The Father’s WILL







That I, your HEAVENLY FATHER, a resident of PARADISE,


CENTER,being Eternal of age and of infinite wisdom and of my own free

will, do make, publish and declare this to be my First WILL and Testament

for DIVINE SPIRIT, number____________________________________

who will go to PLANET EARTH for an experience as a mortal being, and

will be known to all mankind as _________________________________

                                                    (Mortal Earth Birth Name)

Page One                    Heavenly Father

                                                                    HEAVENLY FATHER

FIRST:  Listed below is information of your ancestry, the time and destination of your sojourn on earth:











Place of birth___________________________

Country of birth_________________________

Birth Date_____________________________

Earth Address__________________________

World/Planet ____________Urantia_________






Page two                                        Heavenly Father

                                                                    HEAVENLY FATHER

SECOND:  Listed below are the inherited factors which are fundamental in determining your



a. Normal Mind:___________________________

b. Intellectual Potential:_____________________

c.  Able to utilize the gift of WILL:______________

d. Capacity for Wisdom to function:____________


a. Prospects of Reverential development:________

b. Birth and growth of Religious nature__________

       c. Potential of the Soul, Spiritual capacity of Receptivity


WHEREFORE, to the degree that these two endowments may be

associated and combined, will determine the strength of character and

growth of your immortal soul.

Page three                              Heavenly Father

                                                                    HEAVENLY FATHER

THIRD: I, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER, do endow you with this

PRELIMINARY DESTINATION PLAN, more commonly known as

“THE FATHER’S Will”, personalized specifically for you:

It is MY WILL that my child, ________________________will grow in grace and will have a desire to go on the Eternal adventure that I have planned for all my children.  I know that mortal life will not be easy for you, it is not meant to be easy, but I hope you will learn from your failures and trials and disappointments.  It is my desire that you will also experience joy in life and that those joys will adequately compensate you for the adversity you experience.  It is my desire that you experience marriage and parenthood for those experiences are vital for your spiritual development.  As you grapple with the hardships of life and react to disappointments, it is my desire that you develop courage and strength of character. As you see the needs in those around you, it is my desire that you experience the joy of service, for as my SON, JESUS THE CHRIST, has taught, "When you are in the service of your fellowmen, you are in the service of your GOD”. You will be confronted with many insecurities and uncertainties in life, but it is my desire that it will build in you the grandeur of Trust and Hope.  You will many times be in that troublesome predicament where you know less than you can believe, and it is my desire that your faith will grow and carry you through all those times.  Always remember you can appropriate the faith of JESUS to bolster your own, on a daily basis.  You will be growing up in a world where error is present and falsehood is always possible, but I desire that you will love the Truth and be willing to go wherever it leads.  Remember that the more you love me the more I will reveal myself to you, and be mindful that the law of the Universe is, "Ask and you will receive."  I will always be there to answer your sincere prayers.  Truth is beautiful and you are meant to search for truth, beauty, goodness and love as you go through this mortal experience. 

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I am well aware that you will be growing up in an environment of relative goodness and beauty, but those surroundings will actually stimulate you to reach for better things!  As you go through life you will experience times when the possibilities of betrayal and desertion and default threaten your mortal career, but out of those times learn that loyalty --the devotion to highest duty is truly desirable.  You will live face to face with the incessant clamoring of the self for recognition and honor, but it is my desire that you will dynamically choose the Divine life.  Remember you could never lay saving hold on righteousness if there were no potential evil to exalt and differentiate the good by contrast.  Develop the spirit of self-forgetfulness and unselfishness will be your joyful experience in life.  I desire that you will experience much joy in life.  True pleasure is the satisfaction of happiness and I want you to experience it often during your earth life, but the alternative of pain and the likelihood of suffering will be ever-present experiential possibilities as you live your earth life.  The one will help you appreciate the other.

You will grow up in a good home where the Gospel is taught and valued.  You will have the opportunity to grow up in a church that is founded on REVELATION:  THE RESTORED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS, and it will offer you many choice experiences that will facilitate your SPIRITUAL GROWTH.  Your devoted parents will encourage you and train you in the areas of RELIGION, FAMILY, HISTORY AND ART, and it is my WILL that you continue on in developing your talents in those areas.  It is like the parable MY SON taught on earth, when a certain great man, before starting out on a long journey, called all this trusted servants before him and delivered into their hands all his goods.  To one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, and so forth.  Presently the lord of those servants unexpectedly returned and called upon his stewards for a reckoning.  And when they had all been called before their master, he who had received the five talents came forward with the money which had been entrusted to him and brought five additional talents, saying, 'Lord, you gave me five talents to invest, and I am glad to present five other talents as my gain.' 

Page 3.3

And then his lord said to him:  "Well done, good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things; I will now set you as steward over many; enter forthwith into the joy of your lord.  That is what I desire for you, my mortal daughter!  I desire that you grow in each of those areas of life and return to me with more than you received!  The promise is ever thus. I will make you more than you were!   That which the enlightened and reflective human imagination of spiritual teaching and leading wholeheartedly and unselfishly wants to do and be, becomes measurable creative in accordance with the degree of mortal dedication to the divine doing of the Father's will.  When man or woman goes in partnership with God, great things may, and do happen.  You will be given sacred opportunities to receive my revelations to the earth and it is my desire that you share with all that are seeking for truth.  Remember that the more you understand your fellow mortals the more you will love them.  All men and women are your brothers and sisters and I would that you would love and bestow your service upon as many as you come in contact with.  Have a wonderful life!  My Spirit will be your Divine teacher and the Spirit of Christ/the Spirit of Truth will be your companion and revealer of truth, and the guardian Seraphim will guard and guide you, and as you seek for the Holy Spirit you will bear those beautiful fruits of the spirit in your daily life.  That is my desire for you, my child,


                          Full name

NOTE:  It is not foreordained that this mortal must accept this Divine

preliminary destiny.  This mortal has free agency to accept or to reject the

DIVINE WILL.  A mortal will not be spiritualized against their will. 

Spiritualization only happens through cooperation of the mortal student.

Page four                                      Heavenly Father

                                                                    HEAVENLY FATHER

FOURTH:  I nominate and appoint my son, THE CREATOR SON, known on your earth as

JESUS CHRIST, as TRUSTEE of all my Mortal Children enrolled in Mortal School - the

Adventure of Earth Life.

FIFTH:  I also direct that all estate, inheritance, and ENDOWMENTS shall be given by my



SIXTH: I nominate THE GUARDIAN SERAPHIM as guardian of the person of you, my MINOR


SEVENTH:  I hereby give, devise and bequeath all of my estate, of every nature, kind and

description, wherever situate and however held to be given by my Representatives to all my

Mortal Children.

Page five                                 Heavenly Father

                                                                    HEAVENLY FATHER

EIGHTH:  As used herein “Mortal Children” means all mortal persons who live on earth

whether officially a SON OR DAUGHTER OF GOD, as a result of their dedication to doing my

WILL, as well as prior to this time when they are still functioning by their own self will. 

UNCONDITIONALLY you are all my children.

NINTH:  I nominate, constitute and appoint my mortal son and daughter,


                                        Parents of mortal child

parents of this new mortal being, as Temporary Personal Guardians for this mortal child.  I

authorize and empower them to lovingly teach and train, to take such action as shall be

deemed advisable, from time to time,  and to act in my stead in said Mortal School.

Page six                                         Heavenly Father

                                                                    HEAVENLY FATHER

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