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The Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah was so wonderful.  Some parts of it were almost HEAVENLY :  )

Some asked me for a PDF of my two presentations, so I will share that below.


Since I had to come home and sync my iphone and ipad to my computer, I thought
In Sync with our Divine Spirits 
we are
Synchronizing with Spirit

for us it is
An experience in the beginning stages of 
at-one-ment that Jesus Christ exemplified 
in his life on our Earth.

Following are some journal notes of my trip to the conference:

	I have just returned from a wonderful two weeks on the mainland, and want so very much to share with family and friends the joys of my journey.  If you were to ask me about my experiences, I could give you all a short answer, “it was wonderful, enjoyable, memorable, and great to see everyone“ but I cannot bear to give the short answer, as it was so much more than that.  So, I now attempt to record my testimony of how Spirit will help in amazing ways to spiritualize and enrich our lives, when we desire to do our Heavenly Father’s will in our lives.  Even our awkward attempts, as mine are, will result in a full response from the Spirit.  

	Back in November of 2010 I heard that an International conference of the students of the Urantia Revelation would be held in Salt Lake City, Utah in July of 2011.  I have not traveled from Hawaii since 2000 when I went to my brother’s 90th birthday.  Because of my daughter‘s illness, I thought there was no way I could leave her and attend.  

Then in early December a young man who I shared the book of Revelation with 27 years before, called me when he was in the Islands and we met for dinner.  In the process of telling him about the Salt Lake Conference he thoughtfully said, “They need to know what happened before the Revelation came.“  I came home with that thought filling my mind and after a prayerful night I knew that I must go to the conference and tell them about THE CHURCH THAT PREPARED THE WAY for the Fifth Epochal Revelation. After all the Church was organized in 1830 and the Urantia Revelation was given in 1930. The students of the Revelation needed to know what came before.

It was so clear to me that being the daughter and grand daughter of valiant pioneers and converts that I have been prepared to share my testimony of the Church, and that was what Heavenly Father wanted me to do.  As soon as I saw that in my mind and heart and had said I was willing to go, everything started to fall in place:  My daughter in law, (my personal travel agent :-) ), found I had enough miles in my American Express/Delta Airlines account, even though I have been giving them to others in the family, and before long she had booked my ticket.

My youngest daughter, volunteered that she would take care of her sister and urged me to make the trip.  I could hardly believe it myself, as everything fell into place.

I saw in mind what I should share and began to prepare and organize the presentation.  It was a good thing I worked on it early, as the death of my dear grandson on January 20th, left me a heartbroken grandmother for over a month, walked around with his heartbroken mother, both of us like robots preparing a funeral we never wanted to prepare.  We only made it through because of the spiritual strength from our Heavenly Father, and knowing that our Father is filled with not only justice, but love and mercy for even those who fall into error, evil and sin in this life.

I sent in my final papers to the conference director a few days after, knowing that I must not let anything pull me away from accomplishing this purpose in my life.  They were happy that I was willing to come to the conference, since some of them have known I was a life time member of the Church of Jesus Christ, and they welcomed me as a presenter.  

I actually didn’t begin again to work on my presentation until the mid April, but like I have said, it was a blessing that the inspiration came early in December and I was basically prepared.

In the beginning of March, another project was inspired which I will tell you about. Some of you will be surprised as I haven’t told everyone.  It was one of those things where the Spirit did most of it and I just participated, and I thought I would wait to invite everyone to view it at the appropriate time. A fellow student and friend, Christilyn, had asked me to preview A Film titled: A Feast of Uncertainty by Richard Jernigan.  It was about the places we are told that Jesus taught and lived, but showing the way it is in modern day Israel and the Palestinian Territories. It was so sad to see what has happened there with checkpoints and machine gun soldiers, fences and walls.  The movie was a very professional movie, way beyond anything I could do, but in my mind came the prompting that I should redo my imovie that I made in 2004 and over-lapping that was a beautiful experience I had in October 2009 when I attended the Symphony with my writing friend.

I was filled with a desire to make a new movie in chronological order about Jesus and I realized a “woman like myself” could narrate it and so I remade the early movie and titled it, “The Jesus Revelation Symphony”.  It has a musical theme, because after 44 years of study, Jesus‘ life and teachings on this earth, are like a beautiful Symphony to me. 

So by inviting spiritual help, I created the imovie.  One of my daughter‘s car broke down right at that time and she needed my car, so she started coming over daily and I asked her to see what I had done.  She was impressed and worked with me to teach me many new things and she “tuned“ it up, so the symphony is a beautiful harmony, as it should be.

On July 13th I printed out the program from the internet for the presentations and realized they had put my presentation about the church on Saturday!  It was prepared for the students of the Urantia Revelation and I wrote the Director (my new sister, Susan) of the conference and told her I would like to give it early in the conference so I could encourage those at the conference to go to all the special places like Temple square, the conference center, genealogy and history center, the art and history museum, the Joseph Smith memorial building and see the film about Joseph Smith etc.  I wrote the director, Susan, and she responded that the program was already set and couldn’t be changed.  In the night hours I awoke with a multi-dimensional thought that I should prepare a 2nd presentation to inform the public about the Urantia Book, from the viewpoint of a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, which some of them would hopefully be also. I was as shocked as Susan when she read that I would be willing to prepare a presentation appropriate for the Public to hear!  Susan worked on a way to have my other presentation at 10 a.m. on Friday morning and then my presentation about the Urantia Revelation in the Saturday spot.  I titled it, IS THE URANTIA BOOK A NEW REVELATION FOR THE EARTH?

So, I prepared the two presentations and wrote and re-wrote and practiced reading them, and even recorded myself presenting the material, so I would be ready, as I am really not articulate, and have never considered myself a good speaker. I knew my Spirit was courageous and would help me, so I left myself out of it and focused on letting the Spirit take the lead.

Arrived In Salt Lake City, Utah about 11:00-11:30 a.m.
July 26, 2011

Shuttle to University of Utah.  They have a beautiful campus.  I have never seen it before!  The shuttle driver pointed out that the Primary Children’s hospital was there, and the Huntsman Cancer Center, and two other hospitals.  The guest Hotel is really for families who are there to visit their loved one in one of the hospitals, as well as for conferences and conventions.

The Guest Hotel was really very nice.  Two double beds in the room, and a refrigerator which we never opened, and a mirrored counter with two sinks.  The nice bathroom and shower was right by my bed, so that was good.

Roommate Rebecca Oswald, is a talented composer pianist.  She is from Oregon.  She was giving a concert on Thursday evening.  She is on You Tube and has several albums.  She was one of the many musicians who played during what I call the morning worship services-they called it the Plenary, so she was at practice or playing the piano much of the time.

I looked at the program and to my dismay I saw that they had listed that I will give the same presentation on Friday and again on Saturday about the Church!  

I see that they have not listed my second presentation at all.  I am imagining that there will be only a handful of people attend even though it is in a theatre that holds 250 people!  I tell Paula and she agrees she will announce it at one of the  Plenary gatherings in the mornings.  I was concerned that no one would attend my second presentation since it was listed the same on Friday and Saturday, and Paula had so much to do that she did not announce it on Wednesday, but the Spirit told me that everything would work out and I clung to that thought. On Thursday the day before my presentation about the Church, Paula announced to the whole group that I would be giving a presentation the next day at ten, titled, The Church that prepared the Way, and on Saturday at one, I would give a presentation titled, Is the Urantia Book a new revelation to the earth?  Suddenly I realized that because of their misprinting, it was even better, as they made a point of announcing my presentations to all in attendance.  (I heard about 350 attended)  It was actually a blessing, as everyone heard about the two presentations, where as if it had just been written down, they may not have noticed it at all.

July 27, 2011
Continental breakfast-included in price.
They had a Meditation time in the little chapel next to the hotel from 7:30 to 8:00.  The one time I attended was wonderful with all in a prayer circle and sitting quiet while one person started it out with an oral prayer to our Father in Heaven and let us then silently express our gratitude to Father for all his endowments and blessings in our lives.  A beautiful experience.
8:00 - took a shuttle to the University of Utah’s beautiful music concert hall where we had what they called a Plenary, (8:30 to 11:00)  (A word I have never heard before!) but I called it a Worship service  because in music, poetry, talks, dance, and in many ways they were worshipping our Father in Heaven.  It really felt like a preliminary experience for ‘Heaven’.  There was so much love being expressed by everyone and it was something I have rarely experienced before.  We had that experience Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and Sunday morning.  

We always took a Shuttle back to the Heritage center for lunch in the cafeteria.  Our meals were  paid for out of the conference fees.
Presentations:  I want to record that there were many many presentations that I would have liked to attend.  I would have liked to have heard more about the Joshua ben Joseph project, more about the Garden project, and wish all the presentations were printed up for us to read. 
I will just record the ones I attended:
1:00 to 2:30- Education: Expanding our Views Presenter: Marilynn Kulieke and her husband.
“Educational practice has been changing very rapidly over the last thirty years.  With the advent of new technologies and teaching techniques, the world has been in a technological and psychological free-fall that has taken over the primary ways that we learn.  This presentation will examine quote about education from The Urantia Book and discuss how they might be applied to this brave new world.”
3:00 - 4:30- Preparing the Path:  Projecting Higher Values into your Action- Kaye Cooper and Sharon Lanier.
“Preparing the Path techniques enable us to manage our lives toward spiritual goals.  We identify the specific higher values needed for the near future- everyday activities, upcoming events, or service opportunities.  Then we reinforce these values within us so that we can meet life’s challenges with confidence, calmness and receptivity to the spirits’ leading.”

Opening Night Gala in the Gallery
“Urantian artists, musicians, dancers, and poets will present an impressive program of performances.  We will also be holding a tribute to honor the life and art of Pat Fearey.  The Gala will close with a prayer circle led by our beloved friend, fellow, and international reggae star, Pato Banton.“  I went to this and it was very tender to have Pato honor a friend of mine (Victoria) in California that my son, Winston, met and had her write to me.  Victoria is a member of the church who also loves the Revelation, as I do.  She is still young, but sadly is dying from a serious cancer.  Pato sang for her and had us sing and they recorded a tribute to send to her as she has very little time left on the earth. 
July 28, 2011
Presentation:  1:00 to 2:30
A new Celebration of Christ’s Bestowal on our earth:
The Jesus Painting Project.
Presenters: Mo and Jennifer Siegel
“For the last three years Mo and Jennifer Siegel have been commissioning artist to paint unique scenes from part IV of the Urantia Book.  Today this special collection contains 20 original paintings with four additional paintings in process.  The intent of the project is to create a world-class museum collection of 35-50 Jesus paintings that ultimately inspire millions of people to discover the life of Jesus as told in The Urantia Book.  This session starts with an explanation of the purpose of this new collection, the challenges of painting Jesus as he really looked and lived, the process of picking artists and scenes and where the project is heading.  The paintings are shown while the beautiful stories from each scene are read.  This part of the talk is an inspiring visual Remembrance Supper meant to bring you closer to our Savior Jesus Christ by recounting and picturing various episodes from his remarkable life on earth.“
Of course, I was on the edge of my seat, enjoying this presentation.  One of the artists is an LDS artist, Del Parsons. It was a marvelous presentation and I was able to met and talk to Mo and Jenn Siegel afterward. They are certainly a wonderful young couple.

Presentation: 3:00 - 4:30
Thought Adjuster Appreciation and Cooperation
Jack Kane
“This workshop will look at ways to attain a better appreciation and understanding of the Thought Adjuster and how we may more fully cooperate with and include the Thought Adjuster in our lives and in putting The Urantia Book revelation and its teachings into action.“
Enjoyed this workshop.  Jack is so enthusiastic and was one of the first to befriend me and ask me to eat with his group.  The things he shared were excellent reminders and I appreciated his Spirit of enthusiasm for this wonderful adventure of Perfection we are all enrolled in.

A Film titled: A Feast of Uncertainty
By Richard Jernigan.  
As I recorded early, I had seen it before, as a friend, Christilyn, had asked me to preview it.  This is what he wrote in the program about his film:
”So what does Jesus’ home turf look like these days? Film-maker and long time Urantia Book reader Richard Jernigan explores the Urantia Book’s version of the life and teachings of Jesus against the backdrop of modern day Israel and the Palestinian Territories.”  
I watched it again. It is really a professionally made movie.  But it is so sad to see what has happened there with checkpoints and machine gun soldiers (men and women) and fences and walls.  It is heart breaking what they are doing to the beautiful place Jesus grew up.

After the movie I stayed in the Theatre and enjoyed the piano concert my room mate gave.  It was beautiful and so meditative that I had a long visit with Heavenly Father and it was wonderful to have her beautiful music as a background for my prayer time.

July 29, 2011
10:00 my first presentation:
The Church that Prepared the Way
--- for the 5th Epochal Revelation.
About 60 or more attended.

In my presentation I read much of Joseph Smith’s actual account of his vision and told them about the various ones who came to give him the keys of authority to organize the church of Jesus Christ on the earth again.  I told them about the organization of the church, and at one point I told them about the wonderful Primary organization, and I read them the words of, “I am a child of God”, saying I wish you could hear it sung, as it is so beautiful.
(keep this in mind as you read what happened later)
About eight to ten of them stayed afterward and expressed gratitude for the things I shared.  They said they had new appreciation for the Church and some who had been inactive told me they were going to return to activity in the church, now they saw the bigger picture.  They even wanted to take pictures with me.   They wanted a PDF of my  presentation --such sweet wonderful brothers and sisters.
One of them wrote me on August 3rd the following little message:
I am sending this email to confirm in writing that your presentation was the best. 
I am so glad you shared.
Fatherly Love 
Sue Lewis
It warmed my heart, and others gave similar words of gratitude to me.
I was expressing gratitude to Heavenly Father about each expression of appreciation I received, as I knew Heavenly Father had wanted me to give the presentations and I knew his Spirit was with me throughout the time.

I went to the following presentation

1:00-2:30 The Revelation around the World
Buck & Arlene Weimer
“See pictures, hear personal experiences of readers from other cultures, and share the heart-felt oneness and our attempts to follow our Master’s commandment of getting this gospel into all the corners of the world.  Come to see the continents of the world from the eyes of our contributing brothers and sisters, and know true unity (without uniformity) in the hearts of many readers from around the world.”  They are an amazing couple who are retired and must have the money to travel all over the world giving the Revelation to libraries and to people in third world countries.  There dedication is amazing and they are doing a wonderful service mission. (But I only got to meet the wife, Arlene)  I had heard of them and was looking forward to meeting them.  I talked to Norman Ingram who I had known years ago when he lived here and then a few years ago when he visited Hawaii, as well as a man who came from Korea, and to Mo Siegel, the owner of Celestial Seasoning Tea in Colorado.  ( He is now a trustee and a wonderful young man with an outstanding wife )

I then went to the Cafeteria for dinner- When we went in, there were a lot of young people filling the large cafeteria.  Suddenly hundreds of them stood and sang,  “I am a child of God”  It was ‘electrifying’, It was a ‘chicken skin’ moment!  “It was touching”.  I saw some of the men wiping their moistening eyes.  It was so beautiful and we all felt the spirit. 

Mo Siegel’s wife said that she had never seen such beautiful young people in her life, all looking so wholesome and vibrant.  Then more of my friends came in who were in my presentation about the Church and I told them I wished they had been there just a few minutes before.  So I found the director and asked if they could sing it again.  He of course said they could and again they sang and it touched many hearts. (Of course eventually I realized they were having an Especially for Youth experience at the U of U.)  I was saying in my heart and mind, Thank you Father, as I had read the words of that touching beautiful song in my presentation and said I wished they could hear it sung, and here were hundreds of beautiful young people singing it.  It was a gratitude moment.

After dinner I returned to the Hotel to get ready to show the movie I made in March! 
I showed my movie:   The Jesus Revelation Symphony
Many things were happening at the same time, so many asked me for my card so they could watch it on my website.  About 12 loyal supporters were there and didn’t mind staying 108 minutes.  They loved it and expressed a lot appreciation.
It was very gratifying to share the movie as a testimony of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ on our earth.  I hope when the time is right for you, you will watch it and you will feel closer and love Jesus more than ever after the 108 minutes.

July 30, 2011
8:30 worship service to 11:00
1:00. My Second presentation
Is The Urantia Book a New Revelation to the Earth?

It was in a theater that seats 250, and I think at least 150 or 200 were in attendance. (Maybe I was counting the guardian angels there also)

About 20 members had seen the ad in the community papers and attended. One couple had cut out the article in the paper and then the day before suddenly old friends from California? stopped by to say HI.  They asked them why they came to Utah, and they said that they were going to a conference for students of the Urantia Book.  The couple had no idea their old friends studied the Book!  So they all came together and sat on the front row.  Every one had a unique different story.  Some were there and active in the church, and some had been inactive in the past.  Several of them came to me afterward and told me in private, they were going to return to activity in the church again, as the presentation helped them see the compatibility of the church organization and the epochal revelation, and I told them they could all benefit from activity in the Church organization where REVELATION IN ACTION takes place!  (That was the theme of the conference !     

I had to speak into a microphone and I could hear a slight echo so it was very hard for me to endure that and speak normally. But, everyone was so sweet to me and when I would ask if they were sure they could hear me alright they insisted it was just fine.  When I was nearly over, I asked them if they would like to know how I discovered the Urantia Book and they insisted I tell them the story, which I was happy to do.  It was well received, and many crowded around to tell me their story of how they were active or inactive and how much they enjoyed seeing the over all picture of the Revelation and the Church organization and how they are in harmony and given under the same authority, but in a different channel:  The church Revelation was given under the direction of the Angels of the Churches, as John the Apostle told us about, and the Epochal Revelation was given under the direction of the Dispensational Angels.  But both were given under the authority of our Savior Jesus Christ, as the Lord of our Universe, or as the Revelation calls him, The beloved Sovereign of our Universe.

Both of my presentations are at the top of this page in PDF form so you can read them.  

July 31, 2011

Worship service 8:30 to 11:00
Visiting after with many new friends.
It was hard to say goodbye as we all felt so close to each other after those five days. 

I told them in my presentation that they could all benefit from membership in the Church of Jesus Christ, but they will have to reach a point where they investigate it themselves, and perhaps one day a couple missionaries will knock on their doors and they will remember my presentation and invite them to share and perhaps some will discover the joy of the church organization in, especially, raising their families.

My suitcases had to be turned in to the office at the Hotel before I left for the 8:30 worship service/ Plenary Session…..
so that was done.  The conference was over and we all said our sad/happy goodbyes till we met again.  I am grateful that Heavenly Father’s Spirit prompted me to go to the conference and helped me to share about the harmony between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the 5th Epochal Revelation recorded in The Urantia Book.

Below is a link to download an iBook I have in the iTunes store
It is titled: Latter Day Saints and Urantia Revelation HarmonyThe_Urantia_Book_&_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_LDS_files/IS%20THE%20URANTIA%20BOOK%20A%20NEW%20REVELATION%20TO%20OUR%20EARTH%3F%20copy_1.pdf
 Click here
 To see PDFThe_Urantia_Book_&_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_LDS_files/THE%20CHURCH%20THAT%20PREPARED%20THE%20WAY%20copy.pdf



iBook now available for free in the iTunes Store

Latter Day Saints and Urantia Revelation Harmony