From iPhone to iMind


   I  am SO AMAZED that I have lived to see and enjoy this mini phone/computer called an IPHONE!  I was born in 1932, and since then I have seen many changes and experienced many things in my life that I never imagined would happen.  Living in the computer age has changed all of our lives.  Some of you who lived in the 1930's will relate to some of my memories of the past.


When I was a young girl living on a farm in Idaho, we had a phone on the wall and we could pick it up and an operator would say, "NUMBER PLEASE" and we would say a number or a person's name we were calling.  We certainly NEVER thought of calling long distance.   NEVER could I have imagined that in August 2009 I would have a four and a half by two and a half inch telephone/computer and with the tap of my fingers I am able to call my family and friends and businesses for information almost any place in the world.


NEVER would I have believed that I would have a large Macintosh 21 inch monitor / computer with a keyboard to write on, and write email letters that travel at the speed of light to even my daughter living in Germany.  The computer has opened up the possibility of so many creative things including writing books. We had a Royal typewriter and then a Remington Typewriter as I recall, and there was no spell check and it was laborious, especially if you were not an accurate fast typist, one had to stop and erase and retype.  At the time we thought it was an improvement on hand writing, and of course it was.  


I never would have thought I could learn to "make a movie on my computer"---even a glorified slide presentation with music and scrolling, as I have done.  Then NEVER would I have believed that I could push a button and view on a small hand held iPhone screen, four of my full length ( 1 ½ hour) movies on that devise!  We used to go to a town, called Burley, to see a movie, and it was a rare thing.  I remember we went to see ‘The Perils of Pauline’, ‘Lassie’, and ‘The Shepherd of the Hills’.  


Never would I have believed that I could click a button and read the news anywhere in the world, and check on the weather in other places, and see satellite pictures of almost everyplace on the earth, and in many places zoom down to seeing a street view of where my family and friends live!  


After I got my iPhone I started learning about applications I could have on my iPhone and I am continuing to be amazed at all the things that can now be possible on my iPhone.

Here are some of the amazing APPS on my phone/computer: Various apps can send email messages, play music, keep a calendar of events, is a photo album and slide show when I want it.  I can take a photograph or a video, go on YouTube and view videos of millions of other people on the planet, an app that shows maps, tells me the weather in all the places my loved ones live.  I can make voice memos, have alarms to remind me to do various tasks, a calculator when I need one.  I can write a note, or check on my ‘to do’ list, which I can then email to my helper doing the shopping.  I can travel on Google Earth, or go see the planets and learn more about them.  I can listen to the radio and if I hear a song that I don't know the name of, I can check on an app and find the name of it!  I can tell you how many days until Christmas or family birthdays.  I can even tell you how many days I have lived on this earth : ),  If I can't remember where my car is parked, one of my APPS will indicate where it is!  I can check a word meaning in a dictionary and if I hear a word in another  language I can go to my translator and find out the meaning of the word!  When I wonder what is on my TV at home, I can quickly check to see what is playing and never have to turn it on again and scan the TV channels!  I am even able to watch some TV programs, but I haven't used that app or several other ones, but they still amaze me what they will do.

This iphone/computer even helps me to grow spiritually!  I can start my day, as I always do, by having a wonderful worship, prayer and receptivity time and then while still relaxing on my bed I can read the scriptures of my choice on this little hand held device, seeing pages very clear and even reading without my glasses, and being able to navigate from page to page with ease.  It used to be hard to hold a big book in my hands and read as I lay on my bed in the morning or evening.  Now I can read the scriptures with ease.  I can even read some hymns and when I go to church on Sunday mornings, I won't need to carry my scriptures, because they will be in the palm of my hand!  I can even sing the hymn looking at the words on my iphone and need not look in the song book.  Most amazing of all is how I can listen to the very words of Jesus and hear about his life on this earth in my ears, as I do the routine household responsibilities and even while I am driving or standing in line at the store. 

Really, I am grateful that I have lived to see all these wonderful inventions which are realized in my APPLE iPHONE device.

In the New Testament, Book of Revelations, John records some of the amazing things he saw in a vision of the next place we will be living after this life.  In the Epochal Revelation it records in clearer language what John saw:

"(539.4) 47:10.2 John the Revelator saw a vision of the arrival of a class of advancing mortals from the seventh mansion world to their first heaven, the glories of Jerusem. He recorded: “And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire; and those who had gained the victory over the beast that was originally in them and over the image that persisted through the mansion worlds and finally over the last mark and trace, standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God, and singing the song of deliverance from mortal fear and death.” (Perfected space communication is to be had on all these worlds; and your anywhere reception of such communications is made possible by carrying the “harp of God,” a morontia contrivance compensating for the inability to directly adjust the immature morontia sensory mechanism to the reception of space communications.)  UB page 539 paper 47

So, my conclusion is that there is more to come, which is beyond our imagination, but perhaps APPLE'S HARP is a prelude to GODS HARP that we will receive after this life?  ( That should bring a smile to your face )

I'M GRATEFUL FOR THIS AMAZING LIFE EXPERIENCE.  Yes, there are lots of challenging problem solving experiences, but when you look for them, there are lots of things that bring us joy in life: Family and friends, books, music and art and many other things including inventions.

Now that I have used my iphone for six months I am beginning to see spiritual analogies

iMIND is the result.

The I stands for INSPIRED


I have recently begun to realize how undisciplined my mind is!  When I was focused on good things it was fine, but when I was doing my routine of the day I was going over so many terrible things that I had heard on the news.  A couple months ago I stopped watching the nightly news and even stopped watching TV with only a couple exceptions, but still the bad things would come in my mind to worry about how human beings could do such cruel things?  I realized I needed help, so I prayed about it and as soon as I had a desire to change, or discipline-or train my mind,  ideas began to come to me.  In the Urantia Book it says that Jesus ORGANIZED his mind, but I knew I needed more than that.  I WILL SHARE WHAT I AM LEARNING SO THAT WE CAN PRACTICE IT TOGETHER.

I realized I needed help from my Divine Spirit so my mind would be an inspired mind- and then I realized with a smile that I could call it an iMind.  That thought caused me to begin comparing it to my iphone and I wondered what my mind-computer would look like if it were in the form of an iphone, and what applications or apps would it have?

Being a creative artist I started creating a possible imind on my desktop with icons!  I realized there could be many apps available for an imind.  (By the way, the word inspired implies one is being given insight from the Spirit adjuster, ( in sight ) so that is why in the Urantia Book it says the book was NOT inspired, since no human being made those revelations.)

I will display what the face of the iMIND might look like and the three other screens available to slide to the front.

On the first page of the iMIND will be found the following APPS:

Trash Application

Mind Dial Application

Time Application

Friend and Family Application

Ask Application

Receive Application

God our Father Application

Father's Will Application

Earth Application

Love Application

Paradise Application

Special keys Application

Jesus' mission bestowal Application

The Creator Son Application

Universe Education Application

Holy Spirit Application

Seraphic helpers Application

Fruits of the Spirit Application

Knowledge Application

Epochal Revelation Application

At the bottom of the iMIND is the

Call button,

Mail button

Navigator button

Audio button

Those four items stay on each page, and the home button is at the base of the iMIND.

2nd page:

Home Application

When we are a child Application

Divine Spirit Adjuster Application

Life -the  Art of Living Application

History Application

Decisions Application

Growth Application

Church value Application

Jesus' life and teachings Application

Covenant Application

Perplexities of life application.

Forgiveness Application

The Art of being Application

Parenting-Love Application

Families Application

Rescuing Application

Light Application

Spirit Application

Revelation Application

Knowledge Application

3rd page

World overview Application

Melchizedek Application

Life and Teaching of Jesus Application

Mission training Application

Ordination Application

Gethsemane Application

Affliction Application

Prayer Application

Feast Application

Light and Shadow Application

Worship Application

Loyalty Application

Harmony Application

Music Application

Pallette Application

Order Application

ABC's of SPIRIT Application

Nature Application

Mountains in Life Application

Tree of Life Application

5th page

ARTS Application

Beauty Application

Art of Living Application

Soul Music Application

Testimony Application

Insight and Inspiration Application

Missionary Application

Awards and rewards Application

Earth/Urantia Application

Graduation Application

Eternity Application

Backup Application

MORE on tia Application

Mountain tips Application

The Lord of the Universe/

Beloved Sovereign of the Universe

Student Application



I recently look my daughter's computer in to APPLE because there was no memory left and I was afraid I would have to buy her a new one which I really can't afford to do right now.  The wonderful GENIUS who helped me, knew just what to do.  He emptied the trash which she had never emptied, he went to the file with the many printer formats in there and erased all but the Epson printer which she uses.  He went to the other two user profiles and erased them as they do not use her computer like we thought they might in the beginning, then he cleared something else out and then there was 17 GB left of free memory space.  I was grateful she will still be able to use her computer. 

In a somewhat like manner, we can delete the negative, the errors, evils or sins or iniquities in our lives, or bad things we have heard about others on the planet. Those things hold us back since we all tend to ruminate on those things in unfocused times.  They stop us from reaching our potential in spiritual growth.

There is no need to hang on to our past mistakes.  If we have sincerely repented then God will remember them no more, so we certainly shouldn't hang on to them.  How do we get rid of them?  I wondered also, but I think that sincerely asking for help to delete them is the answer.  Remember that the Spirit Adjuster needs our permission to help, and so it is in deleting and emptying the trash in our minds.  We now have more room in our earth mind for the good things in life.


This is related to the above need to delete to give more memory.  One day I realized that some of the time if I were a car radio- I would say that I have left my mind on SCANNING.  It just goes from one station to another, and all the bad things I have heard on the news in my life come up all to often.

One day, my youngest daughter said to me, after I was complaining about the terrible things I had heard on the news, that 'the spirit doesn't like it when we hear the news before bed'--  It made me think, do I really need to listen to the news each night?  I had been listening to the news every night since 9/11/2001 and feeling it was my responsibility to 'know what is going on in my state, my nation and on the planet'.  During those years of increased TV watching, I was cringing as I heard of unbelievable.  How could humans be so cruel to other human beings?  But, even though I was repelled by what I had seen or heard on the news and television, I continued to watch it mostly in the evening.  As a result my mind continued to scan the evils, iniquities and cruelties of mankind whenever my mind was not occupied with other focused thought.

I read that Jesus had organized his mind and, of course, his situation was a lot different, as he was organizing his human and his divine minds, but it still gave me the idea that I could ask for divine help to re-train or discipline/teach my mind.

In my car radio, it will scan for the various stations available in ones area.  Then if you want that station you have to press on a key and then it will be chosen to be on the dial and can be one of the regular stations one listens to when in the car.  I can see that we need to CHOOSE what we will listen to and think about.  I really never thought of that seriously before.  We always think about CHOOSING about our actions, but somehow I didn't realize I could train or discipline my mind.

So CHOOSE the station.  In the beginning I can see that it is helpful to have an ipod or an iphone on our person so we can listen to good music, or inspiring revelatory talks, or the ultimate - hearing the life and teachings of Jesus in ones ear, as we go through our routine daily work.


In our iMind there are many applications available even as there are for the iPhone. 

Now that we have deleted the mistakes of our past and the errors and evils of our lives or the lives of others we have heard about, we can cherish the good things of our lives with gratitude and no longer dwell on the negative. 

On this website I will periodically write about more applications, and I invite you to suggest others.  For now I will share the app's that have come to my mind.  I hope you will enjoy them and find them helpful in disciplining and organizing your own mind.


Thanks to the wonderful Rodan, I learned years ago how helpful it is to create a 'Reserve Gallery of Treasured Memories' that we can 'view' in our mind's eye to uplift us in times of adversity and problem solving, or in times of affliction and sorrow. 

His quote has long inspired me:

(1779.4) 160:4.12 Train your memory to hold in sacred trust the strength-giving and worth-while episodes of life, which you can recall at will for your pleasure and edification. Thus build up for yourself and in yourself reserve galleries of beauty, goodness, and artistic grandeur. But the noblest of all memories are the treasured recollections of the great moments of a superb friendship. And all of these memory treasures radiate their most precious and exalting influences under the releasing touch of spiritual worship.” UB page 1779

Years ago I made a list of the happy moments of my life and enjoyed reading it over periodically.  But then recently I got the idea to print out a pattern wall of an art gallery and then I printed out contact pictures of my good memories and glued them in the frames, and I ended up with about a hundred treasured memories in my gallery!  I can now actually look through those good memories in the moments I need to be uplifted.

Jesus kept the good memories in his mind and went over them, we are told, in those times of greatest trial in his life.  He also memorized scripture, because that was how he was taught in the Synagogue schools. I can see the value of memorization, and see it will give us strength and keep our brains exercised as well.  I used to do it more when I was young, but I intend to go back to it in my senior years.


This APP helps us see that even when the air currents are ascending, no bird can soar except by outstretched wings (from the revelation)

This APP is to remind us of the reality and importance of prayer- to ask. 

Jesus taught the following:

144:2.2 " Prayer is entirely a personal and spontaneous expression of the attitude of the soul toward the spirit; prayer should be the communion of sonship and the expression of fellowship. Prayer, when indited by the spirit, leads to co-operative spiritual progress. The ideal prayer is a form of spiritual communion which leads to intelligent worship. True praying is the sincere attitude of reaching heavenward for the attainment of your ideals.

In all praying, remember that sonship is a gift. No child has aught to do with earning the status of son or daughter. The earth child comes into being by the will of its parents. Even so, the child of God comes into grace and the new life of the spirit by the will of the Father in heaven. Therefore must the kingdom of heaven— divine sonship—be received as by a little child.  You earn righteousness—progressive character development—but you receive sonship by grace and through faith.

144:4.4 Prayer led Jesus up to the supercommunion of his soul with the Supreme Rulers of the universe of universes. Prayer will lead the mortals of earth up to the communion of true worship. The soul's spiritual capacity for receptivity determines the quantity of heavenly blessings which can be personally appropriated and consciously realized as an answer to prayer.

144:4.5 Prayer and its associated worship is a technique of detachment from the daily routine of life, from the monotonous grind of material existence. It is an avenue of approach to spiritualized self-realization and individuality of intellectual and religious attainment.

Paper 91 -  The evolution of Prayer

Prayer induces the human ego to look both ways for help: for material aid to the subconscious reservoir of mortal ... But real praying does attain reality. Even when the air currents are ascending, no bird can soar except by outstretched wings. ...


Some things Jesus said about worship, meditation and being quiet after prayer.

144:4.5 Prayer and its associated worship is a technique of detachment from the daily routine of life, from the monotonous grind of material existence. It is an avenue of approach to spiritualized self-realization and individuality of intellectual and religious attainment.

144:4.8 As prayer may be likened to recharging the spiritual batteries of the soul, so worship may be compared to the act of tuning in the soul to catch the universe broadcasts of the infinite spirit of the Universal Father.

100:5.10 The more healthful attitude of spiritual meditation is to be found in reflective worship and in the prayer of thanksgiving.

146:2.17 16. Jesus taught his followers that, when they had made their prayers to the Father, they should remain for a time in silent receptivity to afford the indwelling spirit the better opportunity to speak to the listening soul. The spirit of the Father speaks best to man when the human mind is in an attitude of true worship. We worship God by the aid of the Father’s indwelling spirit and by the illumination of the human mind through the ministry of truth. Worship, taught Jesus, makes one increasingly like the being who is worshiped. Worship is a transforming experience whereby the finite gradually approaches and ultimately attains the presence of the Infinite.


THE FATHER'S WILL APP   (They go together)

This application is the most important in your iMind.

It reveals the Heavenly Father as our Father and we are his sons or daughters.  Yes, we have an earthly Father and Mother, but the Heavenly Father has sent a part of himself to indwell us and that fragment or Spirit is our PILOT, OUR PASSPORT to return to our Heavenly Father and be a part of his wonderful plan of Happiness for mortals who will INVITE his participation in their lives.

I see the Divine Spirit of the FATHER, as coming on a bestowal mission to be a part of our mortal life on this earth.  In our minds we might imagine that the FATHER gives a document to the SPIRIT called THE FATHER'S WILL with our individual name inscribed on it.

When we reach a point in our spiritual growth and ASK, the Individualized WILL would be revealed to us a little along.

A possible FATHER'S WILL:



I wrote the following years ago when I was visualizing about the schooling we have on earth and I made a catalog, as they have in colleges, to tell about the school and the curriculum for graduation.  You can see I tend to think like this- comparing one thing in our earth life with something else in ‘heaven’.

The following is taken from my Catalog of Mortal School:

“On earth a "last" Will is written by an earthly Father, for example, prior to his leaving for the next phase of schooling.  (The journey is called death)  The attorney reads the Will to those listed in the Will.  The earthly Father leaves "gifts or endowments" for the children.

In a somewhat related way, Your Heavenly Father gives a "first" Will to the pre-existent Divine Spirit, prior to the Spirit's departure to the Mortal phase of schooling.  When the mortal student matures and is ready to receive, the "Father's Will" is gradually revealed.  The Heavenly Father gives "gifts and endowments" to his mortal children.

All Mortal Students should go in to Student Services to apply for the Father's will to be "read" by the indwelling pre-existent Divine Spirit.  This indwelling academic adviser will give the sincere student the official "legal document" which will suggest the best possible Major, and Minor, and  a projected plan of courses to fill the requirements for a successful graduation.  This WILL OF THE HEAVENLY FATHER will include information similar to the sample FATHER'S WILL on the following pages.  Periodically, throughout the years, more of the WILL is  revealed, with details, that will guide the student over all the challenges of MORTAL SCHOOL.  Segments of this WILL may be loaded into the MIND COMPUTER on a daily  basis, depending on the Students SINCERE desires and requests.

You may go to the index of this website to read the creative FATHER’S WILL in it’s entirety.


We are born on this beautiful Earth known in the Universe as Urantia, for the purpose of a life of experience and spiritual growth.  There are twelve schools of Mortality, each giving us an opportunity to learn and grow in body, mind and soul.  It is our stage for action and maturation.  When writing about the importance of families, in the Urantia papers, The Chief of Seraphim stationed on Urantia, recorded the following:

(941.9) 84:7.28 Marriage, with children and consequent family life, is stimulative of the highest potentials in human nature and simultaneously provides the ideal avenue for the expression of these quickened attributes of mortal personality. The family provides for the biologic perpetuation of the human species. The home is the natural social arena wherein the ethics of blood brotherhood may be grasped by the growing children. The family is the fundamental unit of fraternity in which parents and children learn those lessons of patience, altruism, tolerance, and forbearance which are so essential to the realization of brotherhood among all men.

(941.10) 84:7.29 Human society would be greatly improved if the civilized races would more generally return to the family-council practices of the Andites. They did not maintain the patriarchal or autocratic form of family government. They were very brotherly and associative, freely and frankly discussing every proposal and regulation of a family nature. They were ideally fraternal in all their family government. In an ideal family filial and parental affection are both augmented by fraternal devotion.

(942.1) 84:7.30 Family life is the progenitor of true morality, the ancestor of the consciousness of loyalty to duty. The enforced associations of family life stabilize personality and stimulate its growth through the compulsion of necessitous adjustment to other and diverse personalities. But even more, a true family — a good family — reveals to the parental procreators the attitude of the Creator to his children, while at the same time such true parents portray to their children the first of a long series of ascending disclosures of the love of the Paradise parent of all universe children.”

My study of the Revelation has shown me that there are basically TWELVE SCHOOLS in our Earth Schooling, or in mortality.



From birth to death, experiencing your physical mechanism and how to care for it.


The more we know and understand others the more we will love them.  Learn to have Community with all.


Learning the Gospel and Fellowship with others,  Studying scriptures, history, and growing sense of duty.


Whether through earning a living or in volunteer service, learning responsibility in group function



Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, or Enrichment Service builds bonds of friendship. Brotherhood of man



Learning to Worship, Pray, & be Receptive to the Spirit.  The more we love God the more we will know him.


Language, history, science, mathematics, and the arts.  Stimulating mind development and character growth.



Rest and recreation, play, humor, and diversion.


Experiences in Art, Music, Drama and Dance as well as all other areas which give one a chance to develop


Bonding with ones companion. Experiencing joys & problem solving together. Commitment, Loyalty, Love.


Childbirth, Nurturing, Training, Disciplining, Problem Solving, Anchoring with love, Launching with courage.


Gaining Wisdom from failures, receiving spiritual lessons from adversities: Courage, Altruism, Hope, Faith, Love of Truth, Idealism, and Happiness.


This App is symbolized with a heart to remind us that the evidence of how we are loved by our Heavenly Parents is found in all the help they give us and surround us with.  A comparison might be made between an iphone or computer which is fully upgraded with all the latest technology.  It is possible for a person to have a gift that they never open and there it sits waiting until the person accepts the gift and explores it and turns it on.  When we reach a point in our life where we truly love the things that God LOVES then we no longer struggle with temptations to sin.

Yes, our schooling on this earth may seem rather daunting if we thought we were all alone to accomplish the plan of happiness that our Father in Heaven has for us.  We are assured, however, that we are not alone.

(2061.8) 194:2.10 The term “baptism of the spirit,” which came into such general use about this time, merely signified the conscious reception of this gift of the Spirit of Truth and the personal acknowledgment of this new spiritual power as an augmentation of all spiritual influences previously experienced by God-knowing souls.

(2061.9) 194:2.11 Since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, man is subject to the teaching and guidance of a threefold spirit endowment: the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster; the spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Truth; the spirit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit.

(2062.1) 194:2.12 In a way, mankind is subject to the double influence of the sevenfold appeal of the universe spirit influences. The early evolutionary races of mortals are subject to the progressive contact of the seven adjutant mind-spirits of the local universe Mother Spirit. As man progresses upward in the scale of intelligence and spiritual perception, there eventually come to hover over him and dwell within him the seven higher spirit influences. And these seven spirits of the advancing worlds are:

(2062.2) 194:2.13 1. The bestowed spirit of the Universal Father — the Thought Adjusters.

(2062.3) 194:2.14 2. The spirit presence of the Eternal Son — the spirit gravity of the universe of universes and the certain channel of all spirit communion.

(2062.4) 194:2.15 3. The spirit presence of the Infinite Spirit — the universal spirit-mind of all creation, the spiritual source of the intellectual kinship of all progressive intelligences.

(2062.5) 194:2.16 4. The spirit of the Universal Father and the Creator Son — the Spirit of Truth, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Son.

(2062.6) 194:2.17 5. The spirit of the Infinite Spirit and the Universe Mother Spirit — the Holy Spirit, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Spirit.

(2062.7) 194:2.18 6. The mind-spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit — the seven adjutant mind-spirits of the local universe.

(2062.8) 194:2.19 7. The spirit of the Father, Sons, and Spirits — the new-name spirit of the ascending mortals of the realms after the fusion of the mortal spirit-born soul with the Paradise Thought Adjuster and after the subsequent attainment of the divinity and glorification of the status of the Paradise Corps of the Finality.

(2062.9) 194:2.20 And so did the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth bring to the world and its peoples the last of the spirit endowment designed to aid in the ascending search for God.

We also receive two guardian Seraphim at a certain point in our development.

In addition we receive two Cherubim as assistants to the seraphim.


This APP is related to the apps given in the heart/love apps, but it is such an marvelous gift from our Father in Heaven in Paradise, that it needs a special APP.

The Divine Spirit comes to indwell us when we are about five years of age and make our first moral decision.  The Divine Spirit- called a Divine Adjuster in the Urantia book, among other titles, is with each of us and wants to spiritualize us so we will desire to return to our Father in Heaven.  The Revelation gives us an introduction about this Spirit of the Father, in the papers about the Divine Adjusters:  Papers 107 to 111 specifically and then throughout the book.

If your Divine Spirit were to communicate directly with us, following are the topics that the Spirit would address and answer.  The answers are contained in the Urantia Book.

1.  My Pre-existent Spirit















  2. 16.I AM     

THE KEYS   Surprisingly, the keys to the kingdom of Heaven are available for all of us to access.  They are not hidden, they are not guarded and hidden from us.  We read that:

(435.7) 39:4.14 The keys of the kingdom of heaven are: sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity. All men have these keys. Men use them — advance in spirit status — by decisions, by more decisions, and by more decisions. The highest moral choice is the choice of the highest possible value, and always — in any sphere, in all of them — this is to choose to do the will of God. If man thus chooses, he is great, though he be the humblest citizen of Jerusem or even the least of mortals on Urantia.

So, we have a key for Sincerity and one for decisions.  In my icon there are two keys, so I will have the second key remind us of FAITH.  We learn in the Urantia Book that it has POWER to do so much good in this world and in the worlds beyond  “Through the appropriation of the faith of Jesus man can foretaste in time the realities of heaven.”


The Previous Life of Jesus:  He is a Creator Son of our Father in Heaven.  This means he is a descending son who is created ‘there’ and is an administrator and is the beloved Sovereign of our Universe.

The first app instructs us as to the most important knowledge we can learn on earth:

(2090.4) 196:1.3 To “follow Jesus” means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master’s life of unselfish service for man. One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.

(2090.5) 196:1.4 The common people heard Jesus gladly, and they will again respond to the presentation of his sincere human life of consecrated religious motivation if such truths shall again be proclaimed to the world. The people heard him gladly because he was one of them, an unpretentious layman; the world’s greatest religious teacher was indeed a layman.

(2091.1) 196:1.5 It should not be the aim of kingdom believers literally to imitate the outward life of Jesus in the flesh but rather to share his faith; to trust God as he trusted God and to believe in men as he believed in men. Jesus never argued about either the fatherhood of God or the brotherhood of men; he was a living illustration of the one and a profound demonstration of the other.

(2091.2) 196:1.6 Just as men must progress from the consciousness of the human to the realization of the divine, so did Jesus ascend from the nature of man to the consciousness of the nature of God. And the Master made this great ascent from the human to the divine by the conjoint achievement of the faith of his mortal intellect and the acts of his indwelling Adjuster. The fact-realization of the attainment of totality of divinity (all the while fully conscious of the reality of humanity) was attended by seven stages of faith consciousness of progressive divinization. These stages of progressive self-realization were marked off by the following extraordinary events in the Master’s bestowal experience:

(2091.3) 196:1.7 1. The arrival of the Thought Adjuster.

(2091.4) 196:1.8 2. The messenger of Immanuel who appeared to him at Jerusalem when he was about twelve years old.

(2091.5) 196:1.9 3. The manifestations attendant upon his baptism.

(2091.6) 196:1.10 4. The experiences on the Mount of Transfiguration.

(2091.7) 196:1.11 5. The morontia resurrection.

(2091.8) 196:1.12 6. The spirit ascension.

(2091.9) 196:1.13 7. The final embrace of the Paradise Father, conferring unlimited sovereignty of his universe.”

















JESUS CHRIST has given you a duplicate of his personal spirit as a 'personal' gift.  Open the door of your mind and heart and invite Jesus to DOWNLOAD his 'program', a gift that will do all of the following:

A spirit endowment designed to aid in the ascending search for God

Prepares our minds for the divine spirit

As a witness to the truth of Jesus' life and teachings

At every crossroads speaks "this is the way"

To teach the Father in heaven's love and the son's mercy

To foster and personalize truth

Guides into all truth

In place of the personal Jesus

Is a new teacher, comes into your heart

Helps you recall words of Jesus

Helps you understand the words of Jesus

Enhanced fellowship with Jesus

Restates Jesus' message each generation

Leading the children of light

Reveals the son to men

Leads you to labor for the kingdom

Helps believers to preach the gospel

Helps you make more spiritual progress than before

You become a part of the fellowship of Jesus

Leads all believers into all truth

Gives one a consciousness of true meanings

Destroys believers feeling of orphanhood

Directs the loving contact of humans

Effective for your ever-new spiritual difficulties

Eliminates mental conflict

Eliminates loneliness

Endows one with power from on high - from Jesus

Endows one with power to forgive personal injuries

Endows one with power to keep sweet despite injustice

Endows one with power to remain unmoved in the face of danger

Endows one with power to challenge evils of hate and anger

Endows one with energy, unfailing, for the soul

Forever unfolding to you the truth of Jesus

Endows you with a foundation for achievement

Is a tonic for health

Helps you worship and we all become like what we worship-FATHER

It is a well of living water

It is idealistic beauty

The conviction of truth

Is a world influence which is universal

Endows with joy and peace now

Endows with liberty

Purifies the human heart

Stimulus for the mind

Leads upward, urges onward

Forever unfolding

Power multiplying fulcrum

Prepares mind automatically to receive the spirit from Father

Purifies the human heart

Gives a spiritual bestowal of selflessness

Gives one the capacity to grasp spiritual realities

Gives a transformation in our lives

Will strengthen you

Is a comforter

Will go through the waters of adversity with you

Will assist you to read the minds of others if need be

Helps one to not be in a hurry

This spiritual gift -endowment gives insight and power,

Makes you free from the law of animal living. 

It will cause you to be free from the temptations of evil and sin.

It gives one the power to cast out or bind iniquitous beings. 

There is less conflict with numerous mortal personality

an eventually there is no more conflict with mortal natures.

With the divine Spirit you can bring forth beautiful harvests of the character fruits of the spirit. 

The Spirit of Truth is an emblem of the bestowal and ministry of Jesus Christ.



(1745.3) 157:3.2 Jesus had gone to Mount Hermon in his early experience with the affairs of the kingdom, and now that he was entering upon the final epoch of his work, he desired to return to this mount of trial and triumph, where he hoped the apostles might gain a new vision of their responsibilities and acquire new strength for the trying times just ahead. As they journeyed along the way, about the time of passing south of the Waters of Merom, the apostles fell to talking among themselves about their recent experiences in Phoenicia and elsewhere and to recounting how their message had been received, and how the different peoples regarded their Master.

(1745.4) 157:3.3 As they paused for lunch, Jesus suddenly confronted the twelve with the first question he had ever addressed to them concerning himself. He asked this surprising question, “Who do men say that I am?”

(1746.1) 157:3.4 Jesus had spent long months in training these apostles as to the nature and character of the kingdom of heaven, and he well knew the time had come when he must begin to teach them more about his own nature and his personal relationship to the kingdom. And now, as they were seated under the mulberry trees, the Master made ready to hold one of the most momentous sessions of his long association with the chosen apostles.

(1746.2) 157:3.5 More than half the apostles participated in answering Jesus’ question. They told him that he was regarded as a prophet or as an extraordinary man by all who knew him; that even his enemies greatly feared him, accounting for his powers by the indictment that he was in league with the prince of devils. They told him that some in Judea and Samaria who had not met him personally believed he was John the Baptist risen from the dead. Peter explained that he had been, at sundry times and by various persons, compared with Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. When Jesus had listened to this report, he drew himself upon his feet, and looking down upon the twelve sitting about him in a semicircle, with startling emphasis he pointed to them with a sweeping gesture of his hand and asked, “But who say you that I am?” There was a moment of tense silence. The twelve never took their eyes off the Master, and then Simon Peter, springing to his feet, exclaimed: “You are the Deliverer, the Son of the living God.” And the eleven sitting apostles arose to their feet with one accord, thereby indicating that Peter had spoken for all of them.

(1746.3) 157:3.6 When Jesus had beckoned them again to be seated, and while still standing before them, he said: “This has been revealed to you by my Father. The hour has come when you should know the truth about me. But for the time being I charge you that you tell this to no man. Let us go hence.”

(1746.4) 157:3.7 And so they resumed their journey to Caesarea-Philippi, arriving late that evening and stopping at the home of Celsus, who was expecting them. The apostles slept little that night; they seemed to sense that a great event in their lives and in the work of the kingdom had transpired.

The Creator Son Application

(234.1) 21:0.1 THE Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space. These universe creators and sovereigns are of dual origin, embodying the characteristics of God the Father and God the Son. But each Creator Son is different from every other; each is unique in nature as well as in personality; each is the “only-begotten Son” of the perfect deity ideal of his origin.

(235.4) 21:2.1 The Paradise Sons of the primary order are the designers, creators, builders, and administrators of their respective domains, the local universes of time and space, the basic creative units of the seven evolutionary superuniverses. A Creator Son is permitted to choose the space site of his future cosmic activity, but before he may begin even the physical organization of his universe, he must spend a long period of observation devoted to the study of the efforts of his older brothers in various creations located in the superuniverse of his projected action. And prior to all this, the Michael Son will have completed his long and unique experience of Paradise observation and Havona training.

(235.5) 21:2.2 When a Creator Son departs from Paradise to embark upon the adventure of universe making, to become the head — virtually the God — of the local universe of his own organization, then, for the first time, he finds himself in intimate contact with, and in many respects dependent upon, the Third Source and Center. The Infinite Spirit, though abiding with the Father and the Son at the center of all things, is destined to function as the actual and effective helper of each Creator Son. Therefore is each Creator Son accompanied by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, that being who is destined to become the Divine Minister, the Mother Spirit of the new local universe.

(368.4) 33:3.4 The Son functions as a father in his local universe. The Spirit, as mortal creatures would understand, enacts

More quotes to help us understand the mortal mind.  ...and so much more can be found in studying the Urantia book.

111:1.1 Though the work of Adjusters is spiritual in nature, they must, perforce, do all their work upon an intellectual foundation. Mind is the human soil from which the spirit Monitor must evolve the morontia soul with the co-operation of the indwelt personality.

(1216.3) 111:1.2 There is a cosmic unity in the several mind levels of the universe of universes. Intellectual selves have their origin in the cosmic mind much as nebulae take origin in the cosmic energies of universe space. On the human (hence personal) level of intellectual selves the potential of spirit evolution becomes dominant, with the assent of the mortal mind, because of the spiritual endowments of the human personality together with the creative presence of an entity-point of absolute value in such human selves. But such a spirit dominance of the material mind is conditioned upon two experiences: This mind must have evolved up through the ministry of the seven adjutant mind-spirits, and the material (personal) self must choose to co-operate with the indwelling Adjuster in creating and fostering the morontia self, the evolutionary and potentially immortal soul.

(1216.4) 111:1.3 Material mind is the arena in which human personalities live, are self-conscious, make decisions, choose God or forsake him, eternalize or destroy themselves.

(1216.5) 111:1.4 Material evolution has provided you a life machine, your body; the Father himself has endowed you with the purest spirit reality known in the universe, your Thought Adjuster. But into your hands, subject to your own decisions, has been given mind, and it is by mind that you live or die. It is within this mind and with this mind that you make those moral decisions which enable you to achieve Adjusterlikeness, and that is Godlikeness.

(1216.6) 111:1.5 Mortal mind is a temporary intellect system loaned to human beings for use during a material lifetime, and as they use this mind, they are either accepting or rejecting the potential of eternal existence. Mind is about all you have of universe reality that is subject to your will, and the soul — the morontia self — will faithfully portray the harvest of the temporal decisions which the mortal self is making. Human consciousness rests gently upon the electrochemical mechanism below and delicately touches the spirit-morontia energy system above. Of neither of these two systems is the human being ever completely conscious in his mortal life; therefore must he work in mind, of which he is conscious. And it is not so much what mind comprehends as what mind desires to comprehend that insures survival; it is not so much what mind is like as what mind is striving to be like that constitutes spirit identification. It is not so much that man is conscious of God as that man yearns for God that results in universe ascension. What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day and in eternity.

(1217.1) 111:1.6 Mind is the cosmic instrument on which the human will can play the discords of destruction, or upon which this same human will can bring forth the exquisite melodies of God identification and consequent eternal survival. The Adjuster bestowed upon man is, in the last analysis, impervious to evil and incapable of sin, but mortal mind can actually be twisted, distorted, and rendered evil and ugly by the sinful machinations of a perverse and self-seeking human will. Likewise can this mind be made noble, beautiful, true, and good — actually great — in accordance with the spirit-illuminated will of a God-knowing human being.

(1217.2) 111:1.7 Evolutionary mind is only fully stable and dependable when manifesting itself upon the two extremes of cosmic intellectuality — the wholly mechanized and the entirely spiritualized. Between the intellectual extremes of pure mechanical control and true spirit nature there intervenes that enormous group of evolving and ascending minds whose stability and tranquillity are dependent upon personality choice and spirit identification.

(1217.3) 111:1.8 But man does not passively, slavishly, surrender his will to the Adjuster. Rather does he actively, positively, and co-operatively choose to follow the Adjuster’s leading when and as such leading consciously differs from the desires and impulses of the natural mortal mind. The Adjusters manipulate but never dominate man’s mind against his will; to the Adjusters the human will is supreme. And they so regard and respect it while they strive to achieve the spiritual goals of thought adjustment and character transformation in the almost limitless arena of the evolving human intellect.

(1217.4) 111:1.9 Mind is your ship, the Adjuster is your pilot, the human will is captain. The master of the mortal vessel should have the wisdom to trust the divine pilot to guide the ascending soul into the morontia harbors of eternal survival. Only by selfishness, slothfulness, and sinfulness can the will of man reject the guidance of such a loving pilot and eventually wreck the mortal career upon the evil shoals of rejected mercy and upon the rocks of embraced sin. With your consent, this faithful pilot will safely carry you across the barriers of time and the handicaps of space to the very source of the divine mind and on beyond, even to the Paradise Father of Adjusters.

This quote from the Urantia Book shows how important it is that we cooperate in letting the Divine Adjuster spiritualize our mind, for we read that IT IS OUR THOUGHTS, NOT OUR FEELINGS, THAT LEAD US TOWARD GOD.

101:1.3 The divine spirit makes contact with mortal man, not by feelings or emotions, but in the realm of the highest and most spiritualized thinking. It is your thoughts, not your feelings, that lead you Godward. The divine nature may be perceived only with the eyes of the mind. But the mind that really discerns God, hears the indwelling Adjuster, is the pure mind. " Without holiness no man may see the Lord. " All such inner and spiritual communion is termed spiritual insight. Such religious experiences result from the impress made upon the mind of man by the combined operations of the Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth as they function amid and upon the ideas, ideals, insights, and spirit strivings of the evolving sons of God.

In Jesus’ Discourse on True Religion starting on page 1728, we can read:

155:6.13 When you once begin to find God in your soul, presently you will begin to discover him in other men's souls and eventually in all the creatures and creations of a mighty universe. But what chance does the Father have to appear as a God of supreme loyalties and divine ideals in the souls of men who give little or no time to the thoughtful contemplation of such eternal realities? While the mind is not the seat of the spiritual nature, it is indeed the gateway thereto.


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