The Artist Tools & Visualizing




The tools you use depends on whether you are painting a watercolor, or acrylic, oil painting or doing a pencil or charcoal drawing.  If you are using charcoal, pastels, pencil, colored pencils, marking pens you need some other tools.  If working with clay, plaster or wax relief the list will be very different.  An etching or lithograph will require their lists of tools. 

Some of the tools of the artist would include pencils, paper, charcoal, paint (watercolor, acrylic, oil, and others), palette, canvas, brushes, turpentine, mediums, oil, turpentine, varnish, and water.

As an example if one is going to paint in Watercolors:

Usually there are several types of brushes

A painting knife for mixing the paint

Masking tape






Wax paper

Latex masks



Board to paint on


Containers for Water

Rags or paper towels

Perhaps a hairdryer

A spray bottle

With those tools comes the challenge:

THE CHALLENGE: To visually record some aspect of

earth life; an actual scene, people, feelings, imagination, or just enjoying an experience with the creative materials available.



Basically our tools in life are Spirit, Mind and Body.  Spirit makes us more than we are.  In about 286BC a young 18-year-old began training under the guidance of his Father and he eventually became a great moral leader and monarch of India.  His name was Asoka.  He was a man of great spiritual insight.  In the fourth year of his reign he converted to Buddhism  (Mookarji-1956: 175) In 250 BC he proceeded on pilgrimage to the sacred place of the Buddha's birth at the village called Lummini.  He constructed shrines and pillars of stone to mark these occasions.  He left Rock Edicts in 17 places and Pillar Instructions in 10 places.  It is recorded that he made many major reforms in India.  Asoka's Dharma was not any particular religion but what may be accepted as the common religion of mankind.  He thus ranks as the founder or the Father of Universal Religion.  He trained and sent out 17,000 missionaries with the message of Buddhism to the frontiers of the known world.  He had them build stupas with carved messages on them for all travelers to learn from.  In the Maski Rock-inscription Asoka says, "During this period human beings who were unmixed were caused to be mixed with gods throughout Jambudvipa.  This is the fruit of exertion.  (One needs to make effort)  This is possible not only for the superior to achieve, but, indeed, it is possible for a subordinate one also, if he exerts himself, to cause people to attain to much heavenly bliss".  In this edict Asoka described the result of his missionary work in a two fold manner, first by saying that he has made gods and men one another's associates and next by saying that there was attainment of heavenly felicity.  The commingling of men and gods must therefore be explained as to show that it was tantamount to the achievement of heaven."  You can be more than you are.   Spirit makes one equal two.   He knew that something remarkable happened when one welcomed help from above.  On another Stupa) he had carved: "Those gods who formerly had been unmingled (with men) have now become mingled (with them).  This object can be reached even by a lowly (person) who is devoted to morality…and If you act thus, this matter (will be) prosperous and of long duration, and will thus progress to one and a half."  In the Art of Living one tool is mortal, one tool is a gift of divinity.  The Infinite in the Finite!  God will make you more than you are!  "When man goes in partnership with God, great things may, and do, happen."  THE URANTIA BOOK page 1467

Spirit is the "veritable promise of man's eternal career imprisoned within the mortal mind…the essence of man's perfected …personality, which he can foretaste in time as he progressively masters the divine technique of achieving the living of the Father's will…" THE URANTIA BOOK PAGE 1176

God has commanded man and woman to be perfect, even as he is perfect and he has sent his Spirit to be our experiential partner in the achievement of that eternal goal.

Our tools of life can include the following:

Spiritan Endowment

Physical bodyGood health provides a temple for spirit to reside

Mindclear and rational thinking



WealthThe goods of life

Emotional StrengthAbility to withstand defeat



WisdomAcquired from

tribulation & failure

What do we do with our tools?

Spirit, Body, Mind, Ability, Skill, Wealth, Emotions, Culture, Education, and Wisdom.

THE CHALLENGE WE FACE: To make a temporal living

and at the same time to achieve Eternal Life.


Even as it is important to keep art tools in good repair, it is very important that we keep our life tools in good repair.

"How unkind knowingly to defile or pollute the physical body."


“When the development of the intellectual nature proceeds faster than that of the spiritual, such a situation renders communication with the Spirit both difficult and dangerous.  Likewise, overspiritual development tends to produce a fanatical and perverted interpretation of the spirit leadings of the divine indweller.  Lack of spiritual capacity makes it very difficult to transmit to such a material intellect the spiritual truths resident in the higher superconsciousness.  It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function--when the physical, mental, and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development--that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal danger or risk to the real welfare of such a being." THE URANTIA BOOK 1209


As I thought of the three S words that would cause us to not survive- selfishness, slothfulness, and sinfulness, three other words came to me which should become our survival words: Altruistic, Assiduous and Attuned.


It could very well be compared to our computer programs which we can purchase and install in our computers.  The programs are there ready for us to learn to use and to then enjoy.

In August of the year 2000 I wrote a paper for the benefit of my grandchildren using the computer program analogy.  We need to know we have help when we are faced with crisis and all levels of problem solving.  We live in a computer age and as I have looked for meanings and values I have seen a spiritual overlay of the computer which has helped me understand God!

Just imagine with me a time in the distant past when under the direction of our Heavenly Father, the creation of our Universe was begun.  The Son was the overseer, the Lord of the Universe, the Creator Son of our Universe.  Eventually our world was created and our first parents began to reproduce  on this earth.  Parents had children and children grew to adulthood and became parents to their children.  Billions, if not trillions of human beings have now lived and died on this earth.  Now it is our time- 1932 to 2000.

Each of us have received a body and our Father has sent our Spirit to have this earth experience.  As babies we are born with a small brain with neurotransmitters run by chemicals and body electricity.  The chemistry is derived from the food that we eat each day.  If we eat a balance of proteins, fats, cholesterol, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and drink enough water each day, our brain function will work at its optimum capacity.  If we do not have a balanced diet our bodies and brain will malfunction. Gradually the brain grows until sometime in the teen years when it is complete in size.

Within the brain, God has given us a mind. Our brain is like the housing of our computer, the plastic holder. Our mind is the delicate 'Mother board' with the memory chips.  How interesting that they call it a mother board, when we are taught that our mind is a gift of the Holy Ghost who functions very much like a creative loving Mother to us.  We receive that mind according to the brain capacity we have received from our genes.  Perhaps it is like being able to buy a computer with various amounts of (MHz) Megahertz, more ram, higher memory capacity.

As we grow we gradually begin to be self conscious and to learn the language of our parents.  Our brain develops, our personality develops and we realize we are a unique individual and that we have freewill to think and learn to make decisions and choices:

We can listen and obey our parents and find joy in life, or we can be disobedient and suffer the consequences of our wrong choices.

In other words we have the freedom to choose Eternal Life or

the freedom to eventually cease existence.

Each morning we awaken to a new day in this adventure of life.  When we wake up it is like turning on our mind computer.  Our Power PC.   (Power Personal Computer)  We could call it our Power Perfection Center.  We choose the programs to run in our Personal Computer each day because we have been give the amazing gift of FREEWILL - FREEAGENCY to choose.  On my Macintosh I have a launcher where I can open various programs to work on.  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, ClarisWorks, Epson Digital Photolab,  Microsoft Office 98 (which is what I am using to write this paper) My Quicken financial record,  Painter 5.0, QuarkXPress, Ready Set Go 4.5, Script Editor, Simple Text, Spirit Endowments, and The Print Shop Deluxe. 

By count I have 12 programs of software which I have access to each day.  Some I use every day, some just occasionally, and some I have never used, but they were put on my launcher by those who helped me connect my computer in the first place. 

One of those programs, Spirit Endowments, I installed myself of my own agency.  It is a program which reminds me that I have the marvelous opportunity each day to open three programs, from our Heavenly Father, his son Jesus Christ and from the Holy Ghost, into my Power Personal Computer each morning.  I do that by choosing to have my personal prayers.  The spiritual programs are opened in my mind when I sincerely tell Heavenly Father that I want to do what HE wants me to do that day.  His Father's Will program is opened and in mind I often see there are other things I can do that day which I did not think about just using my self will program.

During my prayers I express gratitude to Jesus for coming to our earth and for his life and teachings and for our wonderful Church organization and for revelation which shines a light on and gives a glimpse into Eternity.  I ask Jesus to fill me with his Spirit of Christ program.  There are many scriptures which tell us that we all have the spirit of Christ within us, but we need to OPEN that program daily.   When I open the door of my mind and heart and ask Jesus to be with me that day, HIS program is open in my personal computer.  The beautiful Sacrament prayer is made real in my mind for that day, that I will always remember him and have his Spirit to be with me.  He assures us that if we ASK we will RECEIVE. 

In my prayer time I express gratitude to our beloved Holy Ghost and request that the Holy Ghost will fill me with the Holy Ghost Program.  I am fulfilling the promises I made after my baptism when my Father laid his hands on my head and having been given the power of the Melchizedek priesthood - the power to act in God's name on this earth - he said to me, "Receive the Holy Ghost."  It was given to me that day when I was eight years of age, but I gradually began to realize that we need to RECEIVE the Holy Ghost daily in our personal mind computers.  Our awareness and mental request in our prayer time is what opens the programs into our minds that day. 

Several years ago when I had my first computer, a commodore, I began to see how computer processes were overlays of spiritual things.  I took three of the software containers and made SPIRIT SOFTWARE!  I covered the box with cloth that reminded me of the universe and glued on a photo of a huge meteor light in the sky.  The 'floppy disc' inside was a 3M disk and I thought that was appropriate for the first of the three in the trinity!  This was labeled as DIVINE SPIRIT.  On the file was a DIRECTORY FOR DIVINE SPIRIT SOFTWARE as well as a DIRECTORY FOR ...myself.  I printed out the file so a hard copy is inside the software container.

I did not completely cover the one for the Creator Son because it had so many important elements already.  At the top left corner it reads, TIMEWORKS, that is what we mortals are, so that was perfect.  Next the Name of the software was WORD WRITER 128.  I left that because I thought of how the Apostle John wrote, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."  I left the 128 on because I was thinking God is the 1st  in the trinity and The Eternal Son is the 2nd and if you turn the 8 sideways you have an infinity sign!  I inserted a picture of the Christus sculpture by the artist………………as a cover and a photo of a nebula on the back of the container.  The floppy disc inside is actually called VALULIFE!  That is about as perfect as one can find for a file which tells about our Creator Son, Jesus Christ.  The file has a hardcopy print out of THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST PROGRAM!  The third software container is in blue at the top and also has TIMEWORKS.  The name of the software was Data Manager with Report Writer.  I thought that was perfect because we are told that our minds and intelligence comes from the third member of the Godhead, which we often call the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost also gives us the guardian angels and they record our life, so they are the report writers.  I put a graphic with grids and planets on the cover and on the back I painting of light coming

as if from one part of an hourglass into the lower portion!  The file inside has data, data, data data, written hundreds of times in gray on a light gray background. 

My first literal computer SPIRITUAL SOFTWARE!   I still have the program on my desktop titled REMEMBERING SPIRIT.  The icon is a big beam of light.  I can click on it at any time and find the programs for the FATHER, SON AND SPIRIT as well as my gratitude journals.  I also keep a recorded dialogue with my Divine Spirit by recording in SPIRIT SALUTATIONS.  It has turned out to be a space where I can actually write down some things troubling me and ask for help.  In time when I 'hear' or 'know' the answer I go into the file and record what the Divine Spirit is saying to me.  Sometimes I don't know what the answer is till I start typing and then it comes to me.

These are Spiritual Software that has been given to us, has been installed in our personal mind computers, but they can just lay there dormant on the screen of our mind, or we can activate them to open and utilize the amazing features of their eternal gifts. Some of those gifts are very much like word processing facilities on our computers:

You are able to express your gratitude to Father, Son and Spirit. In your prayer time, much like having a file titled: gratitude journal on a PC where you record the things you are grateful for.

In prayer time you are able to ask for the things you are in need of, as you would do on a word processing program where you record your desires.

During your prayer time you may receive insight into scriptures you are reading and have questions about as it is possible to go on the internet and find the scriptures available for research and study.

But there is one important step that is missing at this point and it is the vital 'listening' time.  Let's think of it this way, when you want to upgrade your Server for example, like Netscape, you can go to the Netscape site and ask to have the new faster version downloaded into your machine.  You have to wait while it happens.  Usually a little box comes in the left corner and you see something is scanning and all you can do is be patient and wait!  Sometimes instead of the I beam there is a little clock which indicates thinking.  That is the important step after we have opened our spiritual software - our prayer time.  We can do all those things, thank, ask for help, remember scriptures and close your prayer, but then we need to do as the book of Psalms advises us - to "BE STILL AND KNOW GOD".   It is like being patient waiting for a download to be accomplished!   Wait and the Lord will answer.

These programs hold an eternal guarantee.  By using these programs we are facilitated to eventual worthiness to receive the great gift or endowment of ETERNAL LIFE.  The programs offer us an EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURE OF PROGRESSIVE PERFECTION AND SERVICE!  We have the promise of endless possibilities that as human beings we cannot even dream of or imagine. Do you see why our prayer time is such a precious time and we should valiantly strive to make it a habit in our life?  When we awaken in the morning we should have our prayer time and express our gratitude to our Heavenly Parents for this time to live on this earth and ask to have their spiritual programs opened in your personal mind computer that day. 

Remember in all of this that balance of our whole self is very important.  The physical, intellectual and spiritual parts of us need to grow together.  To say it in a mathematical way, the growth of the parts does not equal the true maturity of the whole.  When one part of you grows faster then the other parts our Spirit is not able to reach is in communication.  I read once that, "It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function- when the physical, mental and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development - that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted."  "How unkind to defile or otherwise deliberately pollute the physical body, which must serve as the earthly tabernacle of this marvelous gift from God- our Spirits.  All physical poisons greatly retard the efforts of the Spirit to exalt the material mind, while the mental poisons of fear, anger, envy, jealousy, suspicion, and intolerance likewise tremendously interfere with the spiritual progress of the evolving soul."  It is my prayer that all of my children and their companions and all of my grandchildren will see the importance of daily prayer and receptivity in your lives.  May you not think of prayer as a routine monologue which you do out of habit.  Yet, may you get in the good habit of praying.  May you realize that prayer is a dynamic reality of actually communicating with the Father of all, and his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  As you practice the art of praying you will gain a firm testimony and know that you are being heard.

As you utilize your Power PC -Power Perfection Center - Your marvelous mind computer - you will stand all amazed at the possibilities of your life on this earth and the life to come in the Heavens beyond.  Remember that God has given EACH of us a task for us to do, a special mission for our lifetime.  It is up to us to find out what it is and then let it develop and evolve in our life.  Earth life is actually a thrilling adventure.

In our Church meeting the other morning we sang the sweet song on page 96, Dearest Children, God is Near You.  Remember that his Spirit is NEAR.  May you open your GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT program each morning in prayer then be quietly receptive while the Spirit downloads the answer. 


In a journaling class which I took at the University of Hawaii from Dr. Arkoff, we were asked to write our ‘MIND SET”.   This was what I recorded:

To express love and gratitude for my life here on this earth, and to affectionately and with loyalty dedicate my will to the doing of our Heavenly Father’s will.  I daily request that my Divine Spirit will read the Father’s will to me and spiritualize me as I take my life classes in Mortal school: Be the architect of my soul, the archivist of my mind and the artist of my life.

I welcome all the student services available from my Spirit parents and tutors.  I open the door of my mind and heart to receive a duplicate of Jesus’ Spirit to walk where I walk, drive where I drive and be where I will be this day and always.  I request that the Holy Spirit will fill me with the spirit endowment that I may bear those fruits of the spirit as I pursue this life education.  I welcome guardian angels to be with me to guard and guide and enhance my spiritual growth.

I choose the Divine life of unselfishness and service even as my self clamors for recognition and honor.  I accept the fact that other’s needs will always come at inconvenient times and desire to give up my own plans to help those around me.  May I daily do acts of kindness that will lighten someone’s burdens? I will be patient and forgiving of my family members and others.  I love truth and am willing to go wherever it leads. Guide me around the maze of error and falsehood to the freedom of truth.  I am filled with hope, trust and faith.  When I fail and need to repeat life courses, be my Tutor and go with me through those failures and grant me wisdom.  As I go through life's difficulties, uncertainties, adversities and sorrows, help me meet hardships and disappointments with courage.  Help me discover joy and have a grateful heart in my daily experiences and relationships.  As I reach for Divine goodness, truth and beauty, surround me with your love and teach me the art of living that I may become the masterpiece you desire me to be. I know that with Divine help I will graduate into Eternal Life and will know you, my Divine parents face to face.

(Most of the phrases have come from the Urantia Book)

“Imagine this: imagine that you had been chosen by God to be the receptacle of grace.  Imagine God had whispered...mysteries to you not in words but in flashes of splendor. 

Imagine that as God was with you a wondrous current had flown into you, gripping your heart tight and washing your spirit with tidal waves of love; imagine hearing the words "I am yours and I love you." 

“In this passage from their book Judaic Mysticism, Dr. Avram Davis and Manuela Dunn Mascetti seek to evoke the most intimate, mysterious, glorious, and unconditional love affair in the Universe: that between God and us."

(Quote from  "Something More"   by Sarah Ban Breathnach Page 131)




I make a decision about the subject that I want to paint or the sculpture I am about to create.

I see it in my mind. I make a sketch.   I tell my children- "When I see it in my mind I am half finished."

When Michelangelo was asked how he could create such magnificent likenesses of the human form in marble.  He said he saw what he wanted to do and just cut away the excess. Another time he said, “I saw an angel in the stone and carved to set it free.”

In 1991 I received a commission to paint several portraits and a large floral garden painting.  I wrote about the experience in an essay I titled,  "Spiritual Counterparts of our Earth Life -The Wonders of Watercolors."




The more we can focus in on what we are doing, and as we ask for meanings and values in our life it will be given to us by the Spirit to see the spiritual counterpart of the material experience.

I received a commission to do a large watercolor for a new home being built at the top of the mountain overlooking Kahala on the Island of Oahu.  I wanted it to be magnificent and beautiful.  I spent 16 hours in preparation. The following things were accomplished: selecting the subject with the client, getting the reference photos enlarged,  buying the 30 x 41 sheet of 300 weight - 100 percent rag - cold pressed - Arches watercolor paper.  Lightly making the drawing on the paper.  I set up all my supplies, and made a list of the new supplies I would need.   At the art supply store I bought those supplies including a few new colors of Windsor Newton paints, and a new series 7 sable brush that I decided to treat myself to!  After all I had the number 7 sable brush my Mother had given me for a very long time!  As I recall the new one cost about $150.00!  Realizing that my studio table was too small, I prepared two card tables side by side to use as my table for painting, and then getting all the supplies arranged in a good place I put the paint into the Pikes Palette and finally I was ready to paint!

I had not painted in watercolor since 1985 when I painted "Thinking of the Good Days" in which my Husband was sitting with his back to the viewer, looking out at the sea.  I had won a prize for it in a watercolor show at Am Fac Plaza and he was there when I received the recognition.  It was soon after that show that I was doing his dialysis and was too busy to paint.  Now I began painting again, and it was wonderful.  It was all coming back to me!  The subject matter was complex vegetation and flowers, so it will take time to complete the painting.  I spent 6 hours and had just finished about a 14 by 11 area!  I realized that it would take work, persistence and patience to finish the painting.  In the beginning when I showed one of my daughters what I was going to paint, she said, "Why are you going to paint that?"  She thought it was too complex and she didn't see my vision of it.  Now as I worked on the painting, she came over and said, "Oh Mom it is going to be really beautiful!"  At least now the vision of the finished goal is becoming more evident, to myself as well as others!

It came to me this morning (July 24th, 1991) that there is a lesson in my art experience about life!  Yes, there is a lot of time that must be spent in preparation for doing the work of life.  There is education to receive and it takes time and great effort in study and learning.  One must be ready physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  One must have a hope and a faith in the goal one has visualized.  Sometimes, only you can keep the goal alive in your mind, as others may not see it.  Finally we can begin to work on the goal itself, marriage and family, or a career - a job.  It still takes TIME, and EFFORT, PERSISTENCE, PATIENCE, and COURAGE.  It is difficult, it is work, and we have to stay with it in order to see the masterpiece of life at the end.  Enduring to the end!  But, at least in that stage we can see some evidence of our work that will reassure us and others around us that our preparation was not in vain, and that we are creating something of value and something beautiful.   As Sir Winston Churchill told the Graduating class in his nine word speech.  Never give up!  Never give up! Never give up!  Persistence will bring success in life or success in painting a Watercolor!



Faith is a hope for things we cannot see.

What is it that we cannot see?

We do not see the larger view of us on this planet.

We cannot see our own perfection.

With Faith we can have the vision for the Art of Living.

To see ourselves from a distance can teach us much about our relationship in the scheme of things, even as an artist stands back and views the relationship of spaces and shapes in a painting.  I have a special reducing lens which allows me to look at my painting and see it as if from an even greater distance.  In this way I am able to see what corrections need to be made, as well as to be reassured that certain things are working well in the composition.

It is difficult for us to imagine we will someday be perfected.  With faith we can know there is a grand educational plan which God has prepared in the Universe after we leave this planet earth.  An Educational Plan of Progressive Perfection and Service.  With faith we will reach our Eternal destiny in Paradise.

Visualizing our life from a distance may come at unexpected times or places, but it comes to us as we ‘stand back and desire to see that instructive, revealing view.  The had an insight come to me in 1988 as I sat by my husband in the intensive care unit of the hospital!  I do not understand all the reasons this insight came to me day day in the ICU, but I know I was sitting quietly and prayerfully as I watched my husband slipping into sleep.  Another thing was that I had just finished reading ‘The Different Drum’  a book written by M. Scott Peck and I began to think of what I had been reading.   I had learned a lot as I read that book.  I had learned to celebrate differences and the last two years of my husband’s life was much happier for both of us because of it. 

Scott Peck writes of the ‘Patterns of Transformation’ and the ‘Stages of Spiritual Growth’.  "There is a pattern of progression through identifiable stages in human spiritual life".  Dr. Peck goes on to say, "I myself have passed through them in my own spiritual journey."  Then he writes that the stages can only be generalized, "for individuals are unique and do not always fit neatly into any psychological or spiritual pigeonhole."  Then he lists the four general stages as he has observed them:

"Stage I: Chaotic, antisocial

Stage II: Formal, institutional

Stage III: Skeptic, individual

Stage IV: Mystic, communal"

"Most all young children and perhaps one in five adults fall into Stage I.  It is essentially a stage of undeveloped spirituality."  He calls it antisocial because those in that stage are manipulative and self-serving.  The adults that stay in this stage are governed only by self will and often end up in our prison system or needing some other institution to govern them.  "From time to time people in this stage get in touch with the chaos of their own being, and when they do, I think it is the most painful experience a human can have...some, occasionally convert to Stage II.  Such conversions are usually sudden and dramatic and, I believe, God-given.  It is as if God had reached down and grabbed that soul and yanked it up a quantum leap."

M.Scott Peck then suggests that most people go through Stage II which is the stage of the majority of churchgoers.  He suggests some people go from Stage II directly into Stage IV, but that others go through Stage III of Skepticism before entering Stage IV, the stage of enlightenment, of knowing, of understanding the mystery, the stage of community with Spirit.  I recorded my insight in a paper titled:    



This symbolism was visualized and written in 1988.  I had recently finished reading The Road less Traveled and then The Different Drum by M. Scott Peck.  In my mind, ‘from a distance’ I began to visualize the Island of Oahu and see symbols relating to our journey through life:

On the Island of Oahu, there is a majestic range of mountains that separates one side of the Island from the other side.  It is called the Koolau range.  In the beginning we are separate from our spirit and must make the journey of transition to oneness.

Honolulu, the capital of the State of Hawaii, is crowded, capitalistic and sometimes even chaotic.

The Sub-area, Waikiki, is a ‘materialistic, metropolitan maze of mania’ for tourists who come from throughout the world.

There are, surrounding ‘bedroom subdivisions;  Hawaii Kai, Aina Haina, Nui, Kahala, Diamond Head, Kaimuki, Palolo, McCully, Makiki, Punchbowl, Pacific Heights, Pauoa, Papakolea, Kalihi, Nuuanu, Manoa, Halawa Heights, Moanaloa, Salt Lake, Aiea, Pearl ridge and more and more around the Island. 

In these subdivisons there are homes that are primitive tents and lean-two’s on beaches, homes that are a century old and have endured even while being devoured by termites.  Homes that are modest and basic, homes that are ostentatious, ornate and opulent, homes that are creative and artistic.

Honolulu and Waikiki are symbolic of STAGE ONE in the journey to spiritual growth.  They represent people who are in the stage of chaos and self centeredness which we all start out in and some adults never leave. 

The home subdivisions are like the institutional churches, they come in all types:  Some are primitive, some evolutionary-developing over the years, but holding on to errors, some are revealed and living churches which teach the art of living.  All our religious schools seek in their own way to train and instruct and lift mortals out of Chaos.  They represent STAGE TWO.

STAGE THREE is the transitional stage through the tunnel.

There are two tunnels one can use in order to travel to the other side of the Island which is called the ‘Windward Side’.  The Likelike Highway Tunnel and the Pali Highway Tunnel.  Both tunnels go through the mountain range of the Koolaus. 

The Likelike tunnel trip is as follows:  As one travels on the Likelike highway and enters the tunnel a sign instructs the driver to turn on the car lights.  The tunnel is very long.  One cannot see the end of the tunnel as there is a slight left turn in order to exit the tunnel.  In the tunnel it is discomforting and one can feel a little anxious to while in this dim lit tunnel.  Finally one reaches the exit and as one leaves there ahead is one of the most glorious, magnificent sights on earth, for there is revealed the majestic Koolau mountains on the left with their deep crevices cut out by centuries of rain careening down its carpet of greener.  It is awe inspiring!  It is breathtaking!  It is a mountain top experience!  It is natures revelation at its finest!  To the right one can see the expanse of the ocean which I would liken to the waters of life!

As one scans the horizon to the left there are further distant mountains, even as we may look out and see Eternity. 

There are two distinct journeys possible from STAGE TWO TO STAGE FOUR. 

The Likelike tunnel represents one journey.  It is the transition stage of skepticism which so often occurs between institutional religion and a personal relationship with God.  Skepticism with its doubts and confusions, with its scientific methods and the scientific ‘tunnel vision’.  Some may seem to stay in the tunnel.  However if one perseveres, if one is determined to get through the transition stage, if one is dedicated to finding truth, then one will reach the end of the tunnel, for the law is ‘seek and you will find’. 

STAGE THREE is the tunnel and STAGE FOUR is the real birth of the spirit, being born of God and the beginning of even greater adventures of the spirit.  After all, the other side of the Island is called the windward side and Jesus used the wind as a symbol of the spirit when he talked to Nicodemus.  So, in this symbolic view I would compare that windward side to the experience of flowing with the spirit.

Some people do not take the route of skepticism on their spiritual journey, even as some people travel to the windward side by taking the Pali Highway tunnel. The Pali Highway tunnel, can be likened to those in the institutional churches who make the quantum leap to the fourth stage of spiritual growth.  They do not go through the tunnel of skepticism, but they do have a nagging feeling within that there is ‘something more’.  They question the ‘pat answers’ and they do battle doubt, but they don’t fear it.  They struggle with a seedling of faith, but as their desire for truth grows they empty themselves of all suppositions and preconceptions and enter the tunnel of transition.  They suffer the pain of not knowing, and go inward, onward, and upward! 

This Pali Highway tunnel is not the long dim tunnel as the Likelike tunnel of skepticism.  Rather it is two short tunnels. There is a sign instructing the driver to turn on the car lights.  But it is very different from the long Likelike tunnel.  One enters the tunnel to soon come out into a brief encounter with the promised light and then once more a brief tunnel experience and the tunnel is finished.  Then one makes a swing to the right and travels through a valley of the mountains and then to the left one sees the panorama of the Windward side of the Island.  On the right are the twin peaks rising dramatically out of the valley in front of the Koolau range, representing the stronghold of faith and love which are the power and energy of all travelers on the road less traveled.

Both tunnels lead the traveler to the windward side-STAGE FOUR.  The tunnels are different, and they attract different travelers, but both lead to the beauty of the windward side, even as all transition stages lead to STAGE FOUR IN SPIRITUAL GROWTH, the beauty of the personal religion of the spirit, the divine spiritual endowment gift of our spiritual Father of all.




Training is always the first step to producing any art work.   I had gone with my Father when he wanted to ask a man about re-roofing our farm home. It was then that I saw beautiful paintings on the wall and realized the wife was an artist.  I asked my Mother if I could please take  ‘art lessons’.  So, I began my training at the age of seven in that small farming community in Southern Idaho.


Private Study

High School classes

Utah State University

Brigham Young University

Jepson Art Institute

San Jose State College

Honolulu Art Academy

University of Hawaii - B.A. 1981 - (Religion)

Atelier North School of Classical Realism

We can see that our teachers and the opportunity for study are what facilitates our competence in an art area.

FACILITATORS- Teachers and study


Practice, practice, and more practice.  I started out following in the footsteps of the old masters as my teacher had me paint landscapes using watercolors.  From that time on it was practice that eventually brought me to a certain degree of skill.


Most art work needs a preliminary drawing of some kind.  I was trained to make my drawing with yellow ochre on my watercolor paper.  Some people make a drawing with pencil.  When I do a portrait in oils, I usually make a drawing with a charcoal pencil on tracing paper and when the drawing is as I want it, I transfer it to the canvas.  Other times I have started the drawing on the canvas with a burnt umber turpentine wash and  work it directly on the canvas.  When I’m doing a scene or seascape or floral study in oils or acrylic I will first sketch what I want in a light turpentine wash.

When an artist has done the preliminary drawing the art elements of line, shapes, spaces, texture, color and value interplay in the artist mind as the art work progresses.

In 1985 I was contacted by two sisters who gave me a commission to paint an oil portrait of their parents for their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  They had an old sepia toned wedding portrait of their parents and they wanted me to paint a 36 X 48 oil portrait of that old wedding photo.  The kimono worn by the young bride had been saved all these years, so I was able to hang it up and reproduce the colors in the kimono on the painting. 

The first step in preparation is to cut and stretch the canvas and staple it to the stretcher bars. After the charcoal drawing is lightly drawn on the canvas, it is time to begin painting.  I decided to paint the background first and the photo’s will show that stage and then the final painting.  It was presented to the parents at their fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration. 



The facilitators to help us in the Art of Living is, more importantly, Spirit, then the family, the church, the schools and the community.

Our preparation for living life comes from our parents training.  The family is the most effective social group.  It is an association to facilitate full development of character.  The child, has growing recognition of those parental teachers, and finally appreciation grows into genuine love.  The family offers an opportunity for a union of souls and a growing enthusiasm for living. 

"Marriage, with children and consequent family life, is stimulative of the highest potentials in human nature and simultaneously provides the ideal avenue for the expression of those quickened attributes of mortal personality.  The family provides for the biologic perpetuation of the human species.  The home is the natural social arena wherein the ethics of blood brotherhood may be grasped by the growing children.  The family is the fundamental unit of fraternity in which parents and children learn those lessons of patience, altruism, tolerance, and forbearance which are so essential to the realization of brotherhood among all men."

(Urantia Book, page 941)

A good family is a defense against evil as children learn to live for the welfare of others and there is a growing awareness that selfishness, slothfulness, and sinfulness will cause one to be unworthy of Eternal life.  The three A’s of altruistic, assiduous and attuned move one to be worthy of Eternal life with a sincere devotion to the interests of others, and with energetic, constant careful attention, one is diligent in persevering to bring into harmony and agreement the body-mind with spirit.





Personal Revelation

Those who Love us


I remember how my Mother surrounded me with pictures of the old masters and their art work.   It will come as no surprise that in the Art of Living my ‘old master’ is OUR MASTER-  JESUS CHRIST-  who is the beloved Sovereign of our Universe.

He has many titles: The Lord of the Universe, God of the Universe, The Creator Son, The Only Begotten Son of the Father, our Savior, our Master.  The important thing is that He is paramount in your heart and mind.

Jesus said, "I am the way to Eternal Life"

"I am the way - the truth - and the light.

  "Come follow me"

It is through following in his footsteps that we too will learn to create masterpieces:  Literally we will be a piece of the master plan of perfection!  Don’t be overwhelmed by the goals of perfection for the good news is that there is lots of help available even though it is invisible help!  That is where faith comes in, because we can’t see the assistance, but the amazing thing is that eventually you begin to ‘feel’ the assistance, and any number of serendipitous things begin to happen and you ‘know’ there is assistance and you feel confidence and hope for the future.  Believe with me until you get that assurance, and then you too will ‘know’.  Help is on it’s way!  ‘Student Services’ are open 24 hours a day and we as students can ask for help and receive it.  Several years ago in one of my creative flow periods I made a book patterned after a University catalog and I called it THE MORTAL SCHOOL CATALOG.  That is how I know that Student Services are open 24 hours a day!









General Catalog

Mailing address:

Universe Headquarters - Administrative offices

Heavenly Fax via Guardian Seraphim or the Divine Spirit

Volume 1 Number 1 May 27, 1991



On May 22nd, 1989 I was sitting in the car up at Punchbowl National Cemetery, writing a letter to my husband who had died in February.  I told him in the letter that I hoped he was doing 'good' in his classes there, and I would try to do 'good' in my mortal classes!  I stopped and thought, "I don't really know what classes I am in!  Since 1964 I had been aware that I had a "teacher", and I knew I was learning in various "classes", yet I saw it vaguely.  I thought  about a dream I had once, where I was in school and I couldn't remember what classes I had each period, and it was such a nightmare, to be looking for the class I was signed up for!  I sat there in the car and thought that I really should know what classes I was in if I expected to be a good student!  I took out a blue 'post-it' and started writing down the names of my classes.  The seven classes below were the result.  Following this day I would periodically, every few months, write a list of my new  classes.  I have recorded examples below.  I began to realize that some classes are continuous and some may have semester breaks and resume another semester.  Some classes may even come to a close with a final exam and a grade.  Sometimes there are papers to write for the class and lots of research and study!



Getting to know Heavenly Father,

Jesus and  the Holy Spirit


Experiencing the Pain of Separation


How to achieve "Community"


Insights into Eternity


"Do it unto the least of these you will do it unto me"


"Go ye into all the world" "Let your light Shine"


"A house of order"

One day while driving past the Hawaii Educational Association

I got the idea that we were all in a -





I wrote a two page paper about our classes, and had it divided into ten classes.  On another day I recorded all the classes that I had written on my little stick-on sheets, and put them in one list which I titled:


Finally the idea came to me, on May 28th, 1991 that we are in MORTAL SCHOOL and I thought it would be "fun" to make a CATALOG about our school!  This catalog is the result of that thought.  It became more than fun, it became an all - consuming project!  I worked at the computer much of many days and nights, and would wake up with new ideas that I could hardly wait to record!  I became more aware of the MORTAL CLASSES I was in. It was a unique and exciting way to PROCESS life; past, present and future.

I went through my classes and gave myself a grade for each of my experiences and "classes", and then figured out my GPA!  It was fun to do and also encouraging, to see that I had accomplished some things in my life,  but I also felt a desire to do better!  My  GPA is far from the Honor Role! 

I am grateful for STUDENT SERVICES!  You can see that I have collected lots of phrases from my reading about our indwelling Spirit, The Spirit of  Truth , and our Universe Mother, as well as our Guardian Angels or Seraphim.  I patterned my catalog after the BYU-Hawaii Catalog.  I have used a lot of their words in this Mortal Catalog because they seemed so fitting.  I also used other quotes as indicated.

Without "INDIVIDUALIZED TUTORING" AND "INDIVIDUALIZED PARENTING" none of us would be able to make it through school!  I thank them for their help in my life studies at MORTAL SCHOOL and in helping me to organize this MORTAL SCHOOL CATALOG.




Cover illustrations-description

Title Page

Table of Contents




The Mission of Mortal School

Academic Program

Code of Honor


Individualized Tutoring

Student Services available


Tuition and Fees









General Education

Religious Education

Majors, Missions, and Certificates





HEAVEN - After MORTAL SCHOOL- a new age of discovery

BACK COVER - God has a unique vision of the world-

He sees it as a school!

The organizer of this Catalog has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this catalog but reserves the right to make changes and additions as insights come to mind.


Perhaps God has a ‘maturity scale’ to measure our growth on this earth:  How we did in the following periods of our life and areas of our life would give a good indication of where we are on the maturity scale.  How would you evaluate yourself in these areas?  I often think of the life classes I have in each area!

Childhood experience?

Marriage experience?

Parenting experience?

Personal Achievement?

Social Development?

Emotional Control?

Mental Harmony?

Intellectual growth?

Study- voluntary love of?



Leadership experience?

Spiritual growth?

We are given the opportunity to receive seven major gifts as we live our life on this earth;  The gift of our identity and existence, security and pleasure as we experience life on earth, education and training if we choose to accept, discipline and restraint when we move in antisocial ways, companionship and loyalty when we choose to follow His way, love and mercy at all times, and our Eternal future is assured.  As parents, we are asked to give those same gifts to our children. 



"The children take origin in the parents and the children inherit certain parental traits.  Personality existence, a gift of the Father in Heaven, depends on the parents.


Good parents are not only happy to provide for the needs of their children, but they also enjoy making provision for their pleasure.


Wise Parents plan for education and training of their sons and daughters so they will be well prepared for the greater responsibilities of life.


Farseeing Parents make provision for necessary disciplilne, guidance, correction, and sometimes restraint of their young and immature offspring.


Affectionate Parents are companions with their children, and always are their ears open to their petitions.  Always are they ready to listen and understand their children.  They are ever ready to share in their hardships and assist them over their difficulties. Good Parents are always supremely intereested in the progressive welfare of their progeny.


Compassionate Parents are freely forgiving; they do not hold vengeful memories against their children.  They are not like judges, enemies, or creditors with their children.  Good parents have tolerance, patience, and forgiveness.


Temporal Parents like to leave an inheritance for their children." The family continues from one generation to another.  Death only ends one generation to mark the beginning of another.  Death terminates an individual life but not necessarily the family.  True parents teach and demonstrate the "Art’ of living spiritually; reliance upon the spirit in all things - which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In this way do parents provide for the ‘Eternal’ future of their children.

(see THE URANTIA BOOK pg. 1923 adapted from Jesus’ teachings about the family) ( UB 1607)