This is a 10 minute movie about a magnificent Revelation that was given to our earth in the 1930’s and published in 1955.  The authors of the revelation are not human beings, but are Celestial beings.  (That is why it is called a REVELATION :  ) )  They were assigned to write the 196 papers to tell us on earth about our Heavenly Father, about his Son, who we know as Jesus Christ, who lived his Bestowal life on our earth to reveal God to man and to help us embark on a ‘God knowing Career”.  This revelation is to give us the wonderful gift of being able to read and hear the life of Jesus on this earth and his teachings as they actually happened.  It is truly a gift to mankind to read or hear this  Revelation.  The mini 10 minute movie I made gives a quick overview of the plan of revelation on this earth and what is contained in the revelation.  Albert Einstein is recorded as saying that if something is beautiful you can know it is truth, and if something is truth it will be beautiful, so I have used that as my title, for the REVELATION is TRUTH and BEAUTIFUL from start to the last page of 2097.  Also I want to stress that this revelation IS NOT to start a new Church, but is meant to give truth to all people on the earth and is an additional TESTIMONY that Jesus Christ is a Creator Son of God our Father in Heaven.  We also learn that he has given us a duplicate of his spirit, which he called THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, and as we read this epochal revelation, for example, we will receive a testimony within us that it is true and our lives will be enhanced and we will be transformed and spiritualized as we respond to the Spirit of our Father in Heaven and the Spirit of Jesus Christ and other Spirit help that will enfold us and guide us through our mortal life.



Below is a 10 minute presentation titled, The Second coming of Jesus the Christ.


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