins!  They know my weaknesses and failures.  They know the outward human part of me. They know the un-artistic in me.  Then I realized that someone need not be perfect for the perfect and Divine in them to be revealed because they had the courage to share the vision that was theirs.  Yes, I saw that the vision of this book or website sharing was given by the Divine Presence that is with me and of course it is a higher vision which I am striving myself to reach.  I am not perfect, far from it, but my Spirit IS.  Spirit has given me the gift to be able to see meaning and value in my life experiences.  Spirit has given me the vision of the overlay of life with art.   I share it even though the vessel it has come through is far from the masterpiece I am meant to be. 

Inward - Onward and Upward.

Artist painting portrait

Oil Painting


When I was a young girl living on a farm in Southern Idaho, my Mother and Father were preparing to go on trip to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Mother asked me what I would like to have her bring me.  I said, "Please bring me some real watercolors in tubes and a good brush and some watercolor paper!"  Up to that time I only had a Prang watercolor tray.  How thrilled I was when my Mother brought me Grumbacher tubes of watercolor and a number 7 sable brush, and watercolor paper.  While going with my Father to talk to a man in our community about re-roofing our farm house, I saw that the wife was an artist.  I begged my parents to let me take art lessons.  So at age seven my first art teacher had me use a white ceramic plate for a watercolor palette.  Around the raised edge of the plate I would squeeze out wonderful colors from the tubes: Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Light Red, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Hookers Green, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, and Payne's Gray.  Those were the colors of my first watercolor experience. In the beginning I used  student grade paint and paper, but eventually I discovered how wonderful it is to use good watercolors on quality paper.  

I began my art training by learning to paint wet washes and learned to use the brush in various ways.  I still have the number 7 sable brush that I used then!  A few years ago I treated myself to a new one, for the point was somewhat worn!  I learned to mix the colors and began discovering the joy of watercolor painting.  I painted many color wheels trying to get the colors just right.  I read about color in an encyclopedia.  My first paintings were copies of flowers in seed catalogs and landscapes; copies of the Dutch masters, then I painted a copy of Landsear's’ Monarch of the Glen on a large paper with tempera paints.  I entered in a county fair.  I would paint things I would see around our home and would paint the foothills near our farm in Idaho as well as flowers and surroundings.  When I think back on those early experiences with beauty I see that even the memory is filled with wonder and beauty. As I learned the art of painting watercolors I was learning to harmonize variety and turn diversity into beauty! 



1. Skill in experience, study, or observation.

2. Human...adapting natural things to man's use.

3. Branches of learning...that are disciplines...or instruments of knowledge.

4. Learning

5. The general principles of any branch of learning

6. Systematic application of knowledge in effecting a desire result.

7. Skillful plan

8. Magical skill

9. Application of skill to producing beauty by imitation or design.

   10. Artificial and studied behavior.






















A watercolor of the ceramic plate that I used as a palette back in the late 1930’s and 1940’s when I was learning the art of art.  Next to it is my prized number 7 sable brush and a tube of Windsor Newton Watercolor paint.



These are early copies of my teacher’s watecolor paintings

and a copy of Landsears’ Monarch of the Glenn


Early watercolors painted under the guidance of my first art teacher.

Below are some sketches done in my teen years.



Beauty is around us and in us waiting to unfold as a gift of Spirit.  There is a light inside of each of us.  We often hear that God is Love, but God’s nature is also beauty, truth, goodness, justice, mercy, righteousness, perfection and Fatherliness also.  As we identify with Spirit we take upon us all of the nature of God.  To enjoy beauty and to become beautiful is our opportunity as we pursue our earthly career and go on to a Universe career.

The dictionary defines beauty as:

"That quality of objects that gratifies the esthetic nature; the perfection of form resulting from the harmonious combination of diverse elements in unity."

"BEAUTY, ART, is largely a matter of the UNIFICATION OF CONTRASTS.  Variety is essential to the concept of beauty."       


The following quotes on TRUTH AND BEAUTY are from MY QUEST FOR BEAUTY  by Rollo May which I serendipitously found one day at the library.

"When old age shall this generation waste,

“Thou shalt remain in midst of other

Then ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say'st

Beauty is Truth, Truth -beauty- that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

From Keats "Ode on a Grecian Urn"

‘The Greeks had two ways of describing beauty.  One was that beauty is the condition when everything fits, when in a scientific theory or the Parthenon, one has the conviction that nothing could be added or subtracted.

Aristotle liked this definition:

BEAUTY- All the parts are in harmony with all the other parts.  Pythagoras and Plato and Platimus wrote that:

BEAUTY is the eternal splendour of the one showing through the many. 

When Plato considered the great trilogy of BEAUTY, TRUTH AND GOODNESS, he placed Beauty at the top because Beauty is harmony-Goodness acting in a way that is harmonious with fellowmen, and this makes the action testable by its beauty."

(page 29 MY QUEST FOR BEAUTY  by Rollo May)

"Noble Laureate in Physics, Heisenberg, pointed out that the researcher in physics recognizes truth by the splendour of its beauty. Beauty is the sign of the splendour of truth and it speaks out through this splendour to the mathematicians, physicists, and all those who listen patiently.

Pythagoras said, "The stars in the heavens sing a music if we only had ears to hear.

Rollo May said, "What a lovely world we could live in if we would listen more frequently to this splendour!

Fredrich Von Schiller is quoted as saying:

"Beauty alone confers happiness on all and under its influence every being forgets that he is limited."

Rollo May writes, "We actually create beauty out of the paradox on one hand of freedom and on the other of destiny.  Our limits come from being both nature and spirit, finite and infinite, objective and subjective.  No one knows this struggle better than the artists.

Rollo May then wrote of painting, "The function of painting is to share some special conception of life and the world which the painter experiences"  (page 133 MY QUEST FOR BEAUTY  by Rollo May)

“It is through art that we can realize our perfection.”

Oscar Wilde

"The high mission of any ART is, by it's illusions,

to foreshadow a higher Universe Reality, to crystallize the


The URANTIA BOOK page 557

Pink Hybiscus --  One


                My husband loved to take photos of beautiful flowers, trees, mountains and sky. 

painted this from a photograph he took of the Pink Hybiscus.

            This sketch is of a special tree at the Punchbowl National Cemetery.  In the first five years after my husband’s death I frequently went to my husband’ place to put on new flowers, to weed or water.  Sometimes I would take my watercolors and this watercolor sketch was painted in the late afternoon near closing time on an overcast day.  Suddenly the sun broke through the clouds and lit up the trees. It reminded me of the many times the light broke through the dark and sad times of my life.  “Let there be light.”





The greatest beauty of all is people becoming their authentic selves; becoming one with their spiritual potential.  That is the supreme beauty!  Our planet is the home of a vast number of mortals, a variety of personalities and races.  God has certainly given us ‘variety’ to work with.  He has provided an extensive color palette.  It is up to us to bring about the harmonious unification.  Through love and service we are told we can bring about the brotherhood of man.  We didn’t reach that goal in the 19th century, nor the 20th century. Can we achieve brotherhood in the 21st century?   M. Scott Peck, the author of The Road Less Traveled  and The Different Drum  says we are bound to stay in world wide chaos until we learn to go through the ‘bridge’ of emptiness to allow Spirit to fill us.  Only then can we celebrate differences and experience community with all those we have previously been in chaos with. I continue to hope  and pray that more and more will seek for Spirit in their life.  Only then can we achieve harmony and brotherhood and sisterhood

A grand art work is evolving on this earth.  It is important for each of us to find our place in the beautiful tapestry being developed.  As we strive for the Art of Living we will help create a beautiful pattern in our family and friends and acquaintances?    We are not only part of the masterpiece being created with our brothers and sisters on this planet, but are meant to be an individual work of art- a masterpiece! 

In the following quotes from THE URANTIA BOOK we learn that beauty will take place in us as we grow spiritually by unifying and harmonizing our mortal self with Spirit. “Spirituality enhances the ability to recognize beauty.”

"The Supreme beauty, the height of finite ART,

is the drama of the unification

of the vastness of the cosmic extremes

of Creator and Creature.

Man finding God and God finding man.

The creature becoming perfect as is the Creator -

that is the supernal achievement

of the supremely beautiful,

the attainment of the apex of cosmic ART."




Of all people who have lived on this earth, Jesus has lived the ART OF LIVING as a perfect masterpiece.  “Never on all the worlds of this universe, in the life of any one mortal, did God ever become such a living reality as in the human experience of Jesus of Nazareth.  In the Master’s life ...this and all other worlds of the local creation discover a new and higher type of religion, religion based on personal spiritual relations with the Universal Father and wholly validated by the supreme authority of genuine personal experience. “

(THE URANTIA BOOK page 2087)

Jesus brought to God, as a man of the realm, the greatest of all offerings; the consecration and dedication of his own will to the majestic service of doing the divine will...Jesus never prayed as a religious duty.  (THE URANTIA BOOK)

As a child I was taught to pray by my Mother and Father, so I prayed because of their example and teaching.  I think there was times later when I prayed because I was reminded to pray at Church, but since 1964 when I experienced the birth of my spirit, prayer is self reminding and to miss my worship, prayer and receptivity time is like missing a meal and feeling hungry for spiritual food.

To Jesus prayer was a-------

Sincere expression of spiritual attitude,

I can see that an attitude of humility- of teachableness- puts one in a receptive mode.  Perhaps it is a little like downloading something into the computer.  One asks for it and waits patiently for the gift.

A declaration of soul loyalty,

Loyalty is love in action.  If one loves then one is loyal.

A recital of personal devotion,

I always remember the story of Ruth and her devotion to her mother in law and the new religion she had been taught.  The story has inspired millions for 3000 years.  We never tire of the recital of personal devotion.  Can it be any different for Father, or our Creator Son, or our Universe Mother.  Are they not happy to know we are devoted disciples?

An expression of thanksgiving,

Expressing our Mahalo, our gratitude, our thankfulness is giving a gift to the spirit saying, "I appreciate all you are, all you have given, and all you will yet give me."  When my children come to me and say "Thanks Mom for all you have done for me all these years, I love you."  It gives me great joy.

An avoidance of emotional tension,

Yes, writing, praying, talking- all of those things are therapeutic and help one to be balanced and avoid the build up of tensions and stress.  I have a sign on my computer that says, "I will write myself into well being".  One could also say, "I will pray myself into well being." 

A prevention of conflict,

Sometimes we get in a state of conflict simply because we do not talk things out or pray things out.  We keep it all in and do not realize that spiritual companions are just waiting to help us work through the haze of conflict to the crystal clear light of vision and purpose.

An exaltation of intellection,

I had to look up that word.  It isn't in the dictionary I am looking in.  But I know intellect is part of it.  Intellect is a noun and means the faculty of reasoning and thinking: mental power; mind; understanding;  I think it is saying that we can exalt and be grateful for our mind and the ability to think and understand.  I think it is significant that the word understanding is there.  That is certainly what we can be so grateful for, the ability to understand the things of God even as we are mere mortals.

An ennoblement of desire,

A person who is nobility has sincerity of mind and character according to my dictionary.  Therefore if one ennobled ones desires it would be like holding up those desires to ennoble them, to be in a special rank or class above the unrestrained desires of the animal man or woman.

A vindication of moral decision,

To vindicate is to justify; to maintain as true and correct; to clear of suspicion and dishonor.  So, I think it is saying that ones deeds would be above reproach and suspicion.  As my Mother would say, "Don't do anything that would even have the appearance of evil."  Or another man said he had learned to love the things God loved and so it was easy to do what was right as he no longer had a desire for those other things.

An enrichment of thought,

To be enriched is to be made rich.  To be made rich in thought,  what a joy!

An invigoration of higher inclinations,

My dear Father used to say that the cool morning air was invigorating!  Prayer can help invigorate the higher inclinations which are laying there waiting to take root.  Prayer is probably the food for rooting which encourages the growth.

A consecration of impulse,

Oh how often I long to do so much more than I am doing.  When the inspiration comes, prayer can be a time of consecration to being willing to act on the inspired impulses that are picked up in our minds.

A clarification of viewpoint,

Just having someone to talk to gives one an opportunity to see ourselves in a new light.  Carl Jung said we need others to understand ourselves.  We understand our own viewpoints better as we spend time in prayer.

A declaration of faith,

The more we express our love in Prayer the more our faith will grow and as we declare our faith it grows like cells in our bodies, dividing and multiplying in some mathematical order.

A transcendental surrender of will,

I can see that we hang on to our will with our pride and selfishness.  So it really takes some TRANSCENDING for us to surrender our will to the doing of our Father in Heaven's will.

A sublime assertion of confidence,

What a beautiful set of words:  a sublime assertion of confidence!  Sublime; exalted; eminent; inspiring awe, adoration; majestic grandiose; pure!  An adoring confidence in the plans of eternity!

A revelation of courage,

To pray and reveal one's courage, to wonder if you have courage and then in prayer to reveal to yourself that you do have courage.

The proclamation of discovery,

Oh how sweet to proclaim that one has discovered what one has been seeking for.  To proclaim to our Father above that we have discovered the treasures of truth he had prepared for us is the greatest of proclamations.

A confession of supreme devotion,

A recital of personal devotion?  How is that different from a confession of supreme devotion?  Supreme devotion does sound fuller than personal devotion.  Perhaps the earlier recital is a preparation for the later confession of supreme devotion and love?

The validation of consecration,

This also sounds similar to a consecration of impulse.  Perhaps we need to get in control of our impulses and consecrate them and then we can come to a point of validating our consecration.  We validate our parking tickets with a stamp when we enter that verifies our time.  We validate our consecration of time by the evidence of our fruit bearing lives.

A technique for the adjustment of difficulties,

My goodness, if we ever needed something adjusted it is the difficulties of our lives.  Did we know we can adjust those obtrusive obstacles in our lives?  Most of the time we just want to leap over them or go around them, but we didn't realize we can adjust them, shrink them, deflate them, devisualize them, minimize them!  Jesus discovered the technique in prayer.  We can too!

And the mighty mobilization of the combined soul powers to withstand all human tendencies toward selfishness, evil, and sin.

This is interesting because of a quote that says there are three things that keep us our of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN- keep us from worthiness to be repersonalized and continue life eternal:  Those three things selfishness, slothfulness and sinfulness.  The 3 S's.  I can see that we usually start with being lazy or selfish and then we move into evil and sin and are trapped in the prison of addiction.  Jesus knew that to mobilize the soul powers one could withstand all those human tendencies. As I understand it evil means the human tendency to doing wrong even when not realizing it.  That is why it is said that man is born in evil, but sin is the knowing choosing to do wrong and the continued rejection of the light.

He lived just such a life of prayerful consecration to the doing of his Father's will and ended his life triumphantly with just such a prayer.

It is so marvelous how Jesus prayerfully consecrated his life to doing his Father's will.  All throughout his life he repeated those simple words and we read those words without realizing what a powerful act it is.  The amazing thing is that we too can do our Father's will!  Father's will is not always to go through a life of suffering and death as Jesus went through, but rather it is a personal WILL brought by our Spirit for us.  It is like a message from our Father brought by our spirit to US!  The Spirit has had the WILL since we were young children and we live our life and many die not knowing the marvelous life they could have had if they had by asked SPIRIT to read them the WILL!  Ask and you will receive!

The secret of his unparalleled religious life was this consciousness of the presence of God;

To be increasingly CONSCIOUS of the presence of God!  What a magnificent experience!  Each of us can and should prayerfully seek for that experience.  I am sure Father wants all of us to have that same unparalleled religious life.

And he attained it by intelligent prayer and sincere worship--Unbroken communion with God.

Well, there we have it-  Jesus attained all of the above by spending time each day in intelligent prayer (not mindless prayer or repetitious phrases)  Intelligent prayer and Sincere worship and having unbroken communion with God as we walk through life. 

The above was from THE URANTIA BOOK page 2089 with my comments.

“Jesus’ earthly life was devoted to one great purpose --doing the Father’s will, living the human life religiously and by faith.  The faith of Jesus was trusting, like that of a child, but it was wholly free from presumption.  He made robust and manly decisions, courageously faced manifold disappointments, resolutely surmounted extraordinary difficulties, and unflinchingly confronted the stern requirements of duty.  It required a strong will and an unfailing confidence to believe what Jesus believed and as he believed.”


    “To ‘follow Jesus” means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master’s life of unselfish service for man.  One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose.  Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.

    “The common people heard Jesus gladly, and they will again respond to the presentation of his sincere human life of consecrated religious motivation if such truths shall again be proclaimed to the world.  The people heard him gladly because he was one of them, an unpretentious laymen; the world’s greatest religious teacher was indeed a layman.

    “It should not be the aim of kingdom believers literally to imitate the outward life of Jesus in the flesh but rather to share his faith; to trust God as he trusted God and to believe in men as he believed in men.  Jesus never argued about either the fatherhood of God or the brotherhood of men; he was a living illustration of the one and a profound demonstration of the other.

THE URANTIA BOOK page 2090-91

Jesus showed us the ART OF LIVING in his magnificent life.   He has given a duplicate of his spirit of truth to be with each of us to show us how to live our life and discover the ART OF LIVING.









pages 1773-4 of The Urantia Book

"Jesus spread good cheer everywhere he went.  He was full of grace and truth.  His associates never ceased to wonder at the gracious words that proceeded out of his mouth.  You can cultivate gracefulness, but graciousness is the aroma of friendliness which emanates from a love-saturated soul.

Goodness always compels respect, but when it is devoid of grace, it often repels affection.  Goodness is universally attractive only when it is gracious.  Goodness is effective only when it is attractive.  Jesus really understood men;  therefore could he manifest genuine sympathy and show sincere compassion.  But he seldom indulged in pity.  While his compassion was boundless, his sympathy was practical, personal, and constructive.  Never did his familiarity with suffering breed indifference,  and he was able to minister to distressed souls without increasing their self-pity.

Jesus could help men so much because he loved them so sincerely.  He truly loved each man, each woman, and each child.  He could be such a true friend because of his remarkable insight-- he knew so fully what was in the heart and in the mind of man.  He was an interested and keen observer.  He was an expert in the comprehension of human need, clever in detecting human longings.

Jesus was never in a hurry.  He had time to comfort his fellow men "as he passed by."  And he always made his friends feel at ease.  He was a charming listener.  He never engaged in the meddlesome probing of the souls of his associates.  As he comforted hungry minds and ministered to thirsty souls, the recipients of his mercy did not so much feel that they were confessing to him as that they were conferring with him.  They had unbounded confidence in him because they saw he had so much faith in them.

He never seemed to be curious about people, and he never manifested a desire to direct, manage, or follow them up.  He inspired profound self-confidence and robust courage in all who enjoyed his association.  When he smiled on a man, that mortal experienced increased capacity for solving his manifold problems.

Jesus loved men so much and so wisely that he never hesitated to be severe with them when the occasion demanded such discipline.  He frequently set out to help a person by asking for help.  In this way he elicited interest, appealed to the better things in human nature.

The Master could discern saving faith in the gross superstition of the woman who sought healing by touching the hem of his garment.  He was always ready and willing to stop a sermon or detain a multitude while he ministered to the needs of a single person, even to a little child.  Great things happened not only because people had faith in Jesus, but also because Jesus had so much faith in them.

Most of the really important things which Jesus said or did seemed to happen casually, "as he passed by."  There was so little of the professional, the well-planned, or the premeditated in the Master's earthly ministry.  He dispensed health and scattered happiness naturally and gracefully as he journeyed through life.  It was literally true, "He went about doing good."

And it behooves the Master's followers in all ages to learn to minister as "they pass by"--to do unselfish good as they go about their daily duties.    (Urantia Book 1874-5)

”The more complex civilization becomes, the more difficult will become the art of living.  The more rapid the changes in social usage, the more complicated will become the task of character development.  Every ten generations mankind must learn anew the art of living if progress is to continue.  And if man becomes so ingenious that he more rapidly adds to the complexities of society, the art of living will need to be remastered in less time, perhaps every single generation.  If the evolution of the art of living fails to keep pace with the technique of existence, humanity will quickly revert to the simple urge of living-the attainment of the satisfaction of present desires.  Thus will humanity remain immature; society will fail in growing up to full maturity...But the true badge of social maturity is the willingness of a people to surrender the right to live peaceably and contentedly under the ease-promoting standards of the lure of established beliefs and conventional ideas for the disquieting and energy-requiring lure of the pursuit of the unexplored possibilities of the attainment of undiscovered goals of idealistic spiritualal realities.


“Successful living is nothing more or less than the art of the mastery of dependable techniques for solving common problems.  The first step in the solution of any problem is to locate the difficulty, to isolate the problem, and frankly to recognize its nature and gravity.... But the greatest of all methods of problem solving I have learned from Jesus, your Master.  i refer to that which he so consistently practices, and which he has so faithfully taught you, the isolation of worshipful meditation.  In this habit of Jesus’ going off so frequently by himself to commune with the Father in heaven is to be found the technique, not only of gathering strength and wisdom for the ordinary conflicts of living, but also of appropriating the energy for the solution of the higher problems of a moral and spiritual nature....I am deeply impressed with the custom of Jesus in going apart by himself to engaged in these seasons of solitary survey of the problems of living; to seek for new stores of wisdom and energy for the meeting the manifold demands of social service; to quicken and deepen the supreme purpose of living by actually subjecting the total personality to the consciousness of contacting with divinity; to grasp for possession of new and better methods of adjusting oneself to the ever-changing situations of living existence; to effect those vital reconstructions and readjustments of one’s personal attitudes which are so essential to enhanced insight into everything worth while and real; and to do all of this with an eye single to the glory of God- to breathe in sincerity your Master’s favorite prayer, “Not my will, but yours, be done.”

“This worshipful practice of your Master brings that relaxation which renews the mind; that illumination which inspires the soul; that courage which enables one bravely to face one’s problems; that self-understanding which obliterates debilitating fear; and that consciousness of union with divinity which equips man with the assurance that enables him to dare to be Godlike.  The relaxation of worship, or spiritual communion as practiced by the Master, relieves tension, removes conflicts, and mightily augments the total resources of the personality.  And all this philosophy plus the gospel of the kingdom, constitutes the new religion as I understand it....

“My philosophy gave me the urge to search for the realities of true attainment, the goal of maturity.  But my urge was impotent; my search lacked driving power; my quest suffered from the absence of certainty of directionalization.  And these deficiencies have been abundantly supplied by this new gospel of Jesus with its enhancement of insights, elevation of ideal, and settledness of goals.  Without doubt and misgivings I can now wholeheartedly enter upon the eternal venture.”

THE URANTIA BOOK  page 1774-5- Rodan of Alexandria

“My brethren, I am a believer, I have embarked; I am on my way with you in this eternal venture.  The Master says he came from the Father, and that he will show us the way.  I am fully persuaded he speaks the truth.  I am finally convinced that there are no attainable ideals of reality or values of perfection apart from the eternal and Universal Father.”

THE URANTIA BOOK page 1781- RODAN of Alexandria - a new convert  29 A.D.



Jesus used a DOOR as a way of teaching the importance of our opening it and inviting him to come to be with us.  I also enjoy that image and I say to Jesus, "I open the door of my mind and my heart and invite you to come in with me this day and night."  I also enjoy seeing my mind as a computer and requesting his Spirit of Christ or Spirit of Truth as it is called, to be downloaded into my mind computer.  Or another image I enjoy is when I am working on a graphics program and working on a painting.  I can prepare an area and then push the fill button.  In my prayer time I can say, "Fill me with your divine programs."

Many years ago I began getting up a half hour to an hour earlier than the family so I could have my quiet time.  During this time I can have my private worship (express gratitude and love) prayer (express my needs, I ask SPIRIT to be The Architect of my SOUL, The Archivist of my mind and the Artist of my Life), and then have receptivity time (when I quiet my thoughts and become a receiver).  I learned that the receptivity time need not be a long time, just a few minutes.  Receptivity time should be just enough time that SPIRIT can download the program for the day!  I usually watch my breathing during this few minutes.  We are all individual and unique. I have realized that Spirit works through our senses and will communicate with each of us in the best way for us to be able to receive.  For me I may not have anything happen during the receptivity time.  That is why it reminds me of the downloading process on our computers. We go on the internet and say we want to download a program. It happens while we wait. It is later that we enjoy the new program.  Most of the time it is after my receptivity time that I begin to have thoughts, insights, ideas that are relatively new to me and exciting.  New creative thoughts that I didn't think of before!  As an artist, ideas come to me as multidimensional insights that I SEE in my mind, in contrast to time sequential ideas.  That is how it is with me. 

I feel like I am in a private school taught by SPIRIT.  I call it mortal school or earth education or Life school.  And YES I still have failure, loss, adversities, trials and tribulations in my life!  But when I have challenges in my life I function as a student in school:  I ask for help- I am sincere for the key to spirituality is sincerity, sincerity and more sincerity.  I am empty and quiet. I listen, I learn the lessons being taught.  I do my research.  I record the experience - I write my class paper.   I discover the gift in the experience.  I express gratitude to my instructors.  I look for ways to SERVE AND SHARE what I have learned.  What ever image helps you, have the faith to open the door of your mind and take time to let SPIRIT download Spirit’s program.


An Experience in the Art of Art and the Art of Living